10 September 2013

Autumn Pending

Hey everyone,

Remember me?

I decided to take an unscheduled holiday from blogging in August.
Not for any reason in particular, I just felt I needed a little break.

However with Autumn pending I've been feeling very motivated lately, although I haven't posted in September yet as surprisingly I've been rather busy.

I think a lot of me feeling 'meh' is that I'm all summer-ed out.
I had an Australian summer from September last year, right through to when I came home in Feburary. And and although it was rather chilly until March, we had a surprisingly good Spring and of course a heatwave this Summer.

I'm not usually one to moan about the heat - but really, I'm done for a while with sun dresses and light airy cardigans.
Bring on the thick knitwear and snuggly coats! And hats to hide my roots.

I bought this coat ages go and hadn't had a chance to wear them until this this week.
You can really feel the seasons click.

COAT: George
JUMPER: George
TOP: George
JEANS: Dorothy Perkins
SHOES: Uggs*

I've been after a cute, collared top I can easily put under a lot of things. 
It did have a peplum bottom however that I wasn't too keen on so I simply chopped it off. 

My personal style challenge for Autumn/Winter is to wear more separates. 
Dresses and belts are becoming my comfort blanket and I'd like more variation in my wardrobe.


I was sent these pretty sparkly shoes quite a while ago and I've been wearing them pretty much constantly. I can't believe they're Uggs - I didn't even know they made ballet flats!

They are easily the comfiest pair of the shoes I've ever owned. I have funny feet - it takes me ages to break shoes in and even then if I'm not careful I always end up with blisters. But these are lined with sheepskin inside (so will keep my tootsies warm in colder months!) and gum rubber on the outside.

I was also recently caught in a rainstorm in these shoes - and they look as good as new!
Usually I'd only spend up to £15 on flats, but these really are worth the £80 investment. 
They're also available in black glitter, and I'm going to buy another pair incase these ever wear out!

In other news after a few months too long, I finally had my hair cut and restyled. 
My lovely friend Chris is now working in The Birdcage Salon at Forever Long Hair, where I originally visited last year to have ombre/dip dye put in my hair.

I've been growing my hair for well over a year now, so didn't want much taken off the length. 
So Chris put on a treatment, gave me lots of long layers and because I was going out on the evening waved it to finish:

Channelling Ariel!
("Look at this stuff, isn't it neat?...")

If you're local to Newcastle please check out Forever Long Hair
They also have a large selection of products, tools, extensions and wigs - in store and also online.

Ask for Chris, and tell him Carla sent you!

The beautiful Birdcage Salon.

And finally after my haircut I met with my favourite local bloggers Claire and Bryden from Trebles and a Mixer for dinner at Nudo:

 I had tuna maki, salmon temaki and spicy edamame.
And for dessert we shared green tea and taro ice cream with chocolate jin deui.

Muchos love,


  1. OMG that jumper is AMAZING! I need it! Must go and look in George actually, not been in ages. The Bird Cage Salon looks lovely, will look it up :)

  2. Love your jumper !
    Really cute :)
    I think i myself am going to try more for separates and move away from dresses a little this winter too :)
    Launa x
    Life As Launa

  3. I like how the outfit looks on you, you shouldn't be afraid, of wearing jeans and sweaters!

    I love everything the coat, the bunnys! and the shoes <3

    You look great Carla :)

  4. You look lovely here and I cannot believe those shoes are Uggs!

    Maria xxx

  5. They're beautiful! I haven't worn DMs since the 90s, maybe I need to go and visit the store!

  6. aww that sweater has to be the cutest thing I've seen lately, I love it!!
    Ester @ Drawing Dreaming