4 June 2013


Hey everyone,

This is a bit out of the ordinary for posts I usually do.
But I am currently completely smitten by the ModCloth plus size range.

I remember ModCloth emerging around the MySpace days.
A lot of the Electro/Synthpop bands I loved wore their wares, and I was always super jealous I couldn't find anything as bright and kitsch in my size.

But I absolutely love all of the pieces here, and best of all this isn't an exclusively 'plus size' range - the sizes of some items (over 900 of them!) have simply been extended.

My only niggle is I wish the items were photographed using models instead of mannequins, so I could see how everything hangs on a real body.

However, if you click the 'review' tag, lots of reviews come accompanied by a user uploaded photo - and these are girls of all shapes and sizes! Also be sure to check out the Style Gallery.

1: 127 Flowers Dress - $49.99.
4: With Only A Wink Dress (Rose) - $139.99 (Available up to 4x)
5: Handy Dandelion Dress - $109.99
6: Floral Field Day Dress - $89.99 (Available up to 4x)

9: Work Buds Top - $44.99

I could have honestly gone on and on featuring every piece from the site. 

Basically if I designed a range of clothes, it would be very similar to what you see above: bright, kitschy, lots of patterns and a hint of rockabilly thrown in for good measure!

Muchos love,

NOTE: This is not a sponsored post, I'm just a big flailing fangirl! ;)


  1. If I won the lottery, I would splurge on everything from Modcloth, they have the nicest clothes!

    Maria xxx

  2. I love modcloth and I'm so glad they just upped the sizes on so many of their clothes instead of making a separate plus range.

  3. I should NOT of clicked on this! I now need to go and buy it all! I love Modcloth, I am so happy they have this plus size range!



  4. Oh, I love that first dress! The mint green and orange look so pretty together. That sundae sweater is amazing too!

  5. I have just discovered your blog and i love it. I love the 1st dress and will defiantly go and check it out.. i had never heard of modcloth before.


  6. My oh my, I wnat all these grogeous dresses. They are soo feminine and ladylike.