27 February 2013

OUTFIT POST: Welcome Back to Town

Hey everyone,

Remember when: me, UK, outfit posts?
Remember all that good stuff that used to go on here? Expect more of that, again.

On Instagram, I've been taking pictures of the progress of my bedroom being redecorated.
It's coming along really well. The walls are painted pale pink (though they come out white in photos due to my room being so bright) and everything else is a bit of a work in progress.

However I currently have space in which to take photos indoors - which I haven't really done since the early days of this blog!

BELT: Dorothy Perkins
NECKLACE: River Island
TIGHTS: We Love Colors (review here)

This necklace was a River Island sale find back in August - only £5!
NAILS: Jo'Mina by Illamasqua with Twinkle by Rimmel on top.

This photo shows the rich royal blue of my tights - if I was a rich girl (na na na na na na nahh) I would own all the colours.
They're seriously the best tights ever!

And my makeup:

I felt like a change from my usual black cat eye flick so experimented with sparkly, neon blue instead!

FOUNDATION: Wake Me Up in shade 400/Natural Beige by Rimmel
BRONZER: Golden Tan by Covergirl
EYELINER: Bora Bora by Stila
EYESHADOW (UNDER EYE): Baked by Urban Decay
MASCARA: They're Real by Benefit
EYEBROWS: Vamp Palette by HD Brows
LIPS: Maneater by Illamasqua with Fruit Punch lip glaze by Stila on top

Right, that's all for today!

I've just bought train tickets to visit my sister in Glasgow next week.
I am very much looking forward to being the creepy grown-up who says things like "Hey kids, so where are all the cool parties this weekend?" {/Buffy reference}

I've never been before - so if you're local be sure to holler me your favourite things to do. 
Although my sister lives there, you never know what she might have missed!

My sister's university.
Hogwarts, much?

Muchos love,


  1. Whoop you will have a ball in glasgow if the weather stays like it is :)

  2. I've just looked and it's supposed to stay above freezing, at least! :D

  3. Love the flats :) they look soooooo sweet :)


  4. So so pretty, you look like a doll :)

    A big kiss from Portugal

    All about Lady Things

  5. Love the eyeliner! And the dress is really cute, too.

  6. Sooooo pretty! Love the lippy! xx

  7. Your Outfit is absolutely amazing!!!

    I love that!!!

  8. You look lovely, that eyeliner looks fab!

    Maria xxx

  9. Its lovely and sunny today! :)