23 January 2013

TRAVEL: Checking In...from Melbourne!

Hey everyone,

Dear me, where has the time gone? Have I really been away from home for four months already? Crazy.

Once again I must apologise for not blogging, but one again everything has been none-stop.
Although it was almost a month ago, I must tell you all that Christmas abroad was awesome.

Despite it being thunder and lightening and "Sydney's wettest Christmas in seventy years". That didn't deter us.
We planned to go to the beach, so we bloody well went to the beach.

On the plus side, we had the whole coast to ourselves.
And the water wasn't so cold after a bottle or two of Prosecco.

This is the picture WITH the bathing suits on. Just sayin'.

We'd only just recovered from Christmas, (and managed not to catch colds - score!) when New Year was upon us.
We had tickets to the Opera House Bar to watch the fireworks and they were worth every penny.

With my roommates Olivia and Alyson waiting for sunset.
The party was beach themed - so my floral Red Herring dress was perfect!

However, yesterday we all moved out of our little flat (known lovingly as 'The Crack Den' if you follow me on Twitter) to continue our adventures elsewhere. Olivia and Alyson have headed up the East Coast, but I have moved to Melbourne!

The view from my hostel.

As you can probably tell by the shape of the above photo, I have joined the Instagram family. Only about three years too late to the party, right?
My poor little Blackberry drowned in the afformentioned Christmas downpour so I now have an Android. You can follow me on Instagram under (of course) MESSYCARLA! 

Right, apologies again this is so short - but I have lots of job hunting to do (boo!) before I meet my friends Jay and Becca for a few drinks (woo!).

I do miss you all loads - the best way to keep in touch with me is (as always) via Twitter!

Muchos love,


  1. Hello! So happy for you that you're away, this is the first I've read of it so I'm likeeeee 'woooooah!' Amazing! Have a great time xx

  2. Looks like you are having an amazing time !
    Im very jealous :)
    Love reading your posts from Oz
    Launa xx

  3. Melbourne looks amazing, lucky girls!



  4. So jealous, Australia is on my wish list of places to go

    Please come and check out my latest post if you have a few minutes spare :)




  5. Glad your Christmas was proper amazing :D
    ell jealous you're in Oz!

  6. Hey lady - I just saw that I'm on your blog roll and wanted to say a big thank you :) xxx