19 November 2012


Hey everyone,

After two months of being out of the blogging loop (I'll admit to trawling through my favourite blogger's Twitter feeds before bed!) I attended PSFWA (Plus Size Fashion Weekend Australia) organized by Danimezza who had very kindly invited me last minute.

I'd been a bit up-and-down this week as I've been pretty sick for a few days (I caught our new roommate's cold) but I was convinced to go and I'm so glad I did!

Like always, I figure it's easier to show you lots of pictures instead of a mini essay - so here goes:

Amazing view from the beautiful penthouse apartment at World Square.

Hayley was on the Channel 9 evening news being interviewed about Zara, so we all tuned in to watch!

The first night had a major sleepover vibe, so what's perfect for a sleepover? Copious amounts of pizza!...

...and a Neapolitan ice cream cake courtesy of Baskin Robbins!

After a fair few glasses of pink fizz, there was a clothes swap. I inherited this H&M t-shirt and City Chic skirt.
I'm unsure where the bracelets and necklace are from - but I claimed those too!

The next day we headed to Benefit to check out their brow bar. After being waxed, plucked and dyed we were then treated to a makeover by their lovely, friendly staff.
It was sweet to finally meet the adorable Nicola of 2 Many Cupcakes after years of chatting on Twitter!

Ashley Rose being a babe.

Afterwards we headed back to the apartment for nibbles and an exclusive preview of the City Chic A/W collection. I love the stud detail and collar tips on these dresses!
(Keep an eye on their blog during the next week or two - I may be making an appearance soon!)

And a presentation from the awesome and hilarious Melanie, founder of FemaleForLife active wear in sizes 8-24.

After a few drinks, a bunch of us decided to go and chat to the penises stars of Chatroulette. We're so mature. I was hoping to bump into Merton of YouTube fame, but alas this didn't happen.

And finally, dinner at Grill'd.
I do love a mean burger, so had chicken, brie and cranberry and also shared herb chips and mayonaisse with Hayley. So good!

Thank you so much again Danielle for letting me come along!
And also to some of my favourite new bloggers I had the pleasure of meeting, including:
  • Nicola of 2 Many Cupcakes for being an amazing cheerleader for my blog, as well as all my UK blogger friends. Also fist bumps for being generally adorable.
  • Gisela Ramirez for being ever-inspiring and taking one for the team during our Chatroulette party (I'll say no more!).
  • The beautiful and sweet Ashley Rose for helping me prop up the bar.
  • And finally 'my Sydney BFF' Hayley of Fashion Hayley for pulling me out of bed when I wanted to stay home and feel sorry for myself. Kudos!

Be sure to give these girls a click!

Muchos love,


  1. Thanks for the compliment! Was fab to meet you too: we have to catch up again soon xxx

    Ps. Love how you've included our porn session complete with Hayley and my faces in the browser. Were so classy

  2. Looks like a great event :)

  3. Very jealous :(. I'm hoping to travel after my internships and would love the chance to attend this. <3

    Hope your having an amazing times lovely



  4. This sounds great, I love meeting up with bloggers!

    Maria xxx

  5. Oh my gosh! Looks like you're having the most amazing time, I'm so jealous! Keep updating us, it's so nice to see how you're doing xxx

  6. oh de jó képek lettek^^ milyen jó a ruhád!! :)

  7. Man, I had no idea there was such a thing as plus sized fashion week here. I'm sorry I missed it.

  8. It really was so great to meet you. I'm glad you got your sad, sick ass out of bed and came. :P

    See you in Queensland!!

  9. I had not heard of this song...great name for a blog post though :)

  10. That dress is gorgeous!! I am so jealous that you live in oz :)

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