24 November 2012

I Wanna See Your Peacock...

Hey everyone,

What is this? An actual outfit post? Get outta here!

I was kindly sent this peacock dipped hem dress by Sienna Couture.
I hadn't heard of them previously, and had a hard time choosing - especially with Christmas just around the corner it was difficult not to go for a sparkly number.
However as it's slowly creeping into summer here in Sydney, I decided to be sensible and go for something I could wear all season:


(I was on my way out, and I forgot to take my shades off my head for these photos. Oh, well.
Also, my ombre hair is slowly creeping back!)

DRESS: c/o Sienna Couture
BELT: Dorothy Perkins
NECKLACE: New Look (plus the vintage St Christopher that my Auntie gave me before I went travelling. I haven't taken it off once!)
SHOES: Primark

This dress is absolutely beautiful and I've already worn it loads this week - first for the first night of PSFWA, another for drinks in Newtown with my workmate Jessica, and for yet more drinks last night with Hayley, her husband Henry, Gisela and Genevive.

(I did have to go to the post office beforehand to mail my family's Christmas parcel and was given some odd looks from fellow backpackers for being a tad overdressed - again, I say: oh well!)

You can also see the same dress on my blogger twin Claire of French For Cupcake who has styled it with a faux fur trim leather jacket and boots. Babe.

So yeah, fun times we had last night.
I've always said the best thing about blogging is the friendships, and while I'm missing my pals in the UK (though me and Lauren had a good catch up on Facebook chat last night!) I'm so grateful for the amazing, kind girls here who have been so welcoming.


Many, many thanks to Hayley for taking all these pictures!  
*heart shapes*

Finally, I'll leave you with the tedious song I named this blog post after, and more importantly - this hilarious video about just how much it sucks:

If you aren't subscribed already to Angelina, you really should be.

Right, I'm off to get ready - me and my roommates are going to see Santa tonight at Darling Harbour!
Yes, we really are all in our twenties.
And yes, we know we are just too cool.

Muchos love,


  1. That dress is soooo pretty. One of those things I never would have thought of but it's utter gorgeousness on you. xXx

  2. That dress is gorgeous!

  3. looking lovely! I always wore dresses and black and lots of make up when I travelled in NZ and all the people from South American in my hostels thought I was mental x

  4. I love that peacock dress! It looks so fun and flowey! :). I think I am almost always overdressed so don't feel bad. Lol true story. Anyway you look great!


  5. Oh you didn't use the walking shots :( Looking good anyways. I just saw on fb your Santa in Darling Harbour photos, had no idea that even happened here , so random haha.

  6. You look ace! Pfft to those people in the post office thinking you're overdressed.

  7. I love this dress on you, both you and Claire look amazing!

    Maria xxx

  8. Love your blog and read you from Spain !!!!
    Have a merry christmas!


  9. I like your blog. SO sweet dress on you.so supper.

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