18 September 2012


Hey everyone,

The day is upon us - it's my last day in the North!

Tomorrow I'm going to London with my friend Lauren and we're having a day of theatre and drinks (how else would I say farewell to my favourite city in the world?!) before she waves me off at Heathrow on Thursday where I'm flying to Sydney via Hong Kong.

I can't believe I'm finally embarking on my adventures.
Unfortunately I'm too busy to write a large post today as I still have a bit of packing to do, as well as seeing some of my relatives before going out for a goodbye meal with my parents and godfather.

I got a bit weepy earlier today, but now I'm just excited!

It's been a lovely last week seeing everyone - I've had a Nando's date with Chris, a Charles Grey session with Lauren, unscheduled Quayside pub crawl with Sam and Hattie, numerous £2.50 pints with Daniel (who is off on his own adventures to Texas in a few months to visit his American boyfriend, Nik. I'm SO jealous, I've always wanted to go to Austin!), and a meal at Zizzi's with the schoolies.

What started as an innocent trip to the Baltic with Sam ended up with us starting on the Cosmopolitans at 3pm! 

Adieu, Newcastle.

I promise to keep you all updated as much as I can.
But for now - adios, lovers!

Muchos love,

PS: Italian Catholic Mother has successfully forced a St Christopher pendant around my neck. Whatever keeps her happy!

8 September 2012

CRAFT: DIY Studded Denim Jacket

Hey everyone,

I was debating getting a new denim jacket to take away, as I'm loving all the studded shoulders and sleeves in the A/W collections.

However, instead of spending £30+, I figured I'd just buy some studs for under £3 on eBay and keep the extra money for my travelling fund.

My jacket before.

I planned where I wanted each stud.

EDIT: I've had a few people tweeting how I sealed them - so sorry I didn't mention this! 
I got the type where you push the four prongs(?) of the stud through, then I sealed them shut with an ordinary cutlery knife from the kitchen. 
Make sure to watch yourself as the prongs (again, I say "?") can be quite sharp!

And after a few hours (there was an Australian Four Weddings mini-marathon on) I got this:

(Apologies I look a little shiny and red - I'd just come home!)

I'm so pleased with how it turned out - when I was out today, my friends asked me if it was a new jacket when I've been wearing it for the past few years! 

Have you guys every customised anything? 
Please let me know!

Again, I must apologise for being off the grid again this week, but it's been a busy and pretty emotional one.

It was my parents's 30th anniversary meal mid-week and we went out for a lovely meal at The Sea Hotel in South Shields. 
Then yesterday my sister left home, and moved to her Halls of Residence in Glasgow. 
It was definitely emotional, and it's so weird to think that I'm not going to see her again until next year as we're so close - but now all my focus is on my own travels which begin in less than two weeks! 

The rest of my time as I mentioned in my last post has been spending quality time with my friends.

I saw my friend Chris this week (it always makes me smile how friendship moves so much in two years - he was originally my hairdresser as mentioned in this post. He ended up leaving his job, but we kept in touch and are now really good friends!) for a cheeky Nando's. He was so kind and bought me a Lush solid perfume (1000 Kisses Deep) afterwards to take away with me. 

Then last night Daniel came over with three halfway-drunk bottles of wine. 
I think we're having a night out in our local soon, then he's coming to my goodbye meal next weekend with my schoolies. 

Muchos love,