18 September 2012


Hey everyone,

The day is upon us - it's my last day in the North!

Tomorrow I'm going to London with my friend Lauren and we're having a day of theatre and drinks (how else would I say farewell to my favourite city in the world?!) before she waves me off at Heathrow on Thursday where I'm flying to Sydney via Hong Kong.

I can't believe I'm finally embarking on my adventures.
Unfortunately I'm too busy to write a large post today as I still have a bit of packing to do, as well as seeing some of my relatives before going out for a goodbye meal with my parents and godfather.

I got a bit weepy earlier today, but now I'm just excited!

It's been a lovely last week seeing everyone - I've had a Nando's date with Chris, a Charles Grey session with Lauren, unscheduled Quayside pub crawl with Sam and Hattie, numerous £2.50 pints with Daniel (who is off on his own adventures to Texas in a few months to visit his American boyfriend, Nik. I'm SO jealous, I've always wanted to go to Austin!), and a meal at Zizzi's with the schoolies.

What started as an innocent trip to the Baltic with Sam ended up with us starting on the Cosmopolitans at 3pm! 

Adieu, Newcastle.

I promise to keep you all updated as much as I can.
But for now - adios, lovers!

Muchos love,

PS: Italian Catholic Mother has successfully forced a St Christopher pendant around my neck. Whatever keeps her happy!


  1. Have an amazing time! Lots of photos please ;) xx

  2. Have a safe trip and plenty of fun adventures! :)

  3. Ahhhh good luck!! Safe journey and hope your travels begin well :) It's just over a year ago now that I left for 11 months abroad and I wish I could do it all again. You'll have a ball.

  4. Ahh! So exciting! I hope you have a great trip!

  5. Have a safe flight lovely and hope it's a wonderful experience! Look forward to seeing any updates you make during your time away. :D What an amazing adventure you're about to have!


  6. Have an amazing time Carla, I can't wait to hear about all of your adventures! xxx

  7. Good luck, I hope you have a LOT of fun, I am very jealous!

    Maria xxx

  8. Wow, times went quick! Hope you have a fab time, can't wait to see the Aussie updates!

  9. You have such a sweet smile!
    Hope you have a lovely time.

    le fresne x

  10. Welcome to Sydney! At the moment you're being blessed with fantastic weather, I believe it is going to stay this warm and gorgeous for a while! And no kidding, I was walking through Town Hall Arcade and saw that unfortunately titled store just a few days ago and couldn't stop laughing!

    Enjoy this wonderful city and hope you find somewhere more permanent to live soon :)

  11. FAB jacket! Love it! And i also love the what's happening clip. I so need to watch that film again. Cute blog lady ;) xx