29 August 2012

T Minus Three Weeks

Hey everyone,

As of today it is three weeks until I leave my small town and embark on a trip to the other side of the world.

I'm flying on 20th September, but I'm travelling down to London the day before with my lovely friend Lauren who has offered to wave me off.

We're seeing two musicals (Matilda and our favourite, Les Miserables. Including the nights I was in it at school, this will be the ninth performance of the show I'll have seen!), then going for drinks before I have to get up at the crack of dawn to catch a tube to the airport.

I have three days in Hong Kong, then I'm off to Sydney!

With my two bags - my purple 45l backpack from Tog 24, and my little floral 'day pack' from ASOS.

My packing is going pretty well - I'm just in the process of getting my last few bits and bobs. 

Things like: travel plugs, a new SD card for my camera, a new USB to backup photos and documents, a padlock for the hostels with lockers and a bike lock for those that don't. As well as stocking up on my medication - including my antihistamines and asthma inhalers. (I am one of the cool, wheezy kids!)

Thank goodness for travel blogs - I've picked up so many tips and tricks from veteran travellers.
Like I wouldn't have even thought to take an empty duvet cover to snuggle in if I go to a hostel which is a bit lacking in hygiene. 
(When I was in uni, one of my friends' student house had an outbreak of scabies due to the mattresses never being cleaned or changed, and I've had a fear of parasites ever since!) 

I've been in contact with the 36 people I'll be travelling with and they seem like a sound bunch. 
It's nice that we all travel the twelve hours to Hong Kong together, where we share rooms, go on tours and have meals together - then half of us to go Australia and the other half go to New Zealand. It'll be nice having contacts in New Zealand however, as I hit Aukland on my journey home!

Anyway I've rambled a bit off topic - but what I really wanted to do is have a wee chat with you guys as to what you'd like to see on this blog when I'm on my jollies?

I bought a little netbook for just £100 from a lovely lady I found on Gumtree, which I'll be using to book hostels, contact home, store photos - but also keep you guys updated as much as I can.

However I'd like to ask what sort of content you would like to see? 
Would you still like specifically fashion and shopping posts? 
I don't intend to do a LOT of shopping as remember that everything I have will be strapped to my back for the next X months. 
But, if you'd like to see shopping areas, markets, changing room snaps plus the odd Outfit Post if I can find someone to snap me?

I know I've started adding a bit more lifestyle into this blog - but would you guys be interested in seeing what I'm getting up to day to day down under
Places I've visited, food I've eaten, people I've met etc.? 

Please let me know, as I always appreciate your thoughts - as after all, you're the ones who read my rambles!

So come on - holler at me!

Lonely Planet sent me a map, so of course I hung it on my wall.
I'm not going to last two minutes, am I?

Muchos love,


  1. When people go traveling or even on holiday I love to see posts on what they've been up to xxx

  2. Aw, I bet you're gonna have an amazing time!

    I'm not too fussed about content being so fashion focussed. Maybe just photos of the places you visit, anything interesting that comes up, ootds would be great, but I understand its not always possible. But I'd like to see as many pics as possible, I live vicariously through other people's travels atm. :)

    Safe journey!


  3. Hope you have a brilliant time! I love fashion and lifestyle posts. And I have always wanted to go to Australia so it would be great to see the sights :) x

  4. So excited to see these posts! I think just general snapshots, food, outfits, sights etc will be good! I remember when Ali went travelling for 6 months he just posted any shopping he did home, as it was relatively cheap to do so especially by barge from Australia cos since you're going to be away so long it hardly matters if it takes 3 months to arrive!

    Eee so excited and proud of you for doing this! x

  5. Wow, the trip sounds really exciting. You're packing off on your own but meeting organised randoms. Brave and exciting! I've been on a hol on my own and loved it. You'll have an amazers time. Enjoy!

  6. I want to know everything about your travels! The food your eating, people you're meeting, places you're going, the experience of the flight, what you're wearing... just tell us everything!

    So jealous of you, it's going to be amazing.

    Charlotte xo

  7. You're all so supportive and amazing, thank you so so much! <3 xxxxxx

  8. Hee! Its so adorable to see you so excited! I'm kind of jealous you'll be visiting NZ though, I miss it! I need to go back!

  9. I would love to see pics and read about your trip. not only fashion wise but also everyother aspect like the food, places you are going. But just in casw you wanne keep it more fashion wise, I think that reading how things are going with less make up and a much smaller variation of clothing would be interesting, too. Just like fashion tips for travelers :D

  10. Your so lucky to be going travelling I am saving now for a trip to south easy Asia! I would love to hear your travelling stories . I need to start following some travel blogs. You are going to have the most amazing time! Enjoy your show in London. X

  11. Any time I go on holiday I always take a diary to note funny things people say, keep travel tickets in and get people who I meet to write down what their day has been like.

    Hope you have an amazing time, I'd love to hear about everything you do.

  12. Hey Carla, I absolutely love your blog and sense of style, so I'd absolutely love to see what you've packed in your Rucksack and Daybag, it will be awesome to check out how you keep your amazing fashion sense on your travels! ;D x