7 February 2012

Plus London 2 - Outfit and Pictures!

Hey everyone!

As you may know, this weekend was the Plus London 2 event and despite the snow (or more likely London's inability to handle it!) it was absolutely marvellous seeing everyone!

This is going to be quite picture heavy, despite the fact that it felt like I didn't take loads and loads of photos at the event as I was too busy talking to as many people as I could.
(Or more likely screaming excitedly in their face, like I did with poor Em! :D)

I originally had a much more elaborate and colourful outfit planned, however I changed my mind last minute and went something more simple and monocrome - this dress always makes me feel a bit like a mod!

DRESS: Primark.
BELT: Dorothy Perkins.
NECKLACE: Lady Luck Rules OK.
SHOES: New Look.

Although the weather was absolutely freezing - it was actually really quite sunny for most of the daytime, so I finally got to try my new sunnies that were kindly sent to me from SunglassesShop.com.

I love that they're a cat eye design and feel very retro and chic without looking like something from a fancy dress shop.
I feel a bit like a girly Joey Ramone here with my thick black fringe and shades...or perhaps channelling a little Helen Love? Why not!


I had several people at the event ask where I got my sparkly shoes - they're actually plain wedges from New Look, and I attached glittery clips that I found on ebay to make them look a little more special:


Finally, my makeup:

I did my standard cat's eye flick with black eyeliner and gold shadow underneath. I kept my eyes quite simple, as I wanted my red lipstick to really pop. I did wear my circle lenses, though!

And now, pictures from the weekend!

Unfortunately my train didn't get into London until the afternoon so I missed the visit to Anna Scholz's studio - but Mel gave us all the gossip when we met up at the hotel, and it sounds like an amazing time!

Also, because our taxi was running slow in the snow, we even ended up missing the fashion show!
(I have since discovered that this was a particularly sore point for some attendees which is a tremendous shame - more on Claire's blog if you're interested.)

Right, I'm going to shut up now (sort of) - because it's picture time!

Nadia glamming herself up!
(Though I did her liquid eyeliner - proud! Welcome to the kitty eye

Organiser Claire in her fabulous "jellyfish dress" from ASOS Curve and Lauren looking adorable in a Dotty Noir dress from Domino Dollhouse.

I was dyyyyyyying to meet Bethany, as her blog and twitter makes me laugh so much - I love when she livetweets her dates! As expected she was so bubbly and cute, and hopefully we'll meet up for a cheeky London date later on in the year with Claire!

Our hotel mate, new friend and fellow Geordie Mel wearing her buys from Red Bows Boutique and the ever inspiring Kirsty!

I finally got to meet my favourite Australian (who is neither a Minogue sister nor a member of a Sydney based 90s grunge revival band...) Em, who I have pretty much followed ever since I started blogging!
I love that we were both wearing polka dots with our dark hair and red lipstick - it never fails to be an awesome combination!

Because me and Nadia missed seeing everyone during the day - some of us went for lunch in trendy Southwark on Sunday!

Rachel (Claire's head cheerleader!) and Claire. I loved Rachel's Tatty Devine necklace!

Kirsty and Claire's OH - who I lovingly call "Mr. Claire".
He took great photos all through the event for us - and I thank Claire for not uploading the more ~HERPDERP~ ones of myself. Too much fizzy pop! 

Nadia wearing the infamous Tatty Devine lobster! Such an amazing peice! 

It was wonderful to see everyone I've met before - as well as meet some marvelleous newbies!

Thank you to everyone who came up to me and said lovely things about this blog, you are all amazing cheerleaders - and it's such a great feeling putting faces to the names who always comment here and on the Facebook page!

And of course a special thank you to darling wee Rosie who let me nip through her bra fitting with Elomi to use the bathroom. Much appreciated, teehee! (I peeked, sorry. ;D)

Here's to round three in 2013 - there are already rumours that it may be up North!

Muchos love,


  1. Oh, your eye make up looks amazing!

  2. CARLA - it was so lovely to meet you. Thank you for the big hug. I love your blog so it was great to finally meet you. You looked gorgeous in Primark and your bag was lush, so if you ever wish to dispose yourself of it. ;0)If Plus London is in the North i don't know how I'll cope without my coat and no cloackroom!!! xXx

  3. Oh I love these shots of you. I think Claire looks fabulous in her "jellyfish" dress shot and we (of course) are fabulous (although my hair looks a little snow tamed in that one!).

    I wish I could've made that lunch on Sunday but the snow kept me at home!

    It was so fab to meet you hon, you have long been a favourite blog, so it was great to come face to face. Let's take more time next time.

    Also - email me. x.

    PS - your eye makeup blows my mind. The gold is unreal. I also love that I gazed into your eyes, intently, upon meeting you to spot your circle lenses. So amazing.

  4. Looks like you had a wonderful time and you all look lovely! x

  5. OOOoo love what you did with your shoes :) xx

  6. those clips are amazing, such a good idea. I was supposed to be at Plus London Two but the snow ruined my plans :( xx

  7. Your dress is GORGEOUS, I love it and it really suits you. Looks like you had a great time x

  8. Aww you are my favourite Geordie - I would never put horrid pictures up of you! Great to see you again

  9. that dress with your fringe really does make you look mod, you all looked amazing and like you really enjoyed yourselves


  10. Aww swooning over the pic of me and Kirsty, she's so fab.

    In fact so were you and Nadia and everyone I met, I still feel rather starstruck to be honest! I've followed your blog for so long it was so nice to meet the real life version of MessyCarla haha!

    I can't wait for the next one should it happen, I think the North would be a perfect location! ;)

  11. You look beautiful, please can we meet up again soon?! :D

    Maria xxx

  12. I have this dress and it is one of my absolute favourites, I also rock it with a heavy black fringe, it looks great on you!

  13. I've been so jealous seeing all these Plus London 2 posts :D

  14. your hair looks bloody amazing, as always! miss youuuuuuuuuuu and yes london date in spring! x

  15. You look fantastic in that dress and love the wedges! ^^<3
    Been reading so much about this event on many blogs and looks like everyone had such a brilliant time. ^^v
    Have a fantastic day! ^^v MMxoxo

  16. Sounds like a fun time, I love your dress and the heart you added to your wedges is very clever and adorable.


  17. Omg, what an amazing idea with the glitter clips! I have a pair of wedges similar to yours, and I'm stealing that idea.


  18. I love your eye makeup... beautiful!