18 February 2012

Flowers and a Bee(hive).

Hey everyone,

Apologies I have been away for a week - it's been a surprisingly busy one, which is always good!

I wore this outfit today to hang out with my friend Jessica who was in Newcastle for her dissertation research, and I was brought in to help.

By "help", I ended up guarding her Cath Kidston holdall while she handed out questionnaires and bought me drinks - such is life!

NECKLACE: Vintage.
BELT: Dorothy Perkins.
HAIRBAND: Primark.
SHOES: Primark.

I am a bit of a stereotypical Geordie in the way that I don't really like coats. I find buying a coat as stressful as buying a pair of jeans. 
However I found the following in the Dorothy Perkins sale for £30 down from £59 and absolutely love it - I've been after a red coat for a little while, and the faux fur collar was obviously a deal breaker!

As always with coats, I sized up to an 18 and it is still very roomy - there are still a fair few sizes available online, and I really recommend it! 

I apologise for my hair being a bit windswept - I was caught in a bit of a gale on my way home!
It was a bit of good luck that I decided to style my hair into a beehive. 

The last time I did that for my friend Marie's birthday party, I backcombed like crazy and even ended up creating a dreadlock! 
So this time, I simply slept with my hair pulled back then used a Bumpit and lots of hairspray!

Finally: My laptop Ginny II was officially pronounced dead this week after being in the computer hospital all week, so I took the opportunity to make a new friend. 

After nearly 23 years of being a PC, I have made the move to a Mac. I'm still finding my way around the new system but I already love her.

It still needs a name though. My camera is called Bella, so maybe another B name.
My sister suggested Edward. So Edward and Bella. I really don't know how we're related, sometimes.

Muchos love,


  1. I need that coat in my life! <3 Gorgeous as always :)


  2. Love the bumpit, apart from the fowl name. They rock!! Looking gorgeous lady xx

  3. Somehow I missed your last post as well so summing up two in one - love your dresses and the little accessories you choose to go with them just offsets them just right. Love xo

  4. That dress is so pretty, and your hair looks fab!

  5. I love the coat - so glad you decided to get one. i worry about you in the codl with no coat. i like edward and bella - go for it! xXx

  6. I love that dress and coat! It looks great on you!
    Ah, lol...my camera is called Uschi.


  7. That dress is stunning! Wahey Mac, once you go back you never go back
    Ella @ Belle Vintage

  8. wow i love this


  9. Carla you look beautiful. You style yourself so well and you have such an eye for detail. Love your blog xx :o)

  10. I think the colours of the dress work amazingly for you!

    Ah, a Macbook Pro - I wish I could upgrade (my poor mac keeps falling sick from time to time now ;) ).

  11. You look amazing....seriously, wish I could look quite so stylish!

    How about Bertha for the Mac? I'm so old and ancient I remember a kid's prog about a machine called Bertha that could make absolutely everything, and thats about what Apple claim their products can do, right? ;p

  12. Wow you look fab! That dress is lushhhhhhh!

    How about Betty for your laptop! <3

    Laura xxx

    Love, Life and Laughs

  13. Love your dress it is stunning !
    I never seem to find anything that nice vintage :(
    How about Betty for the mac after Ugly Betty :)


  14. What about Beatrice? Bella and Beatrice? Or Beatrix, to make it more Kill Bill like?

    And your Bumpit beehive is the classiest one I've ever seen. It looks lovely, actually. Not Jersey Shore (Geordie Shore, rather?) at all. Specially with the rest of the gorgeous outfit.

    Muchos besitos. x

  15. Hah, and I remember the show Sara's talking about! Bertha, lovely Bertha... you could sing that to your Mac if that name was the winner. :P

  16. Love the dress. You look so cute. ^^v

  17. I love your dress and the length of the sleeves!
    I had Macbook on the last job and own a Mac mini on the current job and I kind of hated them both. It was SO confusing going from windows to Mac OS!

  18. I really like this outfit.
    V. cute and well put together :)



  19. I saw another blogger post a picture of you and was like, "Who is this goddess?" You're sooooo adorable!

  20. LOVE this beehive, you look amazing (please teach me how to do one sometime!)

    Maria xxx

  21. a few weeks ago i've ordered two coats from dorothy perkins in size 20 and they're HUGE, i'm from italy and it would be a mess to send them back, then... i just love them from the closet :(

    you're very pretty in that look and your beehive is so cool!


  22. Last week, i received a MacBook Air for the first time in my life. It's awesome, but it's a little bit complicated for now...

    (Sorry for my english, i'm italian and i don't speak english very well)

  23. Oh, and i don't like The Twilight Saga, so, i think that MAC, Pc or "Lovely and Sweet Apple", are better than Bella XD