1 January 2012

Hola, 2012!

Hey everyone,

Something a bit different than my usual posts, but first of all Happy New Year!

(Credit unknown - please holler if this is yours!)

I hope you all had a great time whether you spent it dancing and drinking too much fizzy pop, with your family eating nibbles and watching Jools' Hootenanny (like me) or sleeping.

Ever since I read The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole as a tween, I have written ten New Year's Resolutions every year on January 1st.

Resolutions for me are all positive - which is a bit strange coming from someone for who New Year's is my least favourite holiday.
Me and Daniel had a conversation about this recently, and for him a new year means new opportunities and adventures, when for me I have a horrible habit of immediately thinking "wow, another year and I haven't done _____, yet."

Is anybody else like this?
People sometime tend to feel like this moreso on birthdays, but for me it's always New Year!

To try and cheer myself up, I think of things that I would like to achieve in the coming year, away from the generic "lose weight" (bah!) or "stop drinking so much fizzy pop." (double bah!)
So, onwards and upwards:

1. Following on from Georgia’s guest post last month, I will attend a burlesque night for the first time in years.

2. I will see more theatre. With a west-end size stage, two Victorian theatres and countless other companies in the North East there’s no excuse! It’s no shame going to see a show by myself if I can’t find anyone to go with – which is the only real thing holding me back.

3. I say this every year, but I will try and be kinder to myself. It’s cliché but I really am my own worst enemy.

4. I will look into how to stop my Dr Martens from squeaking and start wearing them again.

5. I will make this year count. When my job ended a few months back I was devastated, but I need to see this as a positive sign. I’m still just 22 years old – this is a great window to do something I’ve never tried before such as a makeup course, or finally apply for an international internship.

6. I will have another London date with Sam, take her to see the Matilda musical or Les Misérables and treat her to an ice cream from that fantastic place Lillian took me to in Leicester Square.

7. I will visit Daniel in Le Mans and write him more letters and cards in the meantime.

8. I will learn how to apply false eyelashes. I’ve watched countless YouTube videos and I’m still no further – I think my big problem is I’m quite impatient and finicky things frustrate me, hmph! But those crystal lashes I got from Illamasqua for Christmas aren’t going to wear themselves…

9. I will buy a pair of blue contact/circle lenses – I think they’d look really cool with my black hair!

10. I will watch at least a few episodes of How I Met Your Mother, 30 Rock and Mad Men. I’ve never seen any of these shows and people seem to love them so I’ll have to get around to checking them out.

So how about you guys? Do you make resolutions, or do you see them as a bunch of hooey?

Muchos love,


  1. I don't really have resolutions as such but I am looking forward to continuing with my recently started blog and seeing where that takes me. Your resolutions seem fun and positive rather than on restricting yourself which so many people do and set up for eventual failure, then end up feeling bad. xXx

  2. I sometimes make resolutions but I'm terrible at keeping them so I don't really bother anymore! x

  3. Happy new year lovely, I hope it's a good one for you! Xoxo

  4. happy new year carla! i like your resolutions, they're a lot more fun than the usual :) i do feel bad if i've not managed to carry out last years resolutions but i think they give you something to aim for so its a good thing to do even if you fail haha. btw YOU MUST WATCH 30 ROCK! xx

  5. Ooooh Mad Men is fab, good choice!
    I want to save up a bit and splurge on an amazing handbag, visit Scotland because I've never been and maybe Liverpool.
    Hope 2012 is a good year for you xx

  6. I never make resolutions because I never keep them, also I kind of think if something is that important just do it now. But yours are ace and have inspired me a bit to do the same! x

  7. I never make new years resolutions but I do get nervous around the New Year thinking of the things I want to improve for the new year. Applying fake eyelashes is something I've always wanted to master as well, I really am not good with the fake eyelashes but I love the way they look.

    I hope you have a great 2012!


  8. HAPPY NEW YEAR! Hope you have a wonderful 2012, you deserve it!

    Maria xxx

    P.S. Please can I see you again soon?!

  9. I am in love with those Unicorn earrings! I love posts like these too :) xx

    Ps. I'm having a giveaway on my blog if you'd like to enter :)

  10. I absolutely love those unicorn earrings and that skull ring! You got some amazing gifts! x

  11. Awesome presents. Jealous! Love the harry potter stuff :)

  12. I may have posted my comment on the wrong entry. Ignore them? Will post again on the right one! ha ha

  13. I love all of your Harry Potter stuff and the guinea pig make up bag :) I saw that in John Lewis! x