Rock and/or Roll.

Hey everyone,

Just a quick outfit post today.
I've been a bit 'off' all week and spending most of my free time sleping.
However I'd been looking forward to seeing The Flatliners at Trillians, so perked up for a few hours.

It seems like a few bloggers are experimenting with their looks at the minute, and going for a darker look (notably my blogger twin, Claire and also Georgina) which has inspired me to go for a more rockabilly look for the gig.

TOP: Steel Wheels.
SKIRT: New Look.
HAIRBAND: Marscapony Handmade Goods.
NECKLACE: Dorothy Perkins.
SHOES: Office.
BAG: Primark.
POINT OF FASHION: Rockabilly-ish.

1: The hairband was very kindly sent to me by the lovely Donna of Marscapony Handmade Goods and I absolutely LOVE it. Due to having quite fine hair I sometimes find hairbands which tie at the top slip away from my hair unless I use lots of bobby pins and hairspray the whole thing in place.
However, Donna's hairbands have wires hidden inside, making it easier to bend into shape. I now want every pattern available!

2: I'm still addicted to leopard print nails.
The blue is 291/Cobalt Blue and the sprinkles are 210 both by Barry M. I drew the print freehand with the Models Own pen.

The Flatliners were absolutely awesome, and I love gigs where everybody dances.
You should definitely check them out:

Finally, you win a (virtual) cookie if you got the reference to this blog.
I named it after one of the greatest moments on The Simpsons.

Muchos love,


  1. Aw thanks for the mention you! You look fab, let's get together and have beautiful babies.

  2. Loving the outfit, those shoes are fab & funky nails to! haven't painted my pinky nails in a while - you have inspired me dust off those polish bottles. Totally hear you about hair bands etc, see so many pretty clips etc but then end up half way down my hair lol.


  3. Oh that's a nice outfit super cool tshirt and those nails! I should really get my hands on that pen so I can go all kitty-mode too and get some leopard nails :D

    xx Seph

  4. Love the rockabilly edge, looks so good on you and matches the leopard print nails. :) x


  5. I love your outfit and the color combination. 'The Cramps' t-shirt is so awesome, you look so adorable!


  6. I LOVE this outfit, you've made me want to dig out my Cramps t-shirt! xxxxxx

  7. You look lovely!! I love the black hair!

  8. Thanks for the mention Carla! Your outfit is fab, & I love your hair! xx

  9. Beautiful! Love this rockabilly look :)

    Maria xxx

  10. You look gorgeous! I love the cardi and your nails are fabulous :D

  11. Love the shoes and the nails! *_*

  12. Carla, I am sooo loving this outfit! I love that cardi and those shoes are just stunning!
    ♥ laura

    the blog of worldly delights

  13. adore this outfit! the headband and top look great x

  14. Love the T-shirt on you hun!

    Nat x

  15. I love the cardi Carla, that blue is striking and bold and I love it :) Loving the nails too and the shoes are also amazing :)The headband is definitely a highlight too :) xo

  16. Hello :) I have nominated you for a blog award, check out my blog for more details!