24 August 2011

Pinkie Pie and Polka Dots.

Hey everyone,

I told ya'll I was mixing my black hair up a little - so today I got Cinderella extensions from the lovelies at Salon M in Newcastle.

I had delicate little strands of purple and blue weaved into my hair, and for extra fun - they added some exquisite glittery peices.
I now feel like a My Little Pony!
(There's a better picture near the bottom of this post!)

I was also wearing my new Dorothy Perkins dress today.
Their online sale is absolutely cracking at the minute - loads of dresses marked town, and then if you buy a sale item you get an EXTRA 20% off when you put it in your basket.

Absolutely amazing deals - I got seven dresses, a belt and a pair of glasses for just £80!

"Cant stop Julie and her synthesizer
She's got more fizz than a bottle of Tizer."
- Helen Love, We Love You.

DRESS: Dorothy Perkins.
JACKET: Primark.
PINS: Heidi Seeker.
NECKLACES: Vintage and Ebay.
BELT: Dorothy Perkins.
BAG: Primark.
SHOES: Dorothy Perkins.
POINT OF FASHION: Retro rock and roll.

Someone commented on my last post suggesting I perhaps give up wearing my faithful black tights since it's summer - and you know what, she has a point.
So baring that in mind, I took the plunge and showed off my milk bottle white pins.

It's funny, I'm always wearing tights or socks, so sometimes forget I have a tattoo on my foot!
It was nice to see it for a change.

I wore this shopping today with my dear friend, Chris.
Because we're both so busy with our jobs we don't get to see each other as often as we like - but when we do get a day, we always go for a cheeky Nandos, have a few drinkies and go shopping until the effects wear off.

And pray silence a moment for my new shoes...

Oh yes.

1: I really love my new extensions - they're bright enough for me to still feel like Carla, but subtle enough for work.

2: I always loved the perfumes from B Never Be Too Busy To Be Beautiful and I'm so happy they've tranferred over to Lush. I finally bought 100 Kisses, which is light, floral and perfect for popping in my bag.
Chris is really into fragrances too, so he bought The Breath of God which is smokey and very similar to incense.

3: I know I'm like 100 years too late to the party, but I finally managed semi-decent leopard nails. I used 47/Milkshake by Collection 2000 and the Models Own nail pen.

4: After breaking the stem on my last pair of Bas Relief earrings, and realising that no jeweller will touch them I just bought a brand new pair. I used to wear these practically every day and it's taken me six months to get new ones, so I'm rather excited.

5: Oh, the shoes. THE SHOES. My favourite blogger Nicolette has been posting photographs of her gorgeous glitter oxfords, as well as these pumps from Miu Miu FW11 - so it feels like fate when I stumbled upon these by Red or Dead for just £65. I want them in red, too!

Finally, I want to give another shout out to the girls at Salon M who did my extensions as I really do love them.

Tori did the block colours, then Maxine egged her on to add the glitter.

I've loved Maxine's YouTube channel for a few years now so I was a bit excited to meet her!
Her beauty channel is slightly more offbeat as she also vlogs about body modifications - from tattoos, peircings and plastic surgery, to more outlandish ones such as extreme dieting and her tongue split.

Definitely worth a subscribe!

Muchos love,


  1. Love the new hair!! and I'm blaming you in advance if I spend a fortune on DP website now as I just need to take a look, 7 dresses....fab xxx

  2. *gasp*
    nom to the new do!!
    Wait... that's weird. Basically Carla, I love it, but apparently I now feel that 'nom' is appropriate in all circumstances.
    Fab bargain hunting too, sad to say I always ignore dotty p's - need to jump on that! x

  3. Wow, you really do look like a My little pony! Looks great. Oh, and I am loving your shoes, adorable!


  4. I just made a sex noise over those shoes.

  5. Love all your outfits! you're such a pretty person! :)

  6. wow the new black hair !!! Rocking it as always Carla, and OMG those red or dead shoes are lush !!!! Yes if they come in red than I would too. Loving this outfit BTW that dress really suit you kitten xxx

  7. Gorgeous! I'm in love with your hair and those shoes! eee the shoes!! <3 xoxo

  8. Love that hair. So gorgeous.

    I pretty much break down and cry every time I see those glittery Miu Mius. Its so good they don't do them in my size or I would be in even more debt. ;P

    Love the post. xx


  9. I love that you said you felt like My Little Pony!! :)
    The shoes are beautiful, I want some too now!

  10. Oh god I love your hair, I NEED glitter in my hair! Those shoes are so pretty I love glitter heels xoxo

  11. You look incredible as always, LOVE the hair :) xx

  12. I LOVE those glitter shoes!

  13. Your hair looks incredible! Its my dream hair from my teenage years and to be honest I'd love to have it now! Although I just spent a lot of money and time getting a blonde streak in my black hair so I think that is enough alteration for the time being!

  14. Love the extensions, so cute what you said about feeling like a My Little Pony haha. All the hair envy that was brought on by our toys as children. Your hair looks great!

    LOVE the Vivienne Westwood earrings and those glittery shoes!


  15. I adore the new shoes, and your hair looks amazing!

    Grace x
    i'd rather buy shoes...

  16. oh my god! feeling so tremendously overwhelmed and unworthy of the "favorite blogger" title!!! I think those glitter heels are perfect for you. they're so Carla.

    Did you know i streaks of blue and purple as well?? but your glittery strands are giving me MAJOR FEELINGS of lust and want and desire and NEED. so, so lovely.


  17. Wow I love your new hair!! It looks really good :) OMG and those glittery shoes are amazings :)I am loving the new look, its it HOT!!! and I just did the same with DP, I miss you on twitter haha But jealous of your 7 dresses :) xoxo

  18. I love every single thing about this!! I don't even know where to start!! Those shoes are incredible! And your hair looks amazing! I love it! :)

  19. Those extensions are really nice! very. tempted. x

  20. AMAZING SHOES! Ahah.


  21. The stem on my ones broke as well! I was so upset. I think I am going to have to beg a jeweller to fix them for me!



  22. Oh I had my eye on those shoes at the Metro Centre the other day! I think they're perfect for Christmas day! I went for the red or dead healed brogues instead, think I'm going to have to pop back for those silver numbers!!

    Katie xox

  23. Everything is amazing. Especially you!

    Love your hair, the dress, your nails... and oh my, the shoes! You are just too cute for words.

  24. :D If there was a like button, I'd totally like all of this (there probably is a like button, and I just didn't see it. Sorry).

    More :D

  25. Love this outfit! It's such a good combination of feminine with the dress and edgy with the jacket and leopard print. So cute!

    And TOTALLY love the glitter in the hair :-)

  26. I love your new hair, dress and I really love your shoes - perfect for Christmas parties!!

    Jules @ a bit of jules

  27. Those glittery strands are a stroke of genius, major inspired to pop into Salon M the next time my hair needs some TLC!
    It's a great day when your glittery hair matches your glittery heels. :)

  28. hey cute... u r in my blog today...


  29. You're so amazing girl! :) And you're amazing look! ^^

  30. Hi dear!
    I just want to say that you have a lovely perfil in spanish, side face in english? shape?
    i'm jealous of your shoes, nails and earrings.

    muchos muchos love