18 September 2011

Costa Del Shields.

Hey everyone,

I think Autumn is well a truly here. I've taken to wearing my coat on a near-daily basis which is pretty much unheard of from someone from Newcastle, so you know the sun has definitely took his hat off for the year.

However, there was a really nice sunny day this week - so me and Italian Catholic Mother decided to make the most of it, and go to South Shields for pub grub and pints.

Ready for location shots...?

COAT: New Look (2009).
BELT: Dorothy Perkins.
SHADES: Marc Jacobs.
NECKLACE: Accessorize.
PIN: Vivienne Westwood.
SHOES: Primark.
POINT OF FASHION: The last day of (Geordie) summer.

I love love love that ASOS dress - it was only £15 in the sale and fits perfectly.
It'll be a good one to carry through to autumn with a nice thick cardigan - I'm not going to lie, shooting the first picture was bloody freezing!

And some more adventures from this week:

(Picture by my sister, Nadia)

1: I have such a weakness for Claire's Accessories, and I picked up these fab tea and biscuits earrings for around £6!

2: Papi B made amazing tapas! We had chilli prawns, Moroccan chicken, tortilla, chorizo, battered white fish with aioli and (of course) patatas bravas. Nommmm - best meal I've had in ages.

3: My sister is taking Photography for A-Level and is using the work of Rankin as inspiration by using paint in photographs.
Her friend Eleanor painted this fantastic heart and muscle design on their friend Claire and Nadia took the snaps (I just photoshopped this one myself out of quickness, she still has to do the rest herself).

The rest of the week has gone quite quick.

It was the Great North Run 2011 this weekend, and therefore our busiest few days of the year at work with thousands of people suddenly landing in Newcastle.
I of course was my usual nosy self, and loved hearing people's stories as to why they were running.

As for this week, I have one final Nandos date with Daniel for a whole year as he leaves for France next week.
I fully intend to sob into my chicken pitta.

Muchos love,


  1. You look gorgeous in this dress, I love pieces you can wear all year round! Also I am vvvvv jealous of tapas and Nandos too :(

    Maria xxx

  2. I love those sunnies and your hair looks nice

  3. So cute! Love it all....and I seriously want to motorboat all that food, i'm so hungry!


  4. You look beautiful! And weirdly, quite tall. What deception is this?! x

  5. Oohhh I just noticed all the cool colours in your hair. Looks really awesome!

  6. Bloody hell I LOVE those tea/biscuits earrings! Definitely going to take a stroll down there...

  7. Oh boo to Daniel going! I think from all the mentions on here I feel like I know him :P Lovely outfit though hun, and the location is lusshh :) x

  8. I love the colours in that dress, they make it perfect for winter and summer. Love the Clair's earings too xxx

  9. Love your extensions and VW pin! You look super cute as always! :)

  10. those biscuits are amaaaazing! You look lovely carla, the one and only time I've been to south shields was to watch scott finish the great north run last year and it was pissing it down nearly all the time :( woe!

  11. You look fantastic! The dress is lovely on you :) Your sisters photo is great!

  12. You look so pretty here, that is one gorgeous dress on you! Plus what a bargain for those earrings!