13 August 2011

The Queen's Tea Party,

Hey everyone,

Have you got over the initial shock, yet? No me either.
Believe me it was a big decision going back to black hair after being red for around 18 months.

But it's time for a change.
Mind you, the moment my red locks slowly turned ebony is one of the moments I'd like slow-motioned when they eventually make the made-for-TV movie of my life.

(God that'll be dull. I recommend watching whatever is on the other channels).


Last week I took a few days annual leave and went to visit one of my dearest friends Hattie, who moved to Leamington Spa this year when she got a job as a camera operator on a shopping channel.

We also managed to squeeze in trips to Stratford Upon Avon, the hometown of William Shakespeare.
I loved it a lot, but I thought it was funny how EVERYTHING was related to Shakespeare in some way - from Marlowe's Restaurant to Ye Olde Internet Café.
Hmm sort of.

I also suggested we go to London on the second day, as it was only £12 return I could hardly say no to having a fleeting visit to my boyfriend of a city. (Newcastle is my husband)

We wandered around Camden market, before heading back to Kensington to browse the expensive boutiques (I've started a savings account for a Chanel bag) and museums.

We ended up sitting in the garden of the V&A for a few hours, sipping rasberry iced tea (me) and lemonade (Hattie), just chilling.

This is where I took this photo of my outfit.
It's also the last photo you'll be seeing in the near future of me with red hair.

DRESS: Evans, via Lauren's selling blog.
BELT: Dorothy Perkins.
NECKLACE: Vintage.
SHOES: Primark.

I like to dress up whenever I go to London, it's just a silly wee thing I do - and even though this is really an evening dress, I dressed it down with my favourite tan belt and some flats.
The black cardigan still keeps it chic.

Thank you so much to Lauren, who sold me it for just £8 with shipping!!
I'd loved it ever since I saw this post, where she looks like an absolute babe.
(Yes even in the last picture!)

OH I actually found my cardigan at Hattie's house! She was wearing it all day during Stratford when I spotted my Epoxies badge on it.
"Oh yeah, you left it at my house like two years ago. You've obviously really missed it!" She said.


Anyhoo, some more pictures of our adventures:

1: Outside the birthplace of William Shakespeare.
We were there in the height of tourist season, so there were lots of folks outside doing typical poses. Hattie proceeded to be immensely Northern and shouted "GET THEM OUT FOR THE LADS!!" I swear I need new friends.

2: Nommy toffee milkshake at Docker's 50's diner in Leamington. I've wanted to go here ever since I saw it on Frills N' Spills!
Maria deserves a shout-out here too, as when Hattie first moved to town and knew absolutely nobody, Maria offered to take her out for lunch and show her some of the sights...yet another example of the fantastic things that happen simply due to blogger networking!

3: Hattie couldn't decide between stuffed French Toast or the pancakes drenched in maple syrup...so ordered both. Then helped me out with the rest of my fries I was struggling with.
How she stays so skinny is beyond me as she daily eats the same amount as the average horse.

4: Post-gorging wander to Leamington gardens which are so beautiful. Hattie bought her dress the day before at Camden market for just £15.

Even though I was only away for four days, it was lovely to just hang out and 'be' with one of my besties again.
We spent the rest of our time watching Disney films, drinking tea and eating shortbread.

Muchos love,


  1. Looks like you had a great time :)
    LOVE that dress !!


  2. This looks like such an awesome long weekend, I love doing things like this. Also, loving the black hair! x

  3. lovely photos! That toffee milkshake is making my mouth water! And I totally love your black hair! I've just gone back to black after being a light brown/red for a while. But gah. I'm such a fickle one, I just had to!
    ♥ laura

    the blog of worldly delights

  4. Wow sounds like you had such a good time and that outfit is gorgeous :) xx

  5. What a great trip, it looks like you both had lots of fun!
    I also love how everything in Stratford is related to Shakespeare. We have a Stratford here in Canada and it's the same thing. We have The Shakespeare Pie shop, The Stratford Festival (a series of plays), The Queen Elizabeth gift shoppe, etc. And it isn't aren't even in England!
    Funny how that works. Anyways, you look lovely as always Carla! <3

  6. Loving that dress :)
    & definately going to miss your red hair but Black suits you so well!! x

  7. Love the dress, looks like you had fun. I love girls days, I don't have enough of them. I like your floral dress and your friend has very pretty hair.

    <3 Honeysuckelle

  8. That milkshake looks amazing! Love yours and Hattie's dresses! x

  9. I'm glad you had a good time, that milkshake looks amazing! I was happy to show Hattie around and I am only sorry that we didn't get to meet up again as she (and you!) are lovely :)

    Maria xxx

  10. Looks like a lovely day, and I think the red hair looks fabulous!


  11. Gorgeous outfit! And this post makes me want to go back to Stratford so bad, I love that place. Seeing plays there is divine. :)

    Your friend's dress is also mesmerisingly pretty. xxx


  12. Awesome! You look gorgeous as always and I want that toffee milkshake!

  13. Girl, you don't need to wear black leggings. Let your legs have some air. It's SUMMER (almost ending BTW), you've got to enjoy it, especially beautiful colors. Anyway. I so friggin love your red hair. In addition your floral skirt/top is chic and your brown belt which you donned on top of your waist is a fashion do do/ a style winner. YAY!

    Fashion Speed,

  14. Really nice outfit!!

    I have started a plus size blog, you could maybe take a look!


  15. That milkshake looks amazing! It will take a while to get used to seeing you without red hair, but the black looks great :-)

    Nat x

  16. wow!!! that red hair is super cool!!! And you look gorgeous too! :)


  17. You look lovely! I really like you with both black & red hair, I think you could rock any colour!

    Georgina xx
    Cupcake's Clothes

  18. Sounds like you had the perfect break :)
    I'd be far too scared to dye my hair black as it's so brutal striping the colour when you want it to be a different shade, you're a brave lady! It suits you though :) :)