14 July 2011

Where Burlesque Meets Broadway.

Hey everyone,

Last week, me and Daniel had a night out at one of our favourite venues in Newcastle (or anywhere!): Boulevard.

Boulevard is a fabulous cabaret bar nestled in the city's 'pink triangle.'

Forget cheesy drag queens you know from 1970s working mens clubs - instead, think Vegas-style costumes, West End caliber dancers, and an award winning cheographer.
Not to mention tabled seating with waiting service throughout the night.

The leading 'lady' Miss Betty Legs Diamond has even performed for the Queen at the Royal Variety Performance.
Impressive, non?
(She's also appeared as her less sequinned self in an episode of Come Dine With Me!)

The best thing about a night in the pink triangle, is you can pretty much wear whatever you want without fear of judgement - there will ALWAYS be somebody more overdressed than you.

For example, a few months ago we were at the Bank bar and there was an impeccibly dressed gentleman in a sharp suit.
However when I peered under his table, he was wearing fishnet stocking and red stilletos.

If he has the courage to express himself, surely I can step away from my current comfort clothes of floral empire line dresses...?

TOP: River Island.
SKIRT: New Look.
JACKET: New Look.
BAG: Topshop, via Lillian's blog sale.
SHADES: Marc Jacobs.
BELT: Dorothy Perkins.
HAIRBAND: Primark.
SHOES: Office.
POINT OF FASHION: Kind of 1980s.

It was as to be expected a wonderful night out.
The entire place was packed due to Pure Leisure (who own the majority of Newcastle's gay pubs, bars and clubs) staff night out, so the atomosphere was great!

The DJ and compare - the divine Miss Rory - spotted me and Daniel in the audience and we had a bit of banter.
She is witty and sharp, but never cruel to anyone.

(Except to the cast of Geordie Shore who were also in house. She asked one of the girls to get off her phone as "it's just someone calling you a slag on Twitter!")

Anyway, she said about me: "Carla is the only person I know who accessorises her bag to match her hair!"
Haha, how true!

"Please pick up one of our heavily photoshopped flyers!" - Miss Rory.

The summer show for Boulevard is currently in full swing.
Tickets start from just £7 (standing) and are available by calling the box office or online.
I also suggest that you keep an eye out on Groupon who frequently sell discounted seating tickets.

I won't give too much away about the actual show contents, as I'd hate to spoil the surprise for any locals wanting to go.
But what I will say is that it's a fabulously different night out in toon!

I will however leave you with this teaser video:

Muchos love,


  1. Ahh it sounds awesome! You look beautiful, I love your top! And hello bag i remember you!
    I rather like men in high heels. Especially when it'/s combined with a mans suit. Phwoar.
    Also what's wrong with cheesy drag queens from 1970s working mens clubs? :P

  2. great outfit! love it! :)


  3. This does sound incredible! I love a good old cabaret! x

  4. You and Daniel need to take me out please!

    Maria xxx

  5. ooo this sounds like my sorta night out!
    Love your top, you look great xxx

  6. Sounds like such a fun night! So Jealous! Love the outift, your so inspiring xx :o)

  7. Love the outfit choice, and I love love LOVE those shoes!!



  8. sounds like fun to me!!
    What dye do you use for your hair?


  9. I love the print on your top, you look as amazing as your night out sounded you'll have to take me there sometime! :P


  10. Super cute outfit. I love the comment about your purse matching your hair, I love going to drag shows - the ladies are always so fierce. 'Come Dine with Me' is one of my favorite programs, I love the commentators sarcastic comments.

  11. Your post has just reminded me why I need to visit Boulevard soon, I've never been to a drag show before but have heard really good things about this!
    How long does the show run for Carla, is it a full night out?


  12. I don't know much about drag, but it sounds like a really fun night out! xx

  13. Goshhhh I miss the pink triangle, I haven't been out there in like a year! Anyway you look amazing, I love that top! xxxxx