26 July 2011

My Room.

Hey everyone,

I've seen posts like this popping up here and then, so thought you may like to see some pictures of my room.

Just like sneaking a peek inside somebody's fridge (What? You all do it!), bedrooms can tell a lot about somebody.

I like to think mine says 'a princess's messy chamber with an abundance of geekery and organised chaos.'

Maybe it's just a big pink mess.
My dad still sometimes calls me Stig.


The chair came from my great Auntie's house when she moved. It was originally an ugly browny-pink, so I painted it neon green and added cheap and colourful cushions.

The penguin is called PomPom and the hot water bottle was a Christmas present from Hattie.

Enter, please.
Keyring of my favourite band and the Plumbob came with my pre-ordered copy of The Sims 3 - it's really a USB!

My mantra.

My friends thought I was going cuckoo when I told them I installed shelves just to house my nail polish collection. I got these from the kids section of Next.
Hello Kitty was a present.

Oooohhh, macarons!

I bought these kitteh hooks for super-cheap at an outlet shop, and it's where I hang all my necklaces.

My favourite necklace.

The Vines guard my bags. The hatstand also came from my Auntie's house.
Spot my vintage bowler hat I bought when I was obsessed with A Clockwork Orange...

My favourite clutch bags. The leopard print bag holds my non-essential makeup.
The boxes have my favourite shoes inside, and can you spot the latest GlossyBox...?

Bunny and Betsy!


Love love love these guys.

My inner goth loves my black chandelier.

Books, DVDs and music.
(The bear was a 16th birthday present from my friends - they named him Craig Molko after my two favourite frontmen.)

Care to take a closer look...?

My middle shelf is full of knick-knacks - mostly gifts from over the years.

The babushka and sequinned pig are from Italian Catholic Mother.
The cupcake art was made by my friend Amber.
Daniel gave me the framed photo of us out clubbing for my 21st birthday.
The picture of Cliff Richard in the 1960s was from my last boyfriend.

I collect snowgloves from major cities I've visited.

I must confess though - I didn't buy the NYC one myself.
The one I did buy broke when I moved to my student house, so my dad was very kind and got a work colleague to buy another one for me when she went on holiday!

Walle-E stands champion over my arty coffee table books.

The mini came from a shop in York.
The postcard was from Claire for my 22nd birthday this May.

I'm off work today, so moved some furniture around and gave the place a bit of a clean.
This was not taken too kindly by Brie, who was most displeased at being woken from her nap:


So does your bedroom say about you?
Are you a minimalist, or are you like me and like to have lots and lots of junk on any available surface?

If you'd like to do a post about it (or you've already done one) PLEASE send me the link - I love being nosy!

Muchos love,


  1. Your room is so cute and organized! I'd take one of my room but i'm going to start moving so it would just be a pile of stuff in my room.

  2. My bedroom is the most basic room in my house! Horrible Ikea Malm furniture and a few pictures on the wall. I'm saving the beautifying for when I move home. I'm itching for a new bed and wallpapered walls.

    Your room looks fun! I nebby girls dream.


  3. Your room is so colourful it's ace! :D

  4. I absolutely WANT your room! It is epic! I particularly love your green chair and your wicked dvd collection :P

    I am thinking of getting the Keri smith book - how to be an explorer of the world... is it any good? I have wreck this journal and love it :)

    Laura xxx


  5. You room is so cute but wow it's big. I have such a tiny room though, it's almost sad. Might do a post like this soon haha


  6. Your room is so cute and organised, I keep meaning to re-decorate mine but I never find the time. Must finish that epic clearout at some point so I can finally give all my stuff a home! xoxo

  7. I love love love your room! its epic! i particularly love your green chair :)

    Is that Keri Smith book - how to be an explorer of the world any good? I have wreck this journal but was thinking about getting this one too!

    Laura xx


  8. Wow your room is amazing, its so quirky and personal, i love it! x

  9. Hey lovely your room looks very cute. here is a peak at mine!http://www.ablogfromblackpool.com/2011/05/60-minute-make-over.html

  10. loving your room :)
    the bright green chair just screams quirkiness!! x

  11. Haha Stig - I get called that a LOT :)
    Great room, full of personality.
    I have a blog post of my office, haven't been brave enough to do my bedroom... but if you fancy a nose:

  12. Well one thing i've learnt from your quirky little cove is that Cliff Richard was a hottie in the 60s! Who knew! Well, not me, that's for sure!

  13. I'm just like you no available surface is safe xxx

  14. My bedroom seams to be the catch-all for the junk from the rest of my house. We have a hand me down bedroom suit and the comforter, drapes, and wall art don't even match. The rest of my house is in order thankfully, so I just shut the bedroom door when we have guests, lol.

  15. Love that photo of you and Daniel. My room is the only room in the house with clutter, I have stuff everywhere and wont throw anything out. I need a sort out, pronto!

  16. Love this post Carla :D. Lover of knick knacks to, shame to have things tucked away. <3 Babushka's and pigs.
    Have to say my bedroom is like a walk in scrapbook, crossed with hoarders paradise lol. You know when it gets to the stage all you have is a lil walk way it's time to have a good ole tidy up ^^.

  17. I spot a snow globe, I adore snow globes. You have the most adorable little knick-knacks, I love it. I sort of figured since you have such a fierce sense of style with clothes that your room would be cool too. I love nesting dolls, they are so cute, I just want to hug them. Is that weird?

    Aww look at the bunny slippers, so adorbs. Last but not least love your dvd/book/music corner!

  18. Aww. Your room looks so cute. Especially your closet and your bookshelf. Gaaaah! Envy much.

    Anyway, you didn't show your bed. Or did I miss it? Hm.

  19. What a nice wee room! Seeing lovely and nicely decorated rooms always makes me a bit sad as I´ve been living in rented flats for the past few years and couldn´t really re-decorate them in my own style. However, it´s given me loads of time to think about what I want our own future place to look like and I literally can´t wait!:)
    Oh and I´ve got a teeny zombie cupid and he also lives on the door handle:) x

  20. I love seeing peoples rooms; so nosey, but so interesting! I did a little post about my temporary room I'm living in for two months the other week-


  21. I love your room, and I love being able to have a bit of a snoop around the rooms of other bloggers! Hehe c: xx

  22. Hahah love the last snap! I love the look of your organised chaos (: My room is quite minimalist cause I dont have many things!

  23. I want a shelves for my nail polishes too! XD

  24. Your wee hamsters expression is so funny! :)

  25. Your room is super cute! Reminds me of mine, I'm also a very cluttered & colourful room sort of person. I did a post on my room ageees ago, I love seeing other people's!

  26. That penguin is absolutely adorable!

  27. Hello, I've been reading your blog for a little while but actually only just started my own today, also with some pics of my bedroom :) I just hope my own will be as interesting as yours and I look forward to reading a lot more awesome posts from you.

    I'd love for you to come visit me at bettertogetherbazil.blogspot.com/ and let me know what you think :)

  28. your room's neat! and very colourful and cheery :D

  29. I have just found your blog...I love it!
    I especially love this post, your room is stunning! xo

  30. Your bedroom is lovely! I think mine is pretty minimal in comparison, but I think that it's because I have a whole house to fill with my stuff!


  31. Your room is so colorful and fun! Love all the little details. The chair I think is my favorite part... I love "fixer upper" things like that, and it looks great. I actually had that same penguin and a matching Polar Bear in high school, but now I can't remember what ever happened to them!