15 April 2011

North West Blogger Meetup

Hey everyone,

Just a small post today to let you all know about the North West Blogger Meetup which Helen and Helen are organising.

It's going to be in Manchester, and the date is set for Saturday June 11th!

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Anyone is welcome to attend, if you can please join the google page to join in the discussions.

Though knowing the majority (if not all...) of us have a love of hot beverages and cake - I'm guessing there will be a cheeky stop at a tea shop.

I've only been to Manchester twice, and only for events at the GMex Centre (Collectormania Con in 2007 and Placebo in 2009).
So, it will be nice to explore the nooks and crannies of the city.

Other bloggers attending include:

Jen of A Little Bird Told Me
Kate of Earth vs. The Wild Heart
Sarah of A Million Dresses
Maria of Frills N Spills
Selina of The Flying Saucer
Alex of Odd Socks and Pretty Frocks

Anyone is welcome to come along, please just RSVP in the group - or let one of the Helens know.

I hope to see plenty of you there in June!

Muchos love,


  1. this sounds great! Can I ask where the link is?? XXX

  2. Indigo: Sorry about that - links are now in the post! :) xxx

  3. Hi Carla
    I gave you a blog award! Check it out here..

    The blog event sounds great and I'm always in manchester for Uni. I'd love to come but I'm a bit shy. lol

    Have a lovely weekend.

  4. ooo i'll DEFO be attending this ... cant wait! finally get to meet some bloggers!! xx

  5. this sounds great a meet up i can easily get to! i'm deffo interested if i'm not to mad with my final collection! if they need any help with anything i might be able to help with just let me know :) xx

  6. There will defo be a stop for tea and cake! I'm going to try and get my favourite cupcake shop involved! x

  7. I am in the wrong country! Argh!

  8. AH what a shame. I´ve been living in Manchester since September but I´m moving to Edinburgh on May 29th:( Bad, bad timing:D

  9. Thank you for the link love :) I am super excited, I just hope my exam timetable is co-operative!

    Maria xxx

  10. Oh dear. Come to London!

  11. I am SO excited about this! Can't wait to meet everyone :D

  12. I've signed up to the group and would love to come along if that is okay?

  13. i would love to be there with you all! i'm new in blogging, but i read your lovely blogs from a long time :)
    many kisses!

  14. hey hope you all have an amazing time sweetie, very sad I can't come. xxx

  15. Sounds amazing. I'm based in Newcastle but would love to head over to Manchester. Never been to a blogger meet-up.

  16. oh no! that's my last day of work and then I get three months off for summer, what a shame!