11 April 2011

Outfit Post: Goth-tastic!

Hey everyone,

It was Daniel's 20th birthday on Saturday, so we went for belated drinks yesterday.

I was in one of those moods where I didn't fancy wearing any of my usual get-ups, so I peiced something together from bits and bobs I've had for a while.

The only thing new here is the lace top for just £8 in the ASOS sale.
Someone braver than me could wear a crop or even a bra underneath, but I played it safe with a black vest. I love that is has a peter pan collar, too!

The only thing I'm not too sure about is the skirt.
It's officially my 'formal/interview' skirt as when worn on the waist it come down to my knees. Even though I hitched it right up to under my bust, it still hangs funny on me.

Granted it's from ASOS Curve, and their smallest size is a 20 - making it a few too sizes too big for me anyway - but still, if I didn't need it on standby for things like meetings and interviews I'd take a few inches off the length. Hmmm.

LACE TOP (over): ASOS.
VEST (under): Dorothy Perkins.
CAMEO: A present via Topshop.
LEGGINGS: Primark.
SHOES: Office.
POINT OF FASHION: A little teeny tiny bit goth.

Haha I do feel like a bit of a goth girl, again.
(Either that, or a cheap knock-off version of Fashion Hayley...)

It doesn't help my case that the book you can see to the bottom right of the picture is The Complete Tales and Poems of Edgar Allan Poe.

Eventually I decided this look was slightly too intense for a Sunday night dancing, so I changed the belt for my favourite butterfly one, and draped my bright floral shrug over the top.
You can see both in my last outfit post.

I do wish I'd had a darker lipstick, though. I rummaged around trying to find one I have from Urban Decay (Gash), but had to make so with a plum colour from Benefit (Fruit Cocktail).


1: Hahaha I thought you guys would appreciate this - I was a bit of a goth when I was eleven/twelve. What a mess! Here, I'm surfing a fansite for Trey Parker and Matt Stone, and listening to Take Off Your Pants and Jacket by Blink 182. Rock and roll!

2: My cameo necklace (a birthday present last year from Daniel) goes with everything.

3: We went to The Bank Bar for some drinks. We used to really love it, but it has gone sort of downhill recently.
However, it was back on top form last night - their new drag queen Raunchy Rusty is dead funny, plays some brilliant tunes (Part Of Your World followed by Heart Of Glass? - YES PLEASE!) and performed a surreal, filthy and hilarious cabaret act. I'll never watch The Sound of Music the same way again...

In other good news, my best-friend Hattie returned for a visit this weekend.
She's recently moved 300 miles away to work as a camera operator on a shopping channel, so I was really excited she'd decided to drop back home unexpectedly.

It was especially fun as the weather was so beautiful, we sat in her garden for most of the day having a catch up, with a few beers and a few Cornettos!

The Only Way Is Hebburn...

So yeah it's been a great weekend.
I hope all my fellow Brits have been enjoying the lovely weather - I wonder if we'll see it again soon...?

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(UK/Europe only, sorry)

Muchos love,


  1. Hehe! All you need is black lipstick to be competely ~gothtastic.

  2. Love this out fit! Your mega cute xx :o)

  3. I love the lace crop! And the whole outfit looks lovely, sometimes black is the only colour you need:) x

  4. I remember Hattie! :)

    And I remember that goth pic of you you sent me a few years ago. CUTE! (look at the computer..haha)

    I like the dark colors - nice change. Your whiteness (ie: paleness :P) stands out nicely against it and so does the red bombshell hair!

  5. Really lovely! Glad you had a super weekend xx

  6. I love the goth-esque outfit I think everyone went through a teenage goth phase although I don't think I've grown out of mine LOL! xoxo

  7. hehe love that you're brave enough to put up a old pic! So cute haha!!

  8. I love your pose so much. You look amazing in your outfit post... like usual!



  9. Ahaha, I love the photo of you when you were younger :) I went through a massive goth phase myself at that age and I cant even look at the photos now - criiiinge!

  10. i've also been goth when i was younger! it's so rock'n roll to say "ehy, i've been goth!" :D
    you're always supercute! in both ways :)
    hugs from italy!

  11. I think you look fab, the black does make your hair pop! :) I look back at my childhood photos and just cringe I just look so awkward! :P

    Maria xxx

  12. Love this outfit a lot, you look so slinky!

    Mega lolz at the pic of you as a 12/13 year old. Why were we all so grumpy back then? I was a mega-geek with HUGE glasses. Not the best look!

  13. Oh my days. I am in love with your hair xx

  14. can I just say I WANT TO HAVE YOUR BABIES

  15. Ohh, I really like your outfit! I'm in love with goth even if I never really was one XD