13 February 2011

Welcome To The Dollhouse...

Hey everyone,

If you've been living under a log for the past few months, you may not have heard of the fabulous Domino Dollhouse - an affordable online boutique for curvalicious ladies, run by the fabulous Tracy of Chubble Bubble, whose sassiness simply floors me.

Me and Lauren were recently having a discussion about plus-size fashion, and how sometimes it feels like the majority caters for an older demographic to us in our early twenties.
Yet if you turn it around, sometimes unique boutiques can be vastly out of our price range...

Enter Domino Dollhouse - all their peices are cute, punky and reminds me of how Torrid used to be when it was BFFs with Hot Topic.
And affordable? VERY. With dresses starting at just $18.

Tracy was kind enough to send me this Flora dress to review, and I absolutely adore it - it's easily one of the best fitting dresses I've had in ages.
It fits perfectly over my chesticles (with no squishing occuring - the girls can breathe!), nips my waist and flares out over my hips without clinging at all.

DRESS: Domino Dollhouse.
BELT: New Look.
NECKLACE: Accessorize.
SHOES: Dorothy Perkins.
POINT OF FASHION: A punky tea party.

If you'd like to try Domino Dollhouse for yourself, they very kindly sponsored Plus London and are offering a voucher code to EVERYONE!
Simply type in PLUSLONDON at checkout to recieve 20% off your order, worldwide.

In other news, I mentioned a few weeks ago that I am getting my MODEL GRRLZZZZ on for local photographer Mandy Charlton for her 'Dressing Up' project.

She simply asks her subjects to come "dressed up" with no other instruction, and it's so interesting to see how this is interpreted!
Some people have turned up in fancy dress, others top-to-toe in 1940s vintage.

I went for my favourite outfit of a 1950s style polka dot dress, faux pearls, crop cardigan with corsage, and high heels.
The reason I haven't shown you these pictures yet?
Why, I wore this to the evening event of Plus London of course!
And it would not do for me to turn up in an outfit you'd already seen now would it? Teehee.

We shot these at Leazers Park in Newcastle, a place that always makes me smile as during my last summer with my friends before I left them for college (they all stayed on at the sixth form) we basically lived here - making dens in the bushes, climbing trees and terrorising the children in the play park. Good times!

The first was taken in the play park, and is me trying my very best (and failing miserably) at being nautical pin-up chic.
The second is at the fabulous Victorian bandstand, and that's me hanging on for dear life. I'm not used to high heels...

It was SO much fun though, and it was ace how Mandy and I clicked straight away - we even went for a coffee afterwards as we had so much to natter about!
North East creatives are the BEST!

Finally, if you are reading this between 2pm-4pm today (Sunday 13th Feburary), you can check out mine and Daniel's radio show over at http://www.prideradio.co.uk/.
This week, the theme is Independent Anthems, as we're both single this year!
There's going to be lots of fun pop tunage and our usual witty (on his part, anyway) banter - so please listen and feel free to get in touch during the show.
We'll be happy as ever for any shout outs and song requests!

(Also be sure to give his blog a clicky-clicky as it really is hilarious!)

It turned out at Plus London he has legions of fangirls, so go and give him so love. Somebody should, really.

Muchos love,

PS: Oh, and thank you to everyone who has followed my 365 Tumblr - I've been very good and updated every day so far. Thank you for your support!


  1. Love the polka dot dress! You look absolutely gorgeous - you definitely can pull off the pin-up girl look :)

  2. love both these outfits! you look great :)

  3. First dress is fabulous, so much colors.I want spring back !
    Second dress is pretty, it's very pinup.

  4. LOVE those dresses on you!! Dressing up project sounds super cool xxx

  5. I adore that floral dress.
    I followed your 365 tumblr aswell :)


  6. I love the photos they are so vibrant.makes me want it to be summer soon! Totally loving the cute dresses aswell :o) xx

  7. I LOVE your outfits. Definitely a punky tea party vibe I'm feeling from you. xo

  8. You look amazing in both dresses! I loved the polka dot dress! Gorgeous! I must try domino dollhouse for some bits. I adore the alice skirt.

  9. These photos are so happy! :D They make me smile and your outfits are awesome as usual! You are an inspiration truly <3 lots of love xoxo

  10. I love both those dresses, I'm about ot make a domino dollhouse order now! I love some of the stuff too much to wait.
    I used to live in leazers too, not been down there in ages now xxx

  11. Both those outfits are stunning (: Looking very lovely Carla. You always dress your figure beautifully.

  12. ahh leazers park brings back some memories! mainly drunk teenage years. embarrassing! haha. you look looooovely. both dresses are adorable! xo


  13. I've been looking for a dress just like that one with florals for ages. I feel a bit of online shopping coming over me:)

    - Sara x

  14. Your hair is rockin'! Love your photos. I haven't seen them, will go and have a looksy now x

  15. I definitely need to buy at Domino Dollhouse soon! I am so in love with theire stuff and this dress is just made for you, darling!
    Also the other pictures look pretty cute & I think I need to find the time to finally listen to your radioshow, cause I havn't done before!

  16. You look absolutely stunning as usual! And i've browsed Domino Dollhouse online and i really did want to see their stuff on someone who wasnt modelling them so i'm so glad you've reviewed them! I'll definitely be giving them a go because you look too fabulous to be true in that dress! :) xxx

  17. Gorgeous dresses! Loving the polka dots and red hair, you look amazing :)

  18. OMGoodness! I love both dresses! You look so adorable!

  19. You look wonderful in that dress. It didn't look like much in the pictures but once you wore it, it's very gorgeous.

  20. You look super duper lovely! <3

  21. Love your blog and your style :] very refreshing.
    I have the same necklace

  22. the Domino Dollhouse dress is sooooooo cute! *__*

  23. Oooo sooo gorgeous :) Great to see another blogger from the UK :) Love ur style. Def following you now :D

  24. Thanks for the info! posted your blog post on the Israeli forum of plus size fashion

  25. That DD dress is beautiful on you! x

  26. Oh my, so lovely!
    And I love your necklace..may I ask if it's from a new collection at Accessorize?
    I want it badly! *____*

  27. Love the polkadot/black cardigan combo!
    Pray, do tell - where do you get your tights? Am always on the search for (preferably dense black) tights that aren't too tight around the waist.
    Any suggestions?

  28. You are so beautiful! I love the Domino Dollhouse dress and the pics of you in the park are so cute - and so you! That spotty dress is the tops.

  29. Love your outfits! Dresses are gorgeous! Really want a polka dot dress now lol gonna go hunt for one on ebay :D

  30. I love the dresses...you look stunning! :)

    Gorgeous necklace also!


  31. This dress is fantastic, love the floral print. And your necklace with it is too, sweet and lovely for words.

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