16 February 2011

Girl Crush Wednesday #1

Hey everyone,

I've been looking forward to telling you all about the new series staring on this blog.
From now on, we'll be curing our mid-week blues with Girl Crush Wednesday!

This is basically a celebration of fabulous women I'm majorly girl crushin' on - and hopefully we'll all end up crushing and fangirling together.
Sounds good, right?

Thanks to Rai who did a great job with the graphic!

So, here we go:

Claire of French For Cupcake.

The real question here is when am I not crushing on Miss Claire?
We've been online buddies since Ye Olde Days o' Livejournale, and started our blogspots around about the same time!
Her blog is full of beautiful outfits and delicious cake - amazing combination.

Angelina of albinwonderland.

Angelina has recently started updating her hilarious YouTube channel more often - giving hilarious yet completely on the money commentary on body modifications, "real women" and inapropriate Katy Perry album tracks.
I love how she always makes references to a fictional hater called Laquisha!

Lily of LLYMLRS.

D'awwww who doesn't love Lily? Even Madonna's daughter is a fangirl!
I just adore her style, and am way jealous of her dollygirl looks. Grrrr.
I bumped into her at The Look Show last year and she's just off-the-chart adorable.

I'm always going to be open for suggestions for this new feature.
Think there's a girl everyone should be crushing on?
A blogger, youtuber, musician, fictional character? Just let me know!

Muchos love,


  1. Aww I love this post & can't wait to see more! xo

  2. Great idea! i love Claire's little Totoro doll! and of course her blog lol :)

  3. this is such a cute feature haha, the drawing is adorable! i already follow/love the bloggers so i'm off to check out the youtube recommendation (:


  4. Thanks for these little reviews. I'm following French for Cupcakes, I love that blog. I didn't know the others, but I'll visit them :)

  5. I love this feature, and your drawing is so cute. I wish I could make a cartoon of me look half as cute and less sinister than my current doodles!

    Penny x

  6. Great feature :)
    I love Claire and Lily's blog but haven't come across Angelina before so I can't wait to check her out.
    My favourite blogs are Pretty Much Penniless and www.amillionsdresses.blogspot.com

  7. Yay! You know I love you babeh! Who else could I text to say I miss your butt?

    I also fancy the other two. Awh Angie! Another reason I need to get back to LJ!

    luff you xxx

  8. p.s. Although I think the drawing is super cute, it would be more realistic if it was you looking at dirty pictures of me, and you'd look less innocent...jus sayin.

  9. Aww this is a great feature. I'm always crushin' on someone new.
    Lil xx

  10. I know both Claire and LLYMLRS but didn't know Angelina. Now I'm watching one of her videos and it's great and hilarious! Thank you for introducing her to me :)

  11. Girl Crush Wednesday??? hahaha I love it!! Genius xxx


  12. What a great idea for a post, loving and already following all of these gorgeous girls can't wait for the next post xoxo

  13. D'aww, your outfit is too cute ^_^

  14. This is such a cute post idea!! I love Angelina, she cracks me up.

  15. As far as blog crushes go-

    How much do I feel like a creepy blog stalker?!


  16. so cool! I'm a big fan of Lily's as well (:

    one of my biggest girl crushes is Jessica of Jess Loves Fred - she's amazing at putting looks together, and hilarious. You'd probably be crushing too :D

  17. I already knew of Lily, but I've never seen the other two before! That you for the links, it's given me two new blogs/channels to enjoy :)

    And I love this feature! I have too many girl crushes to count, ahaha.

  18. That graffic is SO kwute! ^.^ love it!

    Girl Crush Wednesday is an awesome idea! :)

    I'll have to check out Claire & Angelina! Lily's blog is amazing! :) I love her style! xx

  19. It it such a fab idea to do this, definitely helps to share the love in the lil old blogosphere! I'm interested to see who you feature next too :)

    Maria xxx

  20. Haha! Such a great feature! Can't waif to see more xx

  21. Aah some wonderful girls here- definitely worthy of girl crush wednesday! Atm I'm obsessed with Joy the Baker. Her blog is just too good for words. And always makes me hungry!


  22. Thanks for following me! I'm glad you did, I love your blog! So I'm following you back now. :D

    Great idea for a blog post! <3

  23. Checking out the adorable pink haired girl right now, I'm a sucker for dyed hair (can't you tell?)!

  24. just found ur blog whem angelina tweeted about ur post. ur so cute. ur blog is cute. u have a new fan now. from brazil.
    added u @ my blogroll ok/!

  25. Love the dress.. and you look beautiful.
    ♥ Follow: http://ohsopetite.blogspot.com/ ♥

  26. I love this darling! You are delectable, and totally charming. Basically you had me at hello lol. Ok, you had me before that ;D