18 February 2011

Outfit Post: Polka Dotty.

Hey everyone,

I'm really pleased so many of you liked the Girl Crush Wednesday idea so much - it's going to be lots of fun methinks!

Earlier this week I went with my friends Sam and Ashley to see the band Mike TV who had a free show in Newcastle.

This is what I wore:

DRESS: Primark.
BELT: Topshop.
SHOES: Vintage.
POINT OF FASHION: Black, white and red.

Apologies for the rather rubbish quality picture - I feel like I'm taking it back to old school outfit posts as I would nearly always pose next to my door!

But it was late and I had to shoot this with my light blaring, then try and sort out the white balance in photoshop - which has also made my hair look really dark. Booo!

Anyway though, even though it was a punk gig I went for a bit of a cutesy mod girl look with clunky vintage heels and red lipstick.
I'm not used to wearing long sleeves though, so I ended up rolling the sleeves and wearing a crop black cardigan on top.

My friend Sam turned up wearing a similar dress (although her polka dots were actually teeny tiny white apples - so cute!) which the band noticed and told us we reminded them of The Pipettes!
Best compliment I've had in ages, really - teehee!

I met the guitarist Jhon afterwards, and he was really sweet:

I love Trint from the support band Uncommonmenfrommars photobombing!
They were really ace too, especially when they did a Screeching Weasel cover.

See, I told you my hair is still bright!
Although my sister's camera made me have a crazy eye - I didn't feel like lugging my DSLR around when there was dancing to be done.

In other news, if you follow me on Twitter you'll know I've had a few job interviews the past week, and I was told today that I got it! Hoorah!

I've been unemployed since Autumn, so I'm absolutely chuffed.
Daytime TV is actually destroying my life!

Finally, you may have noticed I completely side-stepped on talking about Valentines this year - I did however give this card to Daniel before our radio show last Sunday:

I'm such a charmer.

I'm very excited for our next show this Sunday, as we're broadcasting from one of the presenter, Lee's house and we're calling it Come Mince With Lee.
(Working title: Mince And Dumplings. Daniel's got a repertoire of filthy innuendo waiting and ready to go.)

Please be sure to listen live if you can from 2pm GMT on http://www.prideradio.co.uk/.

Muchos love,


  1. Congrats on the job sweetiepie! You deserve it! x

  2. Love the dress! Love anything polka-dotty if I am honest!

  3. Love the dress, rather smart :)
    Yaaaay on the job, hopefully you will have some good work outfit posts to share with us, I never know what's appropriate to wear to work.
    Have a lovely weekend x

  4. That dress looks lovely on you! Very nice :) xxx

  5. You look absolutely gorgeous, the dress looks fab!
    Congratulations on the job too :) xo

  6. I love you in polka dots! And you can't go wrong with a splash of red! CONGRATULATIONS on getting the job, I knew you would and that's blimmin fantastic :D Love the Valentine's card too :P

    Maria xxx

  7. I love the Pipettes thats such a compliment :D

  8. I said it on twitter, but I've not commented in aaages (Read: I'm a crap blogger!) so:
    Congratulations missy! I'm so chuffed for you! =]

  9. well first of all congrats! I love that dress, and your hair looks lush, I'm super tempted to dye mine that colour again soon, I just can't keep up with the roots! :( looks like you had a fab time! and that V-Day card is so funny! XXX

  10. Well done on the job, that's fantastic. My dude would run off with the Pipettes (well one of them) in a heartbeat. Hmm...

  11. Congratz on the job. loving the dress xoxo

  12. Looove the coat, you look fabulous! Congratulations on the job! Go lovely Carla! :D

  13. That dress looks beautiful on you! And congratulations on your new job! :D

  14. Argh! That's another polka dot dresses I'll have to snoop around in primark for lol

    Congratulations on getting your job x

  15. Congratulations on the job! Hope when I graduate in the summer I'll be able to get something too, fingers crossed!

  16. hahaa, that valentines card is awesome - wish they sold one's like that in Birthdays :P

    Sounds like a fab night, you look gorgeous in that dress - the sleeves are lovely, even if they did end up being a bit annoying!


  17. Congratulations, and you look gorgeous :D

  18. I love your dress, really suits you :)

  19. Congrats on the job! :D
    Looking fab as ever xx

  20. Great news on the job, congrats! :) You look great in that dress, I love it! xo

  21. Congratulations on getting the job! This Primark dress is also awesome on you! I have major love for sheer, pussybow and polka dots so it's a winner!

  22. That dress is so gorgeous! Although I do have a big soft spot for polka dots hehe. And congrats again on your job, you really deserve it :D

  23. Carla it would have be unreal if you had been there too :( I love chatting to you on twitter, I think we would get on ...talking about Daria and Mighty boosh :P
    Thank you for your comment, your right it was miss bangs ! How did I miss her :/ I'm blind.
    I think we all have to entry non stop next year and just take the show over (bloggers meet up) haha.
    Loving that dress on you kitten and the valentine for Daniel is brill haha xxxx

  24. First, I love your blog! The illustrations and background are so adorable, they made me grind my teeth from the cute-ness! EEEEE! Okay, about this dress, it is so adorable. I love the big belt and the medium sized polka dot, and the built in scarf. Black really looks great with your awesome hair color. I bet it takes a lot of dyeing to keep the color up, because I know red fades fast. Welp, at any rate... keep doing it cause im OBSESSED! Thanks for reading my rambles. xoxox. Had to follow!
    follow me back?

  25. That dress is simply amazing! I love it!

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