22 February 2011

New Haul Video.

Hey everyone,

I found out this week I made YouTube partner, so I'm going to try my best to make more vlog-style videos for my channel.

This one is a recent haul video featuring Urban Decay, NYX, Stila, ASOS and Domino Dollhouse (you can see the dress better in this post).

If that doesn't entice you enough to click the video, I've also included some bloopers at the end, as I AM AN AWKWARD TURTLE.
For example you'll be able to see this face:

That's me being "x_SCENExCORE_x CARLA". Oh yes.

Sorry for the short post today, but I'll be back tomorrow for Girl Crush Wednesday!

Muchos love,

EDIT: Whooops! I put the link to the website where I bought the makeup in the underbar, but forgot to pop it on here too - it is Love-Makeup.co.uk. xoxo


  1. xXx lOvE tHiS vIdEo <3 xXx

    ps: can you share the side where you bought the make-up with us?

  2. Katrin: I put it in the underbar on YT, but it's http://www.love-makeup.co.uk :) xxx

  3. You're sooooo gorgeous. Corr, loving all your make-up bargains and those dress look too cute! Love the Scene Core pose ;)

  4. OMG urban decay for under two quid! Thanks for bringing this to my attention x

  5. I love all the dresses and the satchel! I want one!! Also how cute is the outfit you're wearing in the vlog...! So sailor cute...adore it!

  6. Jesus Carla you are adorable. I love your vlogs, you always explain things perfectly, and they always keep me glued!

    Cannot belIEVE that UD sale makeup - shocking!! Bravo for finding :) Also love that goldyluxe powder...i'm such a magpie atm!


  7. I'm really intrigued by those OCC Lip Tars- just wanted to ask, the website says they dry to a lipstick style finish- is that true? I just really hate shiny lipfinishes but from what I can tell this looks quite matte on you, and that would be perfect!Also, did you say the neon pink you're wearing in the video was called Anime? Just can't find it on the website right now but this might just be me being a pleb and not hearing what you said... apologies!
    Thanks for sharing this website with us, I worry for my bank balance!

  8. you're so cute and funny carla, haha I can't wait to see a new one.

    You purchased a lot of nice stuff here! nice!

    muchos love to you!

  9. I could listen to you all day, Carla! You're so cute and friendly and awesomely lovely! Great recommendations, as usual.

    Lots of love xxxx

    ps. you hair ROCKS!

  10. Love that ring!


  11. You have the cutest accent!! <3 Congrats on becoming a partner :)

  12. Oh m gosh this video made my day I love love loved the bloopers. SO funny and cute.

  13. Love your purchases!

    If you really want to buy Stila, you can still get it at www.lookfantastic.com And I think www.hqhair has it too. :)


  14. Loving the make-up but loving your style as well! Bloppers were hilario! :o) xx

  15. You're so cute! I feel a girlcrush coming on, haha! Great video x

  16. Ohhh I love your videos so much! You're just so delightful! I can't find any Urban Decay bargains on that site anymore, grump grump! I really neeeed more Lip Tars. And I agree Goldilux is the best shadow ever. I love the Illamasqua liquid metals for their pretty colours, but yeah they crease like a motherbitch! I set them with powder but it doesn't entirely stop the creasing :/
    I was actually debating getting that satchel from the blogsale for Claire! You swooped in and beat me to it :P
    The bloopers are so delightful, I heart you <3

  17. Great video! I love haul videos - I think everyone seems to. That website is ridiculous - the prices are awesome!

  18. Just found your blog. LOVE IT!!! Your hair is amazing too!