28 February 2011

Outfit Post: No Excuses?

Hey everyone,

Yesterday, Italian Catholic Mother came back from visiting my Aunty Dolly armed with pictures of my aunties as young ladies that had been recently unearthed.

I love old pictures of my aunties, as they were all so glamourous with wide eyes and dark curly hair (my sister inherited their genes!).
One of these days I'm going to have to post some pictures of them here, as they're an inspiring bunch.

Having very little money, they often had to improvise with making their own outfits.
My Aunty Mary for example worked in a theatre, and would often copy designs directly from what the stars were wearing.

I'll save more interesting anecdotes for a whole post about them, but there was one photo that stood out of Aunty Dolly posing in a fabulous pale coat, hat and heels.

Italian Catholic Mother had asked where she was going, dressed up to the nines, and Aunty Dolly replied simply: "Just to the shops. I didn't need an excuse to dress up!"

So feeling inspired, today I dressed up a little more than I usually do for just a shopping trip:

DRESS: Dorothy Perkins.
CARDIGAN: Vintage.
BROOCH: A present.
NECKLACE: Accessorize.
SHOES: Vintage.

I finished off the look by having smoky dark eyes, and applying a slick of my favourite red lipstick - Fire by Chanel.

So what else have I been up to over the past few days?

1: Miss Selfridge has some gorgeous peices in this season, and I'm especially in love with this 1970s inspired shirt.
I felt very chic with it buttoned up to the neck, but I'm struggling to find anything to wear with it as I don't think I suit the cut of cigerette trousers, I never find jeans that fit properly and I rarely wear shorts anymore as I used to live in them during college and university. Hmmm.

2: "Oh Mickey, you're so fine! You're so fine you blow my mind!" I was rooting around a cupboard and found my Minnie Mouse ears from a trip to Disneyland as a child. Can I incorporate them into my everyday wardrobe, please?!

3: Shock horror, I actually painted my nails this week! I'm far too clumsy and impatient to do nail art, so this is as exciting as it gets. The colours are both by Barry M.

Finally, I've just this minute finished watching Lady Gaga's new video for Born This Way.
It's interesting to say the least!
I especially liked the introduction, which is incredibly theatrical and over-the-top (if pretentious) but the song still hasn't won me over. Of course the message is a lovely one.

I really do respect her though for promoting individuality and constantly pushing the boundaries, especially as such a mainstream artist.
For example, I really liked her egg stunt, and I guess the video is carrying on the (re)birth theme, right? Hmm.

Muchos love,

PS: I've added some new items to my shop. Please check them out? xoxo


  1. Love the polka dot dress with the colour of your cardigan and hair! xo

  2. Oh, that outfit is gorgeous! Your aunty sounds fantastic - definitely better than mine, who has zero fashion sense, ahaha.

    And the Minnie ears look too cute on you :)

  3. Oh how i loved Minie Mouseyyy :(
    You're looking cute btw! :)

    Bitchzilla on The loose.

  4. I really don't like Lady Gaga's song, i think it's rubbish. Love the outfit, and that top from DP is lovely xxx

  5. Stunning <3 Love this outfit, that cardi is to die for! x

  6. My Nana was the same, there's photos of her and my Mam and Aunties just relaxing and shes got a big beehive and skirt going on!

    I really wish Minnie ears could be incorporated into every outfit but they suit you very well

  7. Oh wow! You look AMAZING! You certainly dress up well! Gorgeous.

    With the blouse - how about a denim skirt & brogues for a preppy librarian look?

  8. That dress is soo nice! And it looks great on you!

  9. OMG your hair is so red right now! Love it.


  10. i love your dress outfit! so stunning!

  11. I really love the dressed up outfit. You look fab :) x

  12. Your Aunties sound fantastice! And that outfit is great, I love that blue of your cardigan. What's your necklace? It looks like bunnies or lambs? Am I anywhere close? :P
    The other week I decided to dress up just to go to the Co-op. I ended up in polka dot tights, gold and black glittery shorts, a rainbow striped top with a huge bow, pink check jacket and black checked chunky platform shoes. I take overdressing to the extreme babeh!

    I actually collect Mickey Mouse ears! I have about 10 pairs and always just incorporate them into my everyday ensemble XD

    Love that Aqua Barry M!

    I still haven't bothered listening to Lady Gaga's new song. I find her very annoying but like a lot of her songs so i should give it a try. The egg thing just really reminded me of that scene in Spinal Tap though XD

  13. Laura: Thank you! :DD I LOVE clashing bright colours with monocrome. Of course EVERYTHING clashes with my hair! ;)

    Alex: Awwww I have so many aunties on my mother's side and they were so glamourous! I'm going to have to to a proper post about them all soon :) xxxx

    Rach: I still love her - polka dots, pearls and heels! Such a style icon! ;)

    FromGemWithLove: I don't either, I can take or leave her music. xx

    Rai: Awww cheers, it was such a little bargain for £11 from a vintage fair.

    polkadotstripes: One day we should walk through Scumberland with Minnie Mouse ears... :DD

    amonkeyfatshionista: Yeah it'd look fab with brogues!

    Meg: Cheers! :DD xxxx

    Ingrid: It sure it, I topped it up last night and it went super-bright! :)

    Julia: Thanks :) xx

    alliejayne: Thanks love, I'm glad you like! xxx

    Lillian Funny Face: Oh Lillian EVERYONE looks underdressed standing next to you - I actually feel a bit like you in this outfit though! :DD My necklace is a simple one with swallows - it's in the Domino Dollhouse post. :) D'aww you should do a post with all your Minnie ears? :DDD xxxxxxxx

  14. I am in love with these photos! Mind you, I am in love with your blog so that could be another reason to love them!!



  15. Ooh! I have that Dotty P's Polka dot dress! I tried it on and totally fell in love with it :)

  16. What a beautiful outfit on a beautiful girl ;) The anecdotes about your aunties remind me of my grandmother. She always glammed up to go everywhere. I can remember looking at one photo of her in the most beautiful dress, pristine make-up, red lips and heels. I asked her if she was going to a party in the photo she replied 'Oh no dear, I was taking the kids to the zoo'. We definitely need the same mentality these days.

  17. That miss selfridge shirt is amazing! And i love your spotty dress :') x

  18. Love that outfit! Great shopping outfit I think.

  19. Lovely outfit, makes me feel under dressed! I felt the same way about Gaga's new song but I'm slowly coming round, can't wait to check out the video xoxo

  20. the blue cardi looks fab with your red hair!

    I'm not a huge fan of the Gaga song but I like the lyrics

  21. OMG I love the blue of the cardi with your red hair!

  22. Faultless chic and class as usual! I adore the whole ensemble and i love how your hair just makes everything pop! (: xxxx

  23. can't wait to meet italian catholic mother when I come and stalk you

  24. Lovely look! The dress and ears and everything look so great on you!

  25. I'm rubbish at dressing up too, I think being a student has made me lazy about looking 'polished' because you never really have to. I love the contrast of your red hair and the blue of the cardigan.

  26. Oh I want to see photos of your aunty dolly, she sounds fab! I love any excuse to dress up, that's why I always dress really smart for work even though everyone else dresses dead casual haha.

  27. I LOVE dressing up and have been told that I am dressed up with the clothes I wear to uni but I don't care, I love glamming myself up and wearing pretty clothes everyday :) I love that lipstick on you, it matches your hair! :D

    Maria xxx

  28. oh girl!

    1. you rock that hair color
    2. i LOVE you in polkadots
    3. love that you paired it with a bright blue cardi!

    love love love! as usual, of course!

  29. Love the colors, your red hair and your blue cardigan!

  30. You look bloody lovely. Can I just have your hair please?!
    I love days where I've made an extra special effort to look nice (they are rare). I always end up having a much better day.

  31. I love this pic of you, and I totally agree, we shouldn't need an excuse to dress up! I have never been to disneyland and am desperate to go - I want Minnie Mouse ears! I will wear them EVERY DAY. (I was at a fancy dress party once with my friend/colleague, who pointed at a girl in a Minnie Mouse costume and was like 'Sarah, you would wear that to work.')

    Finally YOU ARE SO ADORABLE. Love!

  32. I love the Miss Selfridge blouse :)
    I also find it hard to get jeans that fit just right, I think a lot of women do to be honest - it's a shame!

  33. i LOVE that dress! it looks so great with the blue cardigan :)