23 February 2011

Girl Crush Wednesday #2

Hey everyone,

Oh, is it that time of week already? HOORAH!

So who are we going to be squeeing and fangirling for over the next seven days?

Amandah Wilkinson from Operator Please.

I LOVEEEEEE this band so much - all of their songs just instantly cheer me up.
Amandah is the curvalicious lead singer and guitarist, with a cracking fashion sense and the CUTEST Australian accent.

Songs to check out: Get What You Want, Just A Song About Ping Pong, One Yellow Button, Volcanic, Back And Forth.

Milly from Milly Darling.

Milly is a gorgeous blogger and part-time model from Leeds (via London).
When I discovered her blog, it was a case of INSTANT girl crush! She has a fabulous rockabilly punk look, and I love all of her body modifications.
Funnily enough when I commented revealing my undying love (sort of), I discovered that she reads this blog too! Small world, the blogosphere.

She's also just had her birthday, so go and wish her many happy returns. Teehee!

Willow Rosenberg (Alyson Hannigan) from Buffy The Vampire Slayer.

I'm just starting to rewatch my Buffy boxset again from the start, and my favourite series are definitely the first three, which are set at Sunnydale High School.
Willow is Buffy's loyal best friend who eventually makes the transition from promising science and computer nerd to a powerful (and sometimes dangerous) witch.

Some of the funniest Willow moments are when she interacts with her vampire self from a parallel universe. ("That's me as a vampire? I'm so evil and skanky. And I think I'm kinda gay...")

And that's your lot for this week - if you have any suggestions, as always I'd be love who you're girl crushin' on!

Muchos love,


  1. I love this bit on your blog!! So cool...I'm glad we are embracing our girl crushes :).

  2. I am watching the Buffy boxset from the beginning right now! Such a small world! I do love Willow!!



  3. I've just started my Buffy boxsets from season one too, and I have to agree the first three seasons are the best. I love Willow, and that episode where she meets her vampire self. When they all hug her in the library including Giles...comical!
    Have to say though, my favourite Willow moment is when she's evil - great acting and that dark hair..she looks awesome!
    Love your blog :) Fliss xx


  4. I love it when anyone mentions Buffy! My little geek heart always skips a beat :) Willow is a fantastic character. Joss did such a good job turning her from 'the softer side of sears' to evil to good again! Plus the whole gay storyline, Alyson Hannigan got some great material to play :) xx

  5. I love Buffy and I agree the first 3 series are the best althout The Gift is a great episode. I spent most of my time in maths passing notes with Buffy quotes on "I mock you with my monkey pants" haha

  6. Oh I love Willow! I have such a girl crush on her :) Buffy is the best, I miss it!

  7. Loving the girl love! I haven't watched Buffy for years - I need a fix now xx

  8. I have a girl crush on you! :*

  9. Oh this made me smile so much! This is so lovely, you are an absolute babe! :) <3

  10. I know you are talking about Willow but I love Alyson Hannigan she is a great comedian! How I met your mother is so funny!

    M - Tea for Two ♥

  11. oh wow, I can still remember buffy!! eeek!!!
    [however, I do admit I was more of a Sabrina ttw fan... oops...]


  12. Awww I got a huge smile on my face when you were talking about Willow - She's my favorite!! xx

  13. I've actually had Buffy on the brain for a week or so now. I keep seeing episodes listed on the TV Guide, but I don't want to jump in at the end of it all. I've never actually watched all of the episodes, just caught some on the TV every now and then, and loved them. Now, I thinking I may just need to buy the seasons and watch them. :D

    Great Crushes this week! <3

  14. Funny, so many people have lately been mentioning Buffy everywhere! In just two weeks, I managed to watch most of the seven seasons and while Willow is definitely a great character, I do adore Anya so much!

  15. It's funny that you mention Amandah Wilkinson's Australian accent (I think she's fab too, btw)...she sounds pretty much like me & my friends, so I think nothing of it!

    I love this idea of Girl Crush Wednesdays & am thinking of doing something similar (not exactly the same, I promise) on my own blog. Is this okay?

  16. yay your blog rocks, i did a girl crush post today and someone told me about your blog - i'm now a follower :D have a great weekend xx

  17. I've been watching Buffy season one lately too and loving Willow's geeky dresses :D

  18. Ohhh! I did a similar 'girl crush' post recently! Love sharing brilliant blogs and bands! such a great way to discover new ones. going to check out all of these later. love your blog btw, i am a regular visitor! x