30 January 2011

Who's That Girl?

Hey everyone,

WOW it's been quite a while since I've been this M.I.A from the blogosphere, right?
I've just needed a little break from it - just as I was getting on a bit of a roll too!
No major reason, just lots of little ones. I'm feeling a lot better now though.

I've been up to quite a lot - and thought you'd like to see some photos? Well, alrighty then!

1. Me and my friend Sam are a bit low on funds at the minute, so we keep having to think of creative ways to have fun - as such, we've been frequenting our local museums. This is me and some monkeys at the Hancock museum in Newcastle. (My boss from Pride Radio asked "Why are you behind the glass?" when I showed him this picture. Cheeky.)

2. We love meerkats, so we performed a rousing chorus of the Compare The Meerkat jingle to the displeasure of the other patrons.

3. My nickname at school was Carla Koala as 'Koala' "almost rhymes with Carla" (I sometimes wonder how my friends got into the red brick universities...) and I used to carry a koala-shaped backpack. I was that cool, everyone.

4. Last weekend I ventured to London with my friend Megan, and I had a few hours spare to have a spot of lunch with Lauren of Pocket Rocket Fashion. It was nice to chat about Plus London in person! We had mochas, macaroons and the best brownies I've ever had!

5. I *heartttt* Lauren! :DD

6. Me and Megan went to London for the opening preview of The Children's Hour starring Keira Knightley and Elizabeth Moss. Very gloomy plot, but Keira was just wonderful - what else would we have expected, really?

7. I whipped up some fluffy buttermilk pancakes with crispy bacon and maple syrup, like me and my sister had most mornings when we went to New York. Nom nom nom.

8. There's only six more sleeps until Plus London. I'm sooooo looking forward to it, and love that everyone is getting as excited as I am! :DD

I do love meeting bloggers, as Georgina said on her blog about meetups: "This is one of the best parts of blogging - forget the negative comments, the haters, the weird creepy photoshoppers, having the opportunity to be part of a day like this really makes blogging worthwhile."

There's a few girls who have commented on the events page that they are worried about being shy - and if you're reading this, really don't worry about it!
I've only met a few of the bloggers that will be attending (Lauren, Kat, Steph, Amy and Becky) and there's going to be over SEVENTY of us altogether - so we'll all be in the same boat.

Having said that, me and Lauren will be on the lookout all day for people looking like they're by themselves, so please don't worry!

Also for those attending, I must warn you all I'm not really 'shy' but I'm a bit of an awkward turtle.
Take for example this very accurate interpretation of what happened when I met Lily Melrose:


Anyhoo, I promise I'm going to try my best to get well and truly back on the horse this week.
Yes, by 'horse' I of course mean 'blogging'. I'm a bit scared of horses, actually...they're too big.

Muchos love,


  1. Koala, what a cute nickname, my nickname in high school wasn't cute. They called me Double D, innovative huh? I carried a bright orange (I mean you could stop traffic with it) book bag in high school so no judgment here. I really enjoy going to museums actually, I can never drag my boyfriend to them "too much walking" he says. Pfft.

    Always good to read your entries so glad you're back.

  2. Oh, this is so sweet of you to say. I think indeed many of us are excited but at the same time not really knowing how to mingle. Thank God you guys are watching over us. This is going to be a great event! See y'all soon :D

  3. I've missed youuuuuu. Those pancakes look amazing haha massive craving now so erm, thanks! xx

  4. LOL at the last image! I love your nickname and I'm really looking forward to meeting you. I will also be talking to EVERYONE so no-one has to be afraid!


  5. I can't wait to meet you lady!! Your illustration is adorable. Really want macaroons now!

  6. LOVE it!! Glad you're back and enjoyed your break. The drawing made me giggle :) xxx much looove

  7. Welcome back, have missed you! Ok, where the heck did you get your speech bubble ring?! I love it!

  8. Can't wait to be in London at the meeting! *__*
    Well, I'm quite shy, and English is not my mother language, I hope not to say weird things! XD

  9. I used to have a tigger backpack. When you squeezed his hand he said "gerr wankers!" (he didn't but it just sounded like he did!). Incidentally I was 20 & at a redbrick uni at the time. Oh the irony of students!! Looking forward to getting to meet everyone next wk!

  10. OH GOD THOSE PANCAKES. I didn't make any the other day, but am now in possession of milk and eggs...
    Love the drawing of you meeting Lily, haha! I bet the meet will be awesome! I'd love to attend one one day.
    And I agree about horses - wayyyyy too big. Same with cows.

  11. Ohhh your hair is stunning! Love, love love love love it <3!
    Plus the make up looks great! ^^

    Damn, I want those macaroons.

  12. I really want to see The Children's Hour, mainly for Elizabeth Moss. I love her as Peggy Olsen in Mad Men.

    I used to love the Hancock museum as a kid, it's a bit too modern and high tech for my liking now!


  13. Haha, this post made me giggle multiple times. I'm happy you're back :), and excited to see photos from Plus London. I'm completely jealous of all of you going! Love the picture of you and the monkeys and Lauren is so darling!


  14. plus londdonnnn!! im still worried about being shy... but im also mega excited! just going to have to force myself past my social awkwardness, love the pic of you and lily haha xx

  15. That food looks so good!!! And I hope the meetup will be amazing! :)

  16. Lovely post! :) Koala is such a cute nickname, I love that you had a koala backpack! :D

  17. Oh, I so wish I could be there! I have yet to go to the roman museum in caerleon where my Uni is, you've inspired me to! x

  18. I used to have a koala backpack! I never had the name to go with it, but I was obsessed with koloas, ahaha.
    Good to see you back! :)

  19. Ahaha, love the cartoon with you and Lily Melrose :D I'm looking forward to the pics of PlusLondon!

  20. heheee - that drawing is incredible. I'm definitely an awkward turtle too - fine with people I know, but a complete mute when meeting strangers! Have a fab time at the meet up - i'm sure it's gonna be 'mazin!!!


  21. I love museums. I could wander round them for hours, I really could. Haha, nice nickname. Those macaroons and brownies look to die for! & Those pancakes, corr! I want some (: Hope you have an awesome time at the Plus London get together!

  22. so jealous of yours and laurens hang-outs! I wish i could be there, too! Save a seat for me to attend in spirit, next time.

  23. I wish I could make it to London :( SADFACE I'm glad you're back though Carla, have definitely missed you! Also I absolutely LOVE your eye make up in these pics :D

    Maria xxx

  24. I love hanging around in the natural history museum, stuffed animals are cool, but a bit disturbing :P
    All that food looks amazing!
    I hope plus London goes well, I wish I was less pathetic and could come.
    When I met you you didn't seem awkward at all, but maybe i was so awkward that you seemed like you were super confidant in comparison :P
    And WHERE did you get that ring in the last picture? I NEED IT!

  25. Glad your back to blogging! Looks like you have been having a great time!


    Camilla x

  26. Honeysuck_elle: Double D - awwwww! Awww museum dates are the best, and usually free! :) xxxx

    Mode Plus: Promise we'll be on the lookout for people looking like they're by themselves - be ready for my Northern charm! ;) xxx

    Laura: Pancakes are the best! :)

    Amy: Yayyyyyy I can't wait too meet you too - redheads, represent! ;DD

    Beth ⚓ Anchor of Roses: Awww that's sweet of you to say - and you KNOW I *hearts* you too!

    Pixie: It's from Heidi Seeker :)

    Miria: Please don't worry about that at all! I'm from Italian heritage, but don't know ANY Italian so you'll have to teach me some phrases to impress my relatives! ;)

    Monkey: HA I had a tigger backback too - rawr, how punk?!!

    little lyzi: Horses are just too big and scary! :( I hope I get to meet you sometime, as I really do love your blog. xxx

    Tamara: Aww thanks about the hair comments - it's in need of redying! The macaroons were SOOOO GOOOD!

    Bryden and Harmer: Oh don't worry all the animals and things like that are still there! :)

    Rebecca: HAHA I alays have to pose like a kid with stupid things like that! ;) We're going to another museum this week to expect morer silly pictures...

    sian: We'll take good care of you, honest! :DD xxxx

    thomessa: Haha I do love my food, right? My tumblr is full of it! ;) xxxx

    Gemx: Haha I was such a dork...still am!

    Rai: Hopefully next time we'll be able to see you! :) xxx

    Alex: Me too, ever since I was a kid I was obsessed with Australian animals like dingos, kangaroos and koalas! Hopefully I'll be able to see some in their native country one day! :)

    Meg: Lily is SO sweet! :)

    Danni: Hopefully we'll be seeing you and Maria at the next one? xxxx

    bee.: Thanks :DD xxx

    nicolette: Of course you'll be there in spirit, Nicolette! :DDD xxxx

    Maria: Awww thank you, I think my makeup is quite simple so that's sweet of you to say :) xx

    Lillian: AWWWW don't be silly, you're not pathetic - and I get to see you on the Sunday which is aceeeee! Oh I am awkward, I just cover it with my loud Northern gall... ;) xxxx

    ForeverSweet89: I have, and it's good to be back! :) xxxxx

  27. Glad to see you posting again, can't wait to meet you this weekend!

  28. Ehehehe, nice post, great pics and the last drawing is fun :)

  29. your hair looks fab!
    And those pancakes... YUM!

  30. First of all, THERE IS NO REASON TO BE SHY TO MEET CARLA! Cos Carla is awesome and sweet and bubbly and did I mention awesome?

    And then, look at what I got in the Miss Selfridge Sale Carlita: http://www.missselfridge.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/ProductDisplay?beginIndex=0&viewAllFlag=&catalogId=33055&storeId=12554&productId=2147650&langId=-1&sort_field=null&categoryId=208139&parent_categoryId=208126&sort_field=null&pageSize=40 That was very inspired by your blog, bit excited to be honest.

    Tons of kisses from Berlin,

    Lisa x

  31. the jacket in the first pic is just adorable!!

  32. This looks like such a fun event, never heard of it before! Lovely to see bloggers meeting up, shall be checking out some of their blogs :)

    Stacey xx

  33. Love your blog, you're adorable!! Definitely got yourself a new follower!

    Maybe check my blog out? :D http://fridayisforever.blogspot.com/