12 January 2011

What's In My Makeup Bag...

Hey everyone,

I'm sorry the posts have been a little sparce this week!

For some reason I'm asked quite a lot via email how I do my makeup, especially on my YouTube videos.
I'm flattered, but my makeup is usually quite simple (black eyeliner with a flick and lipstick), and I really don't have a steady hand so I'd be useless at any sort of tutorial.

There's so many fabulous makeup gurus anyway I'd find it a bit pointless.

However I do love talking products, which I don't think comes across a lot in this blog - as again, there are so many fabulous makeup bloggers who are much more clued up than I am.

I thought you might be interested however in checking out my favourite products from my makeup bag:

1. PRIMER: Smashbox.



4. BLUSH: Illamasqua.


6. LIPSTICK: Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics.

7. LIP GLOSS: Stila.

8. LIP BALM: Burt's Bees.

9. NAIL POLISH: Barry M.

10. MASCARA: Urban Decay.

11. EYELINER: Barry M.

12. BRUSHES: The Body Shop.

13. MOISTURISER: Purity.


Of course I always love trying new things, but these are pretty much my to-go favourite products.

Who are your favourite YouTube makeup gurus/beauty bloggers?

My favourites are What Style Is To Nickel, Lauren Luke, xSparkage, and Funny Face's Place amongst lots more!

Muchos love,


  1. Lauren Luke has a great book out which I highly recommend.
    Simple face cleansing wipes are the best! I find that other ones make my eyes burn.
    Lancome artliner and lancome mascaras are a must have item in my make up bag, can't live without them x

  2. My favoutite Youtube gurus are Pixiwoo and Pixi2woo :) Could (& have!) spend hours watching their tutorials!


  3. I love Lauren Luke i have been watching her videos for aaaaaaages!!! :D


  4. lollipop26 is brilliant (and from the uk, which helps with finding products mentioned without selling a kidney to afford postage) on hiatus atm, possibly gone for good. her archives are probably worth a read, though.

  5. Love the pixiwoo girls, I could watch them all day! I use a few of those products too and I love them - especially Illamasqua blushes :) xo

  6. I get all my brushes from The Body Shop too, so much love :) Is Illamasqua worth the money? I really want to try them!

    I'm going to add to the Pixiwoo love too <3

  7. i totally like the urban mascara! My fave mascara of all time is benefit badgal :) but you definitely can't beat mac for the eyes! Jules :)

  8. I do love Illamasqua blushers. My favourite gurus are Pixiwoo :)

  9. Oooh some lovely linkages there! Always nice to see what other people carry round- I'm pathetic and always forget to take any make up with me!



  10. I would so have to say rosebud143(Rose Russo) and MissJessicaHarlow as being my absolute favorites!

  11. I love Stila lip glosses. I picked up a few in Sephora in NYC and they're so good!

  12. Aww thank you so much for mentioning me :) aren't you lovely? OCC liptars are just the best aren't they? And what shade are you in Illamasqua foundation? None of them work for me :/
    On youtube I love Pixiwoo and Mizzchievious.
    Written blogs i love include legothique.com , phyrra.net and killercolours.blogg.se/

  13. Oh and Illamasqua blushers are my favourites too :)

  14. I love Vintage or Tacky. Her tutorials are good and she is also funny. :)

  15. Wow, great make up collection :)
    My favourite make up brand is Kiko, it's really cheap and its products have got a good quality.


  16. I really like Vintageortacky on Youtube, she's taught me a lot!

  17. I love all the MAC eyeshadows and mascara's as well as nepolian perdis, which is an Australian brand, but brillant! Also a little less expensive then MAC. I loved the disney villan range from MAC, too, had some great "dark" summer coulours, unfortunatly I only got a hold of a lipstick, which cost an arm and a leg, but so worth it. I also have to add to the love of Pixiwoo and now yourself too :)http://lifeofacurvychic.blogspot.com/

  18. Oooh, I love seeing what other products people wear. I'm going to have to find a new foundation soon as mine is discontinued so I need to start gathering recommendations! That Barry M nail polish is amaze. Oh and I love Stila lipglazes!

  19. Hi Carla, another Carla here :D my favourite youtube makeup videos would have to be pixiwoo and camiloveskiwi! The smashbox Primer is apparently really good, their s/s 11 collection is gorgeous! Really awesome blog btw :) X

  20. ohhh I just found some stuff I need to try.

  21. definitely pixiwoo, petrilude and jazziebabycakes :))

  22. Hey, I had that Big Fatty Mascara by Urban Decay once! I mainly got it because I liked that packaging and design lol, but anyway... what I was actually going to say was, "Go you!" I think it's awesome that you're doing a fashion blog and that you're comfortable in your own skin ("A Fashion Blog in Size 16". Love the artwork, too- reminds me of Betsy Johnson illustrations). I tried starting up a fashion blog once but never went through with it because I got frustrated with how I looked in pictures. I'm a size 16 at 5"8 and 185 pounds, so I'm not FAT fat but I can't fit into most junior clothes and I look huge in pictures. Then with the likes of skinny fashion bloggers from Sea of Shoes and The Cherry Blossom Girl, I felt like I definitely couldn't do a fashion blog because I'm fat... Thank you going out on the limb and doing this fashion blog despite it all! :)