1 December 2010

(Updated) Red Hair: How To & Upkeep!

Hey everyone,

If you follow me on Twitter and YouTube, you'll know that I re-dyed my hair bright red.

It was nice enough before, but wasn't as bright and vibrant as I wanted. So I decided to start all over again and get the candy apple/cherry red colour I've always wanted.

So instead of making this a reallyyyyy long post, I've made two videos on how I did my hair.

The first is all about choosing the right shade of red, and of course how I dyed my hair and which products I used:

And the second has lots of information on keeping red hair really bright and vibrant:

My blog gets a lot of hits from people Googling for red hair tips, and a lot of emails and comments asking what I use - so hopefully this will be of some help.

I'll be adding this to my original red hair entry from back in May.

Muchos love,


  1. I wish I could have red hair but it just doesn't suit me. I love the shade you have. It looks great on you!

  2. Now that would be one amazing forklift. I WHIP MY HAYURRR BACK AN FO'
    Fingers crossed for the intriguing internship!!


  3. u answered my prayers! Werid because I was scared to dye my hair, not anymore :)

  4. I love your hair, it suits you so well :)
    Ohh I had to go to one of those back to work sessions too - although luckily mine didn't try and suggest ridiculous jobs to us haha

  5. Kat: Awww loads of people say that - but I really do believe there's a shade of red that suits everyone! :) Thanks so much, though xxxxxx

    Danni: WOULDN'T IT? I'd ride it up and down my street all day just because I could! ;DD And thanks for keeping your fingers crossed, it's just something I'm looking into for next year since there's no decent jobs going at the moment, and I'll regret it when I'm older! :) xxxx

    Moya2bean: Oooh good luck! I've dyed my hair since I was about 12 and no real disasters yet! ;) Best of luck, and let me know how it turns out? xxxxxxxxx

    Samantha: Awww thanks so much. Yeah, it was forklift driver, asbestos remover...then the guy turned to me and the three other girls in the room (about 15 guys) and said "or there's childcare or care work..." I wanted to punch him! xxxxx

  6. The new red looks so good! And that photo made me smile, too funny!

  7. I really love the vibrancy of your hair! mines is a muted red right now and I would love to go a really bold colour but its not allowed at my work, boo :(


  8. I love that Red on you, very rich.
    I'd also want to paint my forklift pink, can't believe they give you those options with your qualies. What a joke.



  10. wow, your hair is AMAZING, I want that colour! It looks so shiny and healthy too, if I did that to my hair it would probs just fall out after 15 years of colouring it constantly! x

  11. Wicked hair. I'm going back to red and know all the stuff. But I was wondering do you ever bleach your roots or do you just do a full head bleach every 6 months? x

  12. i love your red hair! I'm too a redhead - very dark auburn shade (and my colour does fade even though I use nicky clarke redhead shampoo and pantene redhead conditioner (that I picked up from the 99p store)) and I'm definitely going to try that john freda (spelling?!) glossy conditioner glaze thing to get my hair brighter - naturally!

    I spend around £85 on my hair every two months via going to the hairdresser and getting it done professionally (i got told off by my hairdresser for dying my hair platinum blonde back in the day and totally ruined my hair), and I just love being a redhead, I'm never going back to blonde - I get great comments being a redhead and everyone prefers me darker!! thanks for the tips! x

  13. Being out of work sucks! Are you signed up for JSA? I don't think I can because I had to leave my last job for medical reasons (you can DM or tweet me a reply if it's easier @anchorrose_) I can't wait to get a job but I just never hear back :( I'm going to watch those hair vids after my food :) xxx

  14. Make me want to dye my hair immediately! I think these are very good tips, not only for red hair... I used manic panic a lot for my pink or blue or violett parts of my hair and they are really great and easy just to put in for 15 minuts tu fresh the colors up abit!

  15. Hi Carla,
    I took your advice from your original hair colour post. I started using John Frieda, and once a fortnight I touch up my roots using Fudge mixed with a colour enhancing mask. I'm so much happier with my hair now, it's really worth the extra money and time.
    Thank you!
    xx Katie.

  16. Hi Carla,

    I too use the Real Red colour, I had my hair lightened a few months ago and it went pretty much bright orange after putting Real Red on!! I did get used to it but then when I re-dyed a couple of weeks later it obviously went darker.

    Since then I have not bleached it at all, but it seems so dull and lifeless. I re-do the Real Red every 4 weeks religiously. The candy apple red colour you have got your hair to now is the exact colour i've wanted mine for years.

    I was just wondering... You say you used the Real Red and then Manic Panic over the top? Will you dye with Real Red again.. and then Manic Panic again? Or just use Manic Panic every few weeks on its own all the time?

    I am thinking of doing the exact same that you have done to get it brighter and more red than 'orangey'. But I just don't know how to go about it when it needs re-doing every few weeks!

    Thank you, Samantha xx

  17. Samantha: Yep as you can see from the first video my hair went orangey-red too with just the real red. I top up with the Manic Panic when I feel like the 'cherry' red colour is fading every couple of weeks. Then when my roots begin to show I'll just top up with Real Red. I'll bleach again in six months when a good few inches of my hair has grown out! :)

    Hope this has helped! :) xxxxx

  18. I am also out of work and it does indeed suck.

    Love your hair, takes me back to "back in the day" when I use to use Manic Panic over newly-dyed red. I never did bleach my hair before hand. Too bad, it would probably come out even better.

    Do you rebleach every time you recolor your hair? Or just every few months?

  19. Hi Carla, i love your blog its great.I have bright red hair, i use Directions pillar box red, it causes me alot of comments, alot of the time its good things but i do get some funny looks and comments too.Just wanted to say that i had never heard the trick about putting abit of colour in your shampoo,i might have to try that, doesnt it get messy when washing your hair? or i suppose its goes into the shampoo does it. Also wanted to ask you with the manic panic colours does the colour come off on everything like for example with me, the coller and the top of my tops, cardigans etc where my hair touches, goes red, my nails go red, every colour nail varnish i wear gets tingued red.Have you got any tips on how i could stop this happening. Also your hair looks lovely this colour. Gem xx

  20. hey!!!!!!!!!! how light did you bleach your hair to get it that bright?

  21. @msmonster All the info is in the video :) x

  22. hi, I have red hair and currently use crazy colour...
    what shade of directions did you use as I've heard it's also very good at making hair shiny :)

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  24. You said you only bleach your hair twice a year but what about the roots? Do you bleach them monthly?