26 December 2010

Sparkly Christmas Jumper.

Hey everyone,

So yesterday was Christmas, I don't know if you'd heard?
I had a lovely day, full of eating and lazing about - which is what the holiday season is all about for me and my family.

This is what I wore:

JUMPER: Topshop.
DRESS: New Look.
RINGS: Accessorize and Miss Selfridge.
SHOES: Office.

POINT OF FASHION: Sparkly and festive!

Santa was kind enough to leave the jumper and shoes under the tree for me!
I've always wanted a snazzy, cuddly jumper - and it's just perfect. And VERY stretchy too, so if you're a few sizes bigger, the 16 should fit you fine!

I was very spoilt by the big man in the red suit (aka: Italian Catholic Mother and dad):

"He" also brought me some Illamasqua makeup, baking stuff (including a pinny and mold to make GIANT cupcakes), a clutch shaped like lips to match my shoes, Bill Bailey's new DVD, and lots of chocolate.
My sister paid attention to my hinting and got me this clutch I've wanted for AGES from Accessorize.
My uncle was also very kind also got me some Vivienne Westwood purfume and the QI annual.

And a few more pictures from yesterday:

1. Every Christmas Eve, we get a new pair of pyjamas. I LOVE these with a gingerbread men design from Primark.

2. Our collective alcohol-related presents. "Merry" Christmas, indeed.

3. As a silly little gift in my stocking, Italian Catholic Mother bought me 'monkey.' If you're not from the UK, he's the face of PG Tips tea.

If you celebrated, I hope you had a wonderful day.
And if you didn't - I hope you enjoyed a nice peaceful Saturday!

Muchos love,


  1. I have that jumper in cream! It's perfect for Christmas. Also, totes jealous of those gingerbread pjs!! Glad you had a fabulous day, you lovely you xx

  2. That jumper is really lovely! I saw the cream and gold version in store a few weeks ago, kicking myself for not buying it :) I'm a new follower, just thought I'd say hi x

  3. That jumper is lovely! You look great, glad you had a nice day:)

  4. Matching pyjamas! I love the design, aww.

  5. SUCH cute shoes! I'm glad you had a lovely christmas xxx

  6. I got those same pjs from my auntie! Aren't they adorable? :D I also got a penguin nightdress from Primark from my mum :P

  7. omg we get christmas pyjamas on christmas eve too!!! haha- love shared traditions. And yours are adorable.
    Love your sparkly jumper, almost as much as that insane amount of booze ;D


  8. Lovely outfit :)
    the jumper is gorgeous- and very festive indeed

  9. Which VW perfume did you get?

  10. Helen: Oooh I love the cream/gold too - it's gorgeous! I like the teal with my silly red hair! :DD xxxx

    Dani: Thanks for following, Dani! :) You may be able to find the jumper in the sale now? xxxx

    Georgina Doull: Thanks, darling xxxxx

    Teen Dreams: I love it too, so sweet! xxxx

    Rai: Can't wait to post a proper post with the matching fabulously tacky bag... ;)

    SkellyBones: They're SO cute, I adore Primark pyjamas. So warm, but cheap! :) xxx

    Danni: Haha I know it's mental how much booze we all got - cocktails soon, methinks! ;) xx

    Steph0188: Thanks, I'm so glad you like it! :DD xxxxxx

    sarah: I got Boudoir, as I'm all out of mine. My sister got Naughty Alice, which is fabulous too - and comes with a bracelet! xxxx

  11. HEHE I love the gingy's PJ. I thought I was the only one to get pj's on xmas eve but apparently,thanks to twitter and blogs, EVERYBODY does !
    I love the Vivienne Westwood too!!!
    A bientot :)

  12. You look wonderful in your fab sweater honey :) I love your neckless too! I look forward to meeting you in London :)

    enjoy the rest of your christmas :)

    <3 Anika

  13. That jumper is so sparkly and pretty!! Hope you had a great time!

  14. Cute jumper! If only they had Topshop in Melbourne...

  15. gahhh jumper looks so awesome with your hair!

  16. I am loving your jumpers and your pj's are so cute! x

  17. I love your necklace and your jumper! It looks so warm and cosy! :)

  18. Love the sparkly jumper! How Festive :) and I just love your hair colour, it looks great on you!

  19. I love that jumper! And you hair is looking FAB Carla!

  20. bring along that bottle of Jack with you, I bring the coke with me and we gone have loooots of fun! :D

  21. I love your coordinates :D Super fab!

  22. I love all of this! The jumper is adorbs, and oh, those PJS! I am going to get them as soon as I get to a Primark, so cute!

    I also love your boozy presents, I got a massive bottle of Smirnoff, clinkyclinky!

  23. wow! that's a lot of booze!
    Love the jumper, I saw the cream version on the one show before christmas, Alex was wearing it and then they swapped and Chris Evans ended up wearing it, its here infact!

    Glad you had a lovely christmas!

    wendy x

    p.s. bit late but love the hair colour!

  24. Hi Carla, love your outfit its lovely, your necklace is really cute,and i love the shoes so cute and kitsch, i love kitsch.I have similiar pair of shoes mine are the pale blue with red puffed heart on.You look really nice.I had some new pjs to wear christmas eve similiar to yours but mine are the fleece ones and the bottoms have a white background and same gingerbread pattern on them i think they are so cute, and they are soo comfy.looks like you had some lovely things for christmas.Glad you had a great time. xx