29 December 2010

ASOS Sale Picks.

Hey everyone,

So Christmas is over as quickly as it came, but we're still reeling from it in my household: still living on leftover party food and biscuit selection boxes.
Can't complain though!

I've also been having a bit of a rummage through the online sales.
There's no way I could ever go to the shops during this time - I can't even shop on a busy Saturday, let alone now!

Dorothy Perkins was a bit of a let-down, and Accessorize had almost no stock online.

Also, I put loads of stuff from River Island in my basket, but when I went to the checkout the entire site went down, and by the time it was back up most of the things I had chosen had sold out! It wasn't worth paying for a top that was around the same price as the postage! (Le sigh...)

Rant over!
But as always ASOS' sale is very good, and I've found myself some lovely little bargains:

I also bought the Beth Ditto heart cardigan from Evans that I've wanted ever since the collection was launched, but hadn't been able to justify paying nearly £40 for it.

Also, you know how at the end of every entry I like to post a little about what I've been up to? I really love doing this, and giving you a little insight as to what I'm up to outside the blogosphere.

I liked how the three-picturs at the end looked in my last post, so I'm going to try my best to make this a regular feature.
It'll also give me a opportunity to use my lovely new camera more and more.
I'm still working my way around all the settings, so it'll all be good practice.

So the last few days...

1. Oh, there's nothing more satisfying than a new lipstick is there?
I got two new ones for Christmas: Maneater by Illamasqua and Stormy Pink by Revlon.

2. Last night was the annual get-together me and my friends from school have every year.
This is the gorgeous Sarah telling a very rude joke. Her new years' resolution is to start her makeup blog up again, so please check it out!

3. I was rummaging through an old cupboard and found my old Game Boy, so wasted an hour on Tetris.

Speaking of resolutions, I haven't really given them a thought this year.
In the past I've made a list of ten things to improve, then given up mid-Feburary.

But last year my only resolution was to teach myself to cook and bake.
Honestly last January I couldn't even boil an egg properly - now it's December I've made lots of yummy meals and have found a new passion and hobby.

Hmmm, as for 2011 I'll have to get back to you come the first...

Do you guys have any plans for New Years?
Usually ours are very quiet - I stay home with the family, watch Jools' Annual Hootenanny, (kind of like the UK's version of Dick Clark's New Years Rockin' Eve) eat nibbles and wait for Big Ben to stike twelve.
But this year there may be a fun party to go to which will be a nice change!

Hootenanny! Hootenanny!

Muchos love,


  1. I think I'm having a quiet one this year - I hate New Year and never had a night in myself, there's always been family and friends around so I'm going to try and make this a "Me-time NYE" I reckon.

    Looks like you found some great sales things in ASOS. I got a couple of things myself but one of the dresses I bought, although I love it, is FAAAARRR too short. Not sure how that happened considering the model in the picture was like six inches taller than me and it looked fairly decent lengthed on her...

  2. I called my sister's Nintendo DS with a camera-whatsit a "Game Boy" the other day. She was so confused. And I felt very very old :/

  3. river island WAS crap this year online. bag humbug! glad you got some goodies in the ASOS sale though x

  4. is that a black, peter pan collar cardigan? swoon! x

  5. uh, i had the exact same Game Boy...memories :)


  6. Game boy! it was my first (and only) videogame, but I didn't have enought patience to go though all the levels of the games...

    for New Year I will have a dinner with some friends and then will go to a disco... it seems it will be a nice evening, or at least I hope so!

  7. I love hearing what bloggers get up to, so def keep it up!
    And more pics of retro games are always a winner - yay tetris!!!

    Have a fab new year whatever ur doing, I'll be round a friends house attempting to make cocktails and listening to some wonderfully cheesy music XD


  8. Quiet one for me too this year! Staying in with the boy getting drunk on champagne. Bliss.

    Love that sequin collar cardi! x

  9. I braved the shops in Cardiff over 3 days, got some fab bargains. Online is def easier but I like to try on and 'feel' things!
    Have a lovely NYE

  10. I really want to browse the asos sale, but I must stop myself from spending any more cash!!



  11. I think ASOS and maybe New Look have been the only good sales. Everywhere else is just rubbish or out of stock. I love the Beth Ditto cardigan :D

  12. I always find it really silly how fast things go out of stock in online sales (or are only available in a 6...) but those seem like some good finds!

    Those lipstick shades look lovely also :)

    Hope you have a happy new year


  13. Hey Carla, it looks like you got some nice things in the sale.Il just be staying in NYE and we will be watching hootnanny.Hope you have a good new years eve hun.xx

  14. Lisa - agreed - seen so much good stuff in a size 6. Gosh darn! Also, agreed on the Gameboy thing! Haha! I'm off to play Tetris (not true - I'm off to bed!)

  15. I'm really digging the peter pan collar top and the dress! good buys. I've never bought anything from ASOS before, but I really love that they have free shipping to the states! How is the sizing for their plus size stuff?

  16. I love the ASOS sale, but never buy anything online...! (I prefer to touch/feel clothes & try them on first, though....) and I also love the retro gameboy and tetris - takes me back to my childhood! x

  17. My River Island sale was quite good this year! I got a cloche hat that I will probably NEVER wear, but I love it anyway. But my favourite sale is Wilkinson's. Christmas decorations for 25p, Carla! 25p!! Also the New Look shoe sale looks epic but I can't spend any money until I get paid in 2 weeks. SOB.

    Happy New Year! I hope you've had a fantastic 2010 and wish you a 2011 of epic proportions!

  18. Here in Turin (Italy) sales will start on 6th January, too late, I think :)

    I read your blog since some month and I like it a lot! Happy New Year and Good Luck!

    Sara (http://sides.splinder.com)