8 November 2010

OUTFIT POST: Panda Girl!

Hey everyone,

Finallement! It's been aaaaages since I've done a proper Outfit Post.
I was a bit off a few weeks ago, and this week I caught a cold after coming back from London.

Anyhoo, on to the post:


River Island.
SHORTS: Dorothy Perkins.
HAT: River Island.
SCARF: Vivienne Westwood.
MITTENS: Accessorize.
SHOES: Primark.
POINT OF FASHION: Cosy Panda Girl!

I know, I know everybody and their next door neighbour has a silly hat from River Island.
But I got mine last year, and one of my first posts was about it so I still do love it muchly!

If you follow me on Twitter, you may have already seen me wearing this get-up, and looking rather bundled.

I was on my way to a fireworks display at South Shields beach, which is freezing cold even in Summer. So because I'm just getting better now, I really had to wrap up warm.

I'm also hiding my nose (well, the septum) as I'm still having a bit of Rudolph action going on there. Hmph!

I came downstairs after getting ready, and my dad said "Bloody hell, Captain Scott wore less than he went to the Antartica. Also, you're wearing that silly hat again?"
Personally, I think dad is just jealous he doesn't have a panda hat.

Finally, this is my FAVOURITE advert at the minute.
When it came on during Saturday night's X Factor (which I found incredibly dull - anybody else think so?) I couldn't stop laughing!


I want that little guy's action figure now - can't wait to see my mam's face when I ask for one as a stocking filler. She'll think I've finally lost the plot.

The description on the website is so funny too: "When he is angry, he is really angry. He'll stamp his feet and roar at others, but no-one pays him any attention." Awwww!

Muchos love,

EDIT: I can't BELIEVE I almost forgot to tell you guys - me and Daniel are back on the radio this Sunday!

We first began presenting on Pride Radio for a few weeks over the summer to co-incide with Northern Pride. But the station now has a permanent home (snuggled in the middle of the gay scene) which we're all so excited about!

So we're back a little earlier than last time, on SUNDAY 14th NOVEMBER 2pm-4pm GMT.
I'll post some reminders on here and Twitter, so please tune in if you can.
There's going to be fabulous pop music, pre-X Factor eviction banter and our regular celebrity snark.

Also, please give the website a clicky-clicky, and also my darling friend/co-presenter Daniel's blog Silly Old Daniel Says...


  1. I don't care if everyone else has a silly hat, I still want a panda hat soooooo bad!
    Pandas are my fave animals ever <3

  2. Lovely fireworks pics, they can be so hard to capture. Shoes look cute too!

  3. I don't blame you for all your layers. I wrap up like crazy during the winter! I also have a panda hat from last year. They're so much nicer than some of the weird animal hats they're bringing out these days :/

  4. Gorgeous coat, you look very cosy indeed lol


    I feel I need that hat badly but it wouldn't look nice one me! you're so pretty.

    PS. yeah, shields beach is always cold, I do love it though...Last time I was there I was really smart and feel in the pond in the park.

    xxx Simone

  6. According to my boyfriend I'm a Panda...therefore all my Christmas presents last year revolved around them, I have this hat too :) LOVE IT! My best friend always question whether I actually plan to wear it when I'm with her and of course I do!
    Love your blog by the way :)

    Belle xxxxx

  7. I asked for the matching Panda mittens for my birthday.... I'll be 31.... Ha ha!

    xxx Maddie

  8. Aww fireworks. I'm still gutted I missed the ones here.

    Love the outfit - especially the hat!

  9. Even if you're bundled, at least you're warm. I think River Island have a knack for lovely coats - I got mine there this year and I had a really difficult time picking!


  10. hahaha I love that advert to it's genius!

    You look adorable all bundled up like that seriously I go out all you see is a walking heap of clothes... I'm not good in cold weather!

    and if your dad thinks your panda hat is silly, he should see mine:
    Pretty much like I've decapitated a toy panda, it's ridiculous but I love it <3

  11. Love this. Especially the coat and shoes.

  12. You look SO cute! And cosy is definitely the way to go...I have been layering up like no tomorrow! :) Danni and I went to London which was AMAZING :) I love that toy too- I will be so jealous if you get one :O Yay for you and Daniel too- I will be definitely tuning in :D

    Maria xxx

  13. Yeah I was going to use the word 'cosy' on you before I saw that you have labelled yourself the cosy panda girl but you look adorable and very warm! Wish I could be cold to make myself cosy like that .. weird but true!

  14. Oh I love that River Island hat, they have some different ones now. May get my mum one, oh the fireworks look so pretty :)

  15. I wish I lived around people who made references to Captain Scott!

  16. Love all your layering! And love the fireworks pics!

    Just came across your blog!