11 November 2010

'Tis the Season to PARTY!

Hey everyone,

As the holiday party season is creeping up on us, with lots of dates for work functions and reunions being penciled in diaries everywhere - I hit the shops looking for some fabulous party dresses!

My go-to place for fabulous dresses has always been Dorothy Perkins. I just find the cuts fit me very well, and I was very impressed with their stuff online. So here's some changing room pictures:

1: The 'TOO-SHORT' dress.

To give Dorothy Perkins their due, this is advertised as a 'tunic' and on the website is paired with some skinny jeans and heels.
But I don't really do jeans (especially not on a night out!) so I tried this on as a dress, and it would be SO cute if it was just a few inches longer. I know I'm a Geordie, but even we have boundaries...
Oh, and this is also available in cream.

2: The fugly/cute dress.


When I saw this on the hanger I had to try it on, because it looked rather hideous. But the joke was on me, as when I popped it over my head...I really liked it!
Don't judge on the horrendous picture - I didn't know how to show you the fabulous sleeves any other way.

This is so not my usual style, but I decided to branch out and bought it.
I promise to post a much more flattering photo soon, with it all styled up.

(EDIT: I later returned this, just changed my mind! :))

3: The ONE! aka: The sparkly Christmas dress.

I love sparkle and shimmer at Christmas, so fell in love with this dress at once! It's very flattering, and I love the massive sleeves. Last year I was all about statement shoulders, this year is statement sleeves.

When I showed Italian Catholic Mother, she thinks it's "a bit too short" - but I think it's just right in proportion to my height. An inch or two longer and it may have looked a little frumpy.

So what are you guys going to be wearing over the party period?

Muchos love,

(PS: I'm in no way affiliated with Dorothy Perkins - I just love their stuff!)


  1. The sparkly dress looks gorgeous on you and pairs super well with the shoes you're wearing! Love it :)
    I also love the face you're making taking a pic of you haha
    Lisa x

  2. LOVE that 3rd one. I've got a similar one from New Look that I can't stop wearing. It's just plain lace though, no sparkles.

  3. http://www.dorothyperkins.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/ProductDisplay?beginIndex=0&viewAllFlag=&catalogId=33053&storeId=12552&productId=2071150&langId=-1&sort_field=Relevance&categoryId=228107&parent_categoryId=226988&sort_field=Relevance&pageSize=20&refinements=Size{1}~[20]&noOfRefinements=1

    sorry for the long link haha :) this is my christmas party dress (well hopefully) i'm going to wear it with patterned tights,

    dorothy perkins dresses are nearly always perfect for me as well just dont wash the lace ones in overly warm water or they'll shrink, haha

  4. All of those dresses are gorgeous! It's a shame the first one is a little too short. I'm one for short things but I think my boyfriend would kill me if I bought that tunic and wore it with bare legs. I'm 5ft10 so apparently short things attract attention! I'm totally gunna have to take a trip to DP's! Lovely post.

  5. I love the one that you bought - the sleeves are gorgeous! Love, love, love it!!

  6. The first dress looks lovely but the 3rd is def the best, good buy!
    I go crazy at Christmas (my wardrobe looks like a sequin tunnel!)
    *My blog giveaway closes on Saturday*

  7. I LOVE that 2nd dress, I don't blame you for loving it haha.
    Nice picks! xo

  8. I really like it. And I also love the middle one, anything with kimono sleeves is a winner by me.


  9. that last one is simply marvelous! yes yes yes! good call! xo

  10. Ooh I love Dorothy Perkins too! By the way, cute shoes!

  11. They all look great on you! I have been scanning DP for good holiday dresses for almost a month and I was undecided about which ones would look good. Then I see this and they all look good on you!

    Unfortunately for DP I found this today via facebook:


    I plan on dressing it up with sparkly accessories and doing some glam hair and makeup. you should check that site out they have beautiful plus size clothing. I haven't bought anything yet so I don't know what the quality or fit is like but I plan to check it out.

    Yay for the holidays!

  12. carla, you look amazing in the "right one" also the 2nd one is divine! haha, i would wear that right now if i could! though im tucked up in bed watching buffy, so it might not be the right time and place haha! x

  13. I love the last two so much, I totally want to go and see what the second one is like in person because I adore the sleaves but it looks really high-necked and high-neck pieces do not suit me at allll!


  14. I love the cute/ugly one! Think I might have to make a trip to DP

  15. Fab dresses! I found some stunning Christmas dresses in Topshop today but with a week to go till payday I was unable to indulge!

    Shopping is penciled in for next week :D


  16. Love the first one, such a shame it's too short. Your pick is lovely though :)
    urgh, xmas gives me a headache with all the new 'pretty' things I have to find. For my works do I have my eyes on a Next one shoulder number, need to see it in person first though xx

  17. lol I was just browsing the three pictures of dresses and when seeing the third one I told to myself: "Yeah, this is Carla." and then I read 'THE ONE' above the picture :)) It looks great on you!

  18. I love the third one! Might even have a look at that for myself over the Christmas season!

    I got a dress from New Look in August and I only wore it once, to a party that was completely seperate from the friends I'll see at Christmas (it was in a completely different area of the country too!) so I was thinking I'd re-wear it. It's a grey marbled type print, I don't really know how to describe it, but it's kind of got a 90s/grunge look and a skater skirt - I'm thinking it'll look good with some black wedge boots!


  19. Omg I love your style! Soo inspirating! :) Your blog is amazing too!

  20. Love 'the one'! Looks amazing on you :)

  21. I actually really like the second one! xo

  22. I actually love the first dress! It is quite short though, haha. I'll definitely be browsing DP for my christmas dresses this year!

    Kyrie x

  23. I personally love all o them but tha one tht best fits you is the last one have funn muah

  24. They all look fab - but you've definitely made a good choice with 'the one'; perfect style AND sparkly..it's a win win!


  25. Hola amor!

    the second one looks great on you! is my favorite dress of all of them!

    happy shopping!

  26. hei,

    I've just started reading your blog a few days ago. And I have to say that you write in a very cool way, so that it is really entertaining for me to read it. AND (!!!) you seem very, very happy and cute on almost all your pictures. Reading your blog made my day a bit better. Thank you :)

  27. I like the 2nd one as well but I think the 3rd one looks great on you!

    (where is your belt from I want it!)

  28. I really love the pattern on the bottom of the first dress! The third one definitely looks good on you!

    For this season, I'll be getting out my staple black dress that I bought at H&M two years ago. It does have bat wings as well and reaches my knees just barely. It's very versatile with jewellery and scraves and different shoes :)

  29. lisali: Hehe thanks :) xxxx

    Helen: Ooh I love lace too, though. But I have to have sparkles in the winter ;) xxx

    aroselikethis: I love that too - but I don't think I'll suit velvet. I bet you'll look loooosh though :) xxx

    bee.: Haha I wouldn't care what my bf says, I'd wear it anyway ;) xxxx

    dinkumpink: They're so fabulous! :) xxx

    LaraLainThatsMyName: Me too, it's a great excuse to get loads of pretty dresses!

    Gazel M.: Thanks hun :)

    Kelly: Hehe, ace! xxx

    kaelah beauregarde: Yay, I love it too :) xxx

    Mez: Awww thanks, they're just Primark a few years ago ;)

    Elsa Weatherwax: Oooh that looks fabulous - I don't suit wrap dresses, they never nip my waist properly :( But I bet you'll look gorgeous! xxxxx

    lois mae: But Buffy is wonderful too! Except the last series, which is just silly ;)

    Lucy: Hmmm, it's not TOO high necked as it's a little scooped :)

    Sorcha: Yayyy, do! :) xxxx

    Katiecakes: Oooh lovely - I adore Topshop dresses, but they don't like my big bum ;) xxx

    Steph0188: I like Next's party dresses too - sometimes their collection can be a little frumpy, but when they get it right they REALLY get it right :) xxxx

    Meg: Awww that's sweet :) xxxx

    Laura: Ooh that sounds fab, I love the neo-grunge look.

    Nina K: Awww thanks so much, that means a lot :DD xxxxxxxx

    Emma Jade: Thanks so much! xxxx

    Victoria India: Me too, it looks MUCH better in person :) xxx

    kyrie: Yayyy, let me know if you get anything - I love any excuse to talk pretty dresses ;) xxxxx

    PLUZ SIZE GIRLIE!!!: Awww thanks :) xxxx

    Danni and Maria: Deffos win win! I did buy the second one too :)

    Deirdre: Hola! Yeah I love it too :)

    AnaBanana: Aww thanks so much for saying that - that's really sweet :DD xxxxxxxxx

    Michelle: Yeah I bought the 2nd and 3rd one. My belt was from New Look earlier this year! :) I wear it with EVERYTHING as it's cute and so comfy! xxxx

  30. Yes the third one is so lovely! And the 2nd one is cute. I love sleeves like that! :)

  31. Luv all the dress especially the first and last one. I actually think you get away with first one being so short since you were wearing tights with them. Either way they're all cute!!!

  32. I absolutely want to rip that last dress off of you! I adore it! How are you? Your blog makes me smile and these outfit bits are too cute!

    I really want that dress!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. theplussideofme: Me toooo! :) xxxx

    Moxie Chick: Yeah perhaps, it did look shorter in real life. It's still so cute though! :)

    MarieDenee: Awww thanks :) xxxxxxxxxx