6 October 2010

What's In My Bag?

Hey everyone,

Somebody requested that I do a more talky-talky video, since my last two are silent picture-style.

I've attempting to do this What's In My Bag video for aaaages now - but I've finally loaned my sister's camera which has a rather good movie function on (*steals*) and it's now live! Yeyyy!

This is the most comfortable I've felt so far in a video (I blame my years as a TV, film and Radio production student for this...), so hoorah for progress!

Apologies if any of you struggle with my accent.
I'm from a town inbetween Newcastle and South Shields so my accent can be a little thick at times. But I like to pretend I am Cheryl Cole whyyy ayeeee.

Haha, so I hope you enjoy the video - if you have any requests for other videos (or even just something else you'd like to see on the blog) please please let me know.
I do take all your views on board, and I'd love to hear about what you'd like to see here!

If you'd like to subscribe to my YouTube channel, please feel free.
Although I will post most of my videos on here - there's just bits and bobs on there that haven't made it to the blog (such as one of the TV projects I did at university).

Muchos love,


  1. your accent is so cute! love all the cutesy stuff you carry with you. i have the same hello kitty compact, too.

  2. You're far too cute!

    Is it sad that seeing metro tickets made me a little homesick? haha xx

  3. Love the video! And although not English I understood everything you said, yay! :)

    Btw I moved my blog to a new (and hopefully better) place so if you want to still follow me, chek it out here: http://on-a-hunt.blogspot.com/

    I'm still wondering what you have the tamagotchi there for? :D

  4. I carry a lot of stuff un my bag too!
    I'm not Enlglish & I understood everything you have said.x

  5. I am loving that doctor kind of style shaped bag... it reminds me a bit of a Betsey Johnson one from last winter... you have such impeccable style and taste!

  6. great video, you're a natural!
    and your accent is the cutest xx

  7. i love your accent, great vid! x

  8. Hey, I know it's the wrong blog, but you haven't postet the cardigan's measurements yet... :/

  9. Hi there, been reading a while but never commented before. This post made me laugh, and do an audit of my own bag, which went thus:

    Umbrella, overflow tote bag for shopping, gre woolly hat from Warehouse, purse with various cards etc, iPhone, headphones, work ID card and memory stick, various pills, Rescue Remedy spray, makeup bag (containing two Chanel lipsticks, one Chanel gloss, Bourjois blotting papers, eyedrops, Chanel mascara, mirror, Clinique eyeshadow, Benefit Benetint, mini hairbrush), glasses in case with cleaning cloth, huge Urban Outfitters pencil case (containing a whiteboard marker, three pens, a wireless presenter clicker thing, throat sweets and hand sanitiser), tissues, and a vast clump of receipts.

    Oh My God. No wonder I tilt to the side when I walk! I'm a lecturer, hence all the junk - this is me having down-sized to a satchel; my last work bag could fit my laptop in on top of all that!!

  10. nicolette: Awww thank you, yours is too! I loveee New York accents :) Haha I love it, I got mine from Claire's Accessories xoxo

    Little Miss Delicious: Awww but you live in LANDAN! London is aceee :)

    lois mae: I know, I love it :) xxx

    Meg: Awww thank you. Haha I love Tamagotchi, but the batteries have been dead for a while and I've been to lazy to put some more in. I'm a bag Tamagotchi owner though, they always die after a day or two...

    Fashionista: Thanks :) xxx

    ohmrn: Aww that's great :DD xxx

    Elsa Weatherwax: Aww that's so nice of you to say, thanks! I'm loving satchel bags!

    Belle xx: Thanks hun xxxxxx

    E V E L Y N: Awww thank you :) xxxx

    Sue: I've replied to you on my selling blog.

    Cat: Oh God me too! I've been walking with a hunchback since high school... ;) xxxx

  11. Loved this video, the accent just makes me feel like I'm talking to you...although I will admit I'm a mackem.

    Love your blog and videos, I also carry a lot of stuff in my bag xx

  12. I love your vid, I think it's quite interesting to snoop in other people's bags, glad it's not just me with the world in their bag! It's lovely to hear an intelligent North East accent too, you are just lovely!
    Kandi x

  13. Aww you're super cute! I love these videos too :)
    I adore River Islands handbags but I never seem to have any spare cash when one I love comes in store! My favourite is that red snakeskin sort of effect one they did - lasted me ages!

  14. ahh love your accent! i'm from north shields and definitely detect your south shields twang! ;p x

  15. we have the same reading glasses :D

  16. People just say they like the videos because you are so cute! The poor dead Tamagotchi made me laugh. I had one of those in high school, I wonder what happened to it!

    I like your accent, too. But I think most Americans are kind of obsessed with the accents of people from other English speaking countries. I sound like I am from Kentucky, so I'm not terribly fond of mine.

  17. Your accent is lovely!! I love your video, you are so cute and seem so friendly. Your purse is adorable too. Is that bus ticket from Dublin bus? I haven't used their buses in years but last time I did they just had little pieces of paper, glad they changed to cards as they won't be easily lost! xo


  18. Simone: Mackem? BOOOO! Haha I kid I kid, I went to Sunderland Uni after all and lived on Chester Road for a bit as a student :) (When I first started this blog actually!) xxxxxxx

    Kandi: Haha thank you :) Yeah I'm definitely not a stereotypical Geordie girl - I'm not orange, a nymphomanic or big on clubbing! xxx

    Samantha: Yeah they can be pricey, but I'm not one of those people who tends to have LOADS of bags, I always get one or two good ones throughout the year :) xxx

    annabelle: Haha yeah people from up here can definitely tell I'm from Shields. I used to just tell people I'm from Newcastle, but because of Joe McElderry and Lauren Luke people seem to recognise the name a bit more now which is good. I *heart* Sheilds!

    Manda: Yayyy *twins*. I'm after a Vivienne Westwood pair though when I have a bit more money :) xxxxx

    Miss T: I was OBSESSED with Tamagotchis for years, and still am a bit but I really love old school toys and games.
    I ADORE Southern accents, one of my favourites! I spent a month in Virgina and spent some time in 'Sauth Car'lina' and loved it :) xxxxxxxx

  19. pearlslaceandruffles: Awww thank you, I try to be as much like I am in real life in videos - so a bit of an awkward turtle sometimes! ;) Yeah the ticket is the from the bus we got from Dublin airport to the city centre! xxxx

  20. I miss your voice! we'll have to catch up soon

  21. You look fabulous! Lovely dress and necklace and hair and FACE ;) Super cute video. I have to admit to laughing out loud at the Tamagochi with no batteries! x x

  22. polkadotstripes: Definitely! Are you going to the Vintage Fair on Sunday? xxxxx

    Bunny Darke: I love YOUR FACE, Miss Bunny! Next time I'm in LANDAN we'll have to have luncheon times? :) xxxxxxx

  23. I love these videos and you have the cutest accent!!

  24. For your lips, have you tried Aquaphor? It's an ointment for cracked and dry skin and lips. You can buy it in a large tube or 2 small tubes the size of the Nivea tube in the video? I don't know if it's available in the UK, but many of us in New York City swear by it for cold windy winters!