4 October 2010

SHOE LOVE: Irregular Choice

Hey everyone,

I treated myself to a pair of lovely new shoes a little while ago, and have just got around to photographing them now.

*hums Land of Hope and Glory...*

I've adored Irregular Choice ever since my friend Marie turned up to a party wearing a pair of their shoes with a tape measure design, and just couldn't resist this kitchy union jack design!
They're also available in a traditional blue design (which is of course the real colour scheme of the union jack) but I thought I'd look a little too much like Ginger Spice circa 1997.

Best. Soles. EVER.
Although I've only walked around the house in these, and they're already a bit scuffed - so I don't think they'll last long like this. *sadface*

Even the insoles are luxuriously padded with a cosy flocked material, which will definitely keep my toes warm during the winter.
Also, the design on the website showed the inside material to be pink, but I really prefer the rich turquoise!

Oh, Irregular Choice! Even your packaging is bloody adorable!
(The box was also filled with yellow tissue paper with a red heart design)

I'm actually not the sort of girl who bothers a lot with shoes - I have a lot of different pairs of pumps, but only a few heels - two of which are just plain black.

So it's lovely to have something a little bit out there on a heel - especially if I'm wearing quite a plain block colour.
I got these at the online store Aspire Style, whose customer service is second to none.
I originally ordered a dress from them, but it was too small (Damn you, Cupcake Week! *shakes fist*) and they exchanged it for these shoes with absolutely no problemo.

I mentioned my blog, and they've even provided a voucher for you all to use on their store - and they do ship internationally!
So when you are at the checkout, please use the code MESSY to recieve 10% off your order.

My friend Georgina (who is a regular to the Oxford store) has this gorgeous overnight bag with a travel design which I've been lusting over ever since. *le sigh*
I hope you're all good in your hoods.
I was originally planning to do a video/post this week all about lipstick, but the universe has decided to bestow upon me the gift of a coldsore this week. And believe me, you don't want a close up of it - yuck yuck yuck.
I'm getting paid this week FINALLY, so I treated myself to a few Eyeko nail polishes and an eyeliner from the ASOS sale.
I can't wait for them to arrive!

I'm also scheduling myself in for a hair appointment sometime this week.
I'm having to wear my hair pinned back much all the time now, as my it's so out of shape (like me) and full of split-ends - so that's why there haven't been a lot of pictures of me, lately!

Muchos love,


  1. I love Irregular Choice! I used to have quite a few shoes from them but wore them to death. I have one pair left which is a wedge with a pink heart. :) Thanks for the code... might use it if I have some money left after the ASOS sale! lol


  2. Those are just GORGEOUS, I wish I could wear heels! :c

  3. ahhh these shoes are awesome! i hate when pretty soles gets scuffed though :( seems pointless designing them all pretty. i like it when the lining of the shoe is all pretty and patterned too.

  4. *swoons over you're shoes* Hun, L-L-LOVE. Love irregular choice, one of my fav brands! I am constantly swooning over my drama teachers shoes, she has like every pair. Lucky. I'm getting a bag for Christmas! Can't wait!
    Sparkles love and cupcakes!
    Clodagh. xx

  5. I have a horrible internet connection at the moment and I opened up my Google Reader and read that Messy Carla has new shoes, felt excited and waited forever for the images to slowly load and I love them! I have been eyeing off a few pairs of Irregular Choice shoes for months, but I know my picks are well out of my price range. Very cute MC!

  6. Aren't you a sweetheart! I completely didn't realise that the lining on our site is pink but in real life it's blue! *Sorry* Hopefully not a massive deal-breaker for anyone! And yes, the soles always scuff on Irregular Choice shoes...sad but true.

    Hope you all enjoy the 10% code - it's applicable for everything, of course - not just the shoes.

    Mmmm why do you all keep mentioning cupcakes...mmm... x

  7. I love Irregular Choice but sadly my feet are too big. But I buy them fr my 14 year old daughter and marvel at them that way lol!

  8. Blog to be Alive: Oooh I think I know which one you mean, it's gorgeous! Ahhh ASOS sale...I could only afford cosmetics this time, but there's loads of brilliant bargains at the moment. :)

    Rai: Haha believe me, when I wear heels I walk like a drag queen! ;)

    Helen: Me too, they're such an exquisite shoe though - I'll keep them for special occasions so the soles don't get too scuffed :)

    Harly Ryker: I love that you can get the matching bags to shoes - I think Marie has the tape measure clutch too :)

    Bianca J: Awwww aren't you a sweetheart? And these pics would have taken even longer to load than usual as they're PNG instead of JPEG. But that's so nice of you to say xxxx

    Aspire Style: It's no problem whatsoever, I *hearts* you guys :) And the lining is really no problem whatsoever and I didn't even notice until I checked back on the site to grab a link. HAHA and we're all cupcake mad here... ;)

    "This Curvy Girl's Got Style!": Aww that's a shame. I'm glad your daughter loves them though xoxo

  9. I love irregular choice! I have just one pair but I lust after many more...!

  10. I am a huge IC fan - love that pair! Have you checked out letsbuyshoes.com? They sell the old season stock for less than half price. I have a huge wish list for there!

  11. Loving the fuzzy insides!

    I love Irregular choice too, they just opened a new shop in Brighton and it's amazing. I marvel at the shop fittings, and that's before I even get to the shoes! The ceiling has little Led lights all over it and has a similar pattern to the bottom of the shoes! It's like looking up at an Irregular choice starry sky! Then the shoes! They had a gorgeous iridescent purple and green pair plus the heels on these are crazy!


    I have a pair of Ed Hardy shoes with patterned bottoms, they scuffed too :-( but are still pretty cool! :-)



  12. Irregular Choice shoes always leave me breathless!
    Those union jack shoes are adorable xx

  13. Those shoes are cute as can be! My IC shoes have a pixie tea party on the soles and a bear shaped heel - you got to love em!
    Kandi x

  14. Irregular Choice make the nicest shoes! I love the ones you have they're gorgeous and I think they look nicer in black than blue thanks for the voucher I'll see if I can put it to use xoxo

  15. I had never heard of Irregular Choice (being from the US and not that into shoes until recently) but I just noticed a really cute pair of boots they have on ASOS. And then you make this post with these adorable heels! Love them!

  16. Those shoes are pretty damn amazing, gotta be said. Can't go wrong with Irregular Choice - such a cool brand :)

    I was very naughty & treated myself to FAR too much from the asos sale - including a couple of Eyeko nail varnishes, & eyeliner, like you did. It was just too tempting!


  17. I love the shooooooooooooes. ♥


  18. Oh wow! Those shoes are beautiful! Even the bottoms are really cute! :D

  19. I'm totally with you Irregular Choice are fantastic. Bought my first pair in New York years ago and have never looked back!

  20. Those shoes are amazing! I love how quirky their shoes are :)

  21. How cute! I wish it wasn't so expensive to ship things to Australia, I LOVE these heels!

  22. *squee* I feel so famous! I'm a HUGE irregular choice fan! Ever since those tape-measure shoes...an I do have the matching clutch purse too! :D
    Although in a trainer I'm feeling the Rocket Dog vibe...cute, kitschy and affordable. ^^


    So pretty, the detail and thought is amazing.


  24. Tara, we ship to Australia and I am more than happy to look into cheaper options for sending some to you. With the 10% code it may be a good time to buy them!! Let me know if you're interested. Email catie@aspirestyle.co.uk

  25. I'm wearing Irregular Choice shoes at my wedding! Yes I know it's nearly 2 years away, but YES I already have them. All snug in their beautiful packaging in my wardrobe, hidden from the boy :) x

  26. I'm in love with these shoes a long time, but I can't walk in heels at all. :(

    I wonder how big the bag is. It's so lovely! I would love to use it for my uni-books and stuff.

  27. Looove those shoes and I think you were right with this colour rather than the blue. Not that the blue ones are horrible, I just prefer these. =]
    And thanks for the heads up about the over night bag. That fella is gorgeous! And so gorgeous...I blogged about it. Haha!

  28. oh my, i might actually need these.

  29. Oh my goodness... absolute shoe envy! Love these! x

  30. I put a link to this post on my blog. I hope this is okay, if not, just tell me. :)