27 October 2010

Baby, It's Cold Outside!

Hey everyone,

Brrrrr the weather has really dropped this week hasn't it?
But not to worry, here's some lovely neutral treats to keep you warm:

If you're wondering why there's a sweet little elephant in there - he isn't just a plush, oh no!
You can take out his middle, pop it in your microwave for a few minutes, put it back in his tummy and he's lovely and warm.

Even though I'm 21, my mam slipped a pink unicorn one into my stocking last year and I love him!
Teehee. I really need to grow up right...?

Also, I just love the song I named the set after. The best known version in this country is probably by Tom Jones and Cerys Matthews.
But my favourite is from a Gap campaign a few years ago with Selma Blair and Rainn Wilson:

I love that they switched the male/female parts! It's so cute.

I don't really dare to ask this - but has anyone began their holiday shopping yet?

I tend to start early, but then I have a bit of an excuse seeing as before Christmas I have Sam's (November 23rd), mam's (November 29th) and my sister, Nadia's (December 6th) birthdays to buy for too.
I can't believe Nadia is going to be 17, she's still my little bambino!

Nowadays I do most of my shopping online (I can't stand the crowds!) but tomorrow I'm going with my mam to Boots to pick some things up.
If you have an Advantage card, you can pick up £12 worth of points for every £50 you spend. And that can soon add up - especially if you team up with some family members!

So for you local people, the points event is tomorrow at Eldon Square and Silverlink Boots between 3pm and 9pm.
It's tonight for the Metro Centre (same times) - and for everyone else, check the website for your nearest store.

Just thought I'd give you a head's up as you could get some great bargains!

Muchos love,


  1. I had a pink bunny that had a microwavable bag inside him, but my dog ate the bag!

    Great picks though, I love the mittens especially.

  2. My shopping is done, I did everything super early so I can relax for Christmas and save money up to go to lots of parties and dinners, I'm a girl with a plan!

    I love those mittens from RI so cute xoxo

  3. I love those microwavable teddies, such a genius idea haha, my housemate has a heated Bagpuss! I love that fur pom pom hat and the adorable River Island gloves, a nice step away from those panda ones! xxx

  4. I've never seen the Gap advert! That's fantastic!
    Yes I've started shopping already just because my student loan can't handle a massive splurge in December so I need to spread it out over a few months.
    Have you seen those pocket warmers for your hoodie pocket? It's a teeny hot water bottle that you put in your hoodie pocket and pop both your hands on. They're fantastic! And Were always great when you were on car park duty at the open days in those attractive orange hoodies.
    ( Although, I guess you don't have to worry about that anymore now that you're not an ambassador! =[ ) x

  5. Those River Island gloves are so adorable! Love them. Thanks for the heads up on the Boots events too, might go and check out my local one especially since I got some vouchers through the post :)


  6. Eeekk I want that jumper!! My kids have doggies with removable tummies that warm up and I 'borrow' them! I have started Christmas shopping already thankfully; its only 2 paydays till Christmas!
    Kandi x

  7. I've seen this video some time ago and loved it..and nothing changed since :)) The elephant is cute! But I'm afraid our somewhat broken yet still a bit functioning microwave would seriously hurt him :/ :D

  8. Love the elephant, sweet addition to a lovely post.

    Please do check out my blog fellow readers...

  9. Bethamint: Oh noez, bad doggy! D: xxxxxx

    ❤Cate❤: Oooh sounds fabulous! I know, I love them too. I'm such a sucker for anything cutsie like that :)

    Michelle: Omg fuzzy warm Bagpuss! Cuuute! Yeah I got a panda hat last year but stopped wearing it since everyone had one at uni. I might bring it out of hibernation.

    Poppy: I haven't heard about those pocket warmers, but they sound FANTASTIC!! Ooh I do NOT miss the car park sessions, especially in the icy rain! :(

    Lucy: Yeah I get those vouchers too, they're really handy!

    Kandi: Heh unfortunately as I am still unemployed, no payday for me! ;) xxxxxx

    Meg: Oh noez, it might be like that scene in Gremlins when he gets cooked in the microwave! :( Not good! xxxx

    LaraLainThatsMyName: Hehe thanks, I think he's cute! xxxxx

  10. I have not started my holiday shopping yet. I wait until mid November...
    Enjoy your shopping day! :)

  11. I did the Boots thing over the weekend just to get £10 worth of points on my card as I'm saving them for some amazing perfume! :) I don't normally give toiletries as presents but thought it was a good time to start!
    I love your wishlist, the gloves are super cute :)

  12. I have a polar bear heatie wheatie! They are not childish at all :D I love the grey theme going on here.

  13. i have a purple dinosaur heaty-plushie thingy :D

  14. Aw I love that song, and I'd never seen that version!
    I started my christmas shopping last week, but I'm like a giddy child and get excited about Christmas as soon as summer is out of the way...

  15. I've never seen that ad - it's so cute, haha! I love the elephant too. I'm not into stuffed toys at all but it's just so sweet.


  16. I hate winter but I love buying new gloves and scarves to keep the cold at bay. Those RI mittens are so sweet x