30 October 2010

Halloween Picspam!

Hey everyone,

As I mentioned a few posts ago, I'm not doing anything this Halloween this year.
It's the first year I haven't really been inspired by it. Don't get me wrong, it's still one of my favourite holidays, but I just have no real desire to go out and celebrate it.

So looks like it's going to be a night in front of the TV (Sarah Millican's 'One Night Stand' is on Dave, and I was in the audience when they recorded it with a few of my friends - I've already spotted some people I know in the clip!) in my new polka dot pyjamas sipping hot chocolate with marshmallows.
Then probably watching my Vincent Price DVD box set. I really adore him.

So what I thought I'd do instead is provide with you with a picspam (remember them from the good old days of LJ?) of my costumes over the past year or so.
For a 21 year old, I really have dressed up more than necessary...

Last Halloween a bunch of us dressed up as zombies to promote a Halloween all-nighter in Sunderland.We were ejected from The Bridges shopping mall by security...

LOVE this picture from the zombie day. Sometimes they're in need of a change from eating brains all the time...

Kathy Seldon from Singin In The Rain for Faye's TV & Film birthday party.
(People thought I was Tracy Turnblad from Hairspray...)

My old work buddies for another TV & Film party.
How many do you recognise? ;)

My cheapo costume from Halloween 2009 - an 80s bride. I got everything for under £10.

Hannah, Kristian and Tom as FunnyBones.

Two Alex DeLarges!
I'm not just being biased, but I think my friend Neale looks the best with his fringe.
I also drew his eyelashes on for him.

I've been dressed as Alex Delarge this year too...

Tyler as Jigsaw, Kelsey as a dead scuba diver and some guy as very convincing Mr. Tumnus.
I actually ignored Tyler for the first hour or so of the party as I didn't recognise him!

With Becky as Sally!

Joe as Lady Gaga and Jamie as a wrester (I think...?)

David's homemade robot costume was my favourite last year - I especially loved his light-up nips!

Kisses for my poor friend David because he's stuck in a Saw trap. *sadface*

Fran's amazing Saw trap costume. All made herself with odds and ends she found, then painted.

RAWRRRRRR! Dragon Adam!
"He spent all day making that bloody flame, he's so proud of it!" - my friend, Megan.

I did warn you that Media students take Halloween VERY seriously, right?
If any of the people above have a link with their name, give it a clicky-clicky as they'll take you to their various blogs/showreels etc. They're a pretty talented bunch!

But if you have a last minute party to go to, hopefully I've given you some last minute inspiration.

Oh! I almost forgot - I found this on an old hard drive a few months ago, and it is quite possibly my favourite fancy dress idea ever...

Curly hair, bright t-shirt, cardigan, necklace, wayfarers, painted nails, flipflops and a pose?
James went to a fancy dress party a few years ago dressed as Daniel!

So do any of you guys have Halloween plans this year? What are you dressing as?
Do let me know, I love hearing back from you guys!

Muchos love,


  1. The guy dressed as Mr Tumnus is called Jack, he's in my year at uni. (And he looks like Mr Tumnus all the time but sssshhhh :P)

  2. I love your singing in the rain outfit - so cute! I'm going to a party tonight and I'm dressing as Minnie Mouse, but in my BD polka dot dress! I know she wears red but any excuse to wear BD!

  3. Woah! They totally do take it seriously! I have no plans whatsoever. I may have a little fun with the face paints and turn myself into a cat just to open the door to the kiddies.

  4. I was wondering if you'd include Adam's dragon costume, I scroll down and there he is!
    I'm glad it's not just me who really isn't bothered about Halloween this year as well. I'm stopping in with David instead, and watching films. Much better. =] x

  5. Love this post! Love the pics of you all as a hoard of zombies... So brilliant! My boyfriend is Deejaying at a Rockabilly Riot Zombie Dance for halloween so I'm going as a 50's style zombie, I've got fake skin for extra grossness! :)

  6. i have a inckling that i own that polka dot dress or one like it was it from matalan?

    also i never celebrate halloween the outfits scare me but this year i mseeing paloma faith in manchester and im dressing as a pirate with my best friend to go to it :)

  7. It is so sad that we don't have that halloween dressing up over here. I would love to do that!

  8. These are all so great! Ahh, that guy is definitely a very convincing Mr. Tumnus. You look gorgeous! x

  9. Yeah I had to stay in this year, I was so bummed ... I put up Halloween decorations for my 1 yr old son, he loved them ! :P So was happy about that. Oh I love all these costume posts, the saw and flame ones are amazing !!! I love you in the yellow raincoat, I got it ....how could you be Tracey ...have not not seen it, she has a beehive permanently glued to her head :)
    Hope you have a great week xx

  10. You all look amazing and it looks like you had a brilliant time! Like a perfect shopping trip! I'm so jealous!!

    I also love the owl trinket box. How beautiful.

  11. OH MY! I must find my very own owl box, it's gorgeous!

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