25 September 2010

Ms. Bow-jangles!

Hey everyone,

Thank you SO SO much for all your amazing comments in my last post.
I promise I'll reply to everyone over the weekend.

My friend Daniel's response was quite sweet in his own way:

Make sure you're following Daniel's blog, as it's rather hilarious!

I honestly was not fishing for compliments, but you guys absolutely made my day!
I hated to bring the mood down, but now it's out the way - we can get back to business, yes? YES!

(Picture by Corey Bennett)

Anyhoo, I have been window shopping, and noticed an abundance of pretty bows.
So here's my top picks:

Although there's so many ways to wear a pretty bow, my favourite at the moment is old-skool prom style, with your shirt buttoned all the way up, and a bow-tie fastened at the top in place of a necklace. Absolutely adoreable.

Very geek chic, very PeeWee Herman:

Also, I know this is a few months old now, but I absolutely adore the outfits on The Trolley Song perfomance from Over The Rainbow:

I'm going to have to dig out my school shirts and my collection of berets...

Boys aren't off the hook with this trend either - quite the contrary.
The high street is FULL of bow ties, suspenders/braces and high collared shirts for the boys too - I love when trends cross over for both genders.

I'm making a mental note to ask Daniel for a loan of his beloved silver bowtie:

(From March when we went to a LGBT Prom)

So how about you guys?
What's your favourite way to wear a bow?

Muchos love,


  1. Just read your last post and I'm sorry about the knobby girl/guy. I don't think anyone who matters thinks you've got too big for your boots at all! It's just jealousy talking, that's all that comment was.
    And also, haters gif: My current favourite gif. Good choice.
    Onto nicer matters, loving the bows. My friend just sent me a bowtie necklace made out of a tape measure! I'll have to feature it on the blog soon.
    Chin up, lovely! =] x

  2. I love bows I probably wear them anyway possible. In my hair on my clothes, underwear, shoes etc. etc. I love bows I can't get enough of them xoxo

  3. I love this post, i really love bows, bows on everything.I like to wear them how you said too, on the top of a buttoned up blouse or shirt pee wee herman style.I love the heidi seeker ones really want them (i love Heidi Seeker) also love the red beret with the bow on would love that for winter its so sweet.Also love the blouse from new look so pretty.I have a tatty devine bow tie necklace and tatty devine bow tie ring what i had off ebay which are cute.My favorite way of wearing bows though is probably wearing them in my hair in all different ways like putting my hair on the top of my head in a little bun then putting the bow at the front of the bun it looks really cute and minnie mouse like.love your blog :) xx

  4. Love bows, great post!
    I never commented on your last post but I did read it and pretty much agreed with what everyone else is saying. It really comes across that you are such a lovely person and it's quality not quantity when it comes to posts! You always make a huge effort to interact with your followers and so many bloggers don't. I was thinking the other day I could totally see you on your own style programme :) x

  5. I am a bit late to this party, but having just read the last post and this one I just have to say 1)honey, you are 100 per cent fabulous and don't you ever let anyone tell you otherwise. 2) Any time and effort you put into your blog is a gift, a fucking gift. The effort you put in is so much greater than a blog like mine that I can barely fathom it. Anyone who can't appreciate it doesn't deserve it. 3) You are so lucky to have a friend like Daniel. I'd tell you to cherish him, but I know you already do. 4) Tie a bow on everything, Baby! We need more bows in the world!

  6. I have the topshop beret =) its sooo comfy and i love it =) you are awesome and i love reading your blog!!!! x

  7. Poppy: Cheers, lovely :DD DEFINITELY post a pic of that necklace, it sounds amazing!

    ❤Cate❤: Fabulous, me too :) xxxx

    GemEmerald: Ooh I'm saving up for that Tatty Devine necklace, it's so cute! I adore having a bow in my hair too, I feel instantly very girly :) xxxx

    ingrid: Awww thank you so much my darling, that honestly means a lot :) One of the main pros of blogging for me is getting to interact with people and meet new like-minded friends, so why anyone would think I'm "off" is very confusing heh. Ahh well...

    Vera: Oh Vera, you are fabulous! Thank you so much my darling. Don't worry, me and Dan take care of each other :DD I definitely think everything should have a bow "...your beads and buckles and BOWS, for there's no blue Monday in your Sunday clothes..."

  8. Hayley: Ohh fab, I LOVE berets! :) xxxxxx

  9. I just got a t-shirt in the Asos sale with a big bow on the front and I can't wait to fit it into the perfect outfit. Usually though I love to wear my bows in my hair, especially now it's short!

  10. at any given moment i'm wearing at least a few bows. i have bows on my bracelets, in my hair, on my clothes, on my bag, shoes.... bows have been a huge part of my fashion and style sensibility since i was a child and declared minnie mouse was my idol.

  11. Hair bows are my fave I think, & pretty easy to work into an outfit. Though I think I could totally get on board with bow ties!

  12. I love that SillyOldDaniel's tweet is censored. Your blog is lovely and ignore the haters! Would you have such a ridiculous amount of followers if you weren't good! exactly.

  13. I posted that video on my blog a while ago too - I loved the outfits they wore for that song! I love the red bow beret too that you've got on your wishlist :)

  14. Beth: Oooh that sounds lovely, and agreed I love bows with my short hair - especially when I wear it up (I can get a tiny ponytail in there now) :)

    nicolette: Oooh me too, I loved Minnie because she wears bows, polkadots, pearls and big clunky shoes. Sounds like me, actually ;)

    Siobhan: Be brave and try them - they're so chic and fun :)

    cokey: Haha it's because I don't have swearing on this blog at all (Though I don't mind if comments have swearing in them as I think my readers should be able to express themselves how they choose!) :) Thank you though, that's very sweet xxxxxx

    Samantha: Me too! I actually went to the same school as Emilie :) xxx