30 September 2010


Hey everyone,

Happy first blogoversary!

I made a wish, don't worry!

It's been a rather fabulous year, since I began this blog.
It started as a medium for me solely to review my own style, but has envolved into something I care deeply about.

Blogging has definitely made me more passionate than I ever thought I was about fashion and style. It's also made me have more confidence and self-belief than I ever had before.

One of the highlights this year for me, has been that I've been able to meet so many lovely and inspiring people both online and in real life.
Special thanks go to bloggers I've admired, who are now wonderful friends, and it's been such a pleasure meeting up with you guys!

So breaking this down:
Thanks to Claire for letting me sleep in your bed, providing a constant stream of delicious cake, and being my twin. Although you don't have red hair anymore. (Boooo, Judas!)

Lillian for getting absolutely trollied with me on delicious mojitos, watching me get covered in glitter, then taking me for the best ice-cream sundae ever. Also, for being the anti-Unicorn.

Lauren for letting me attempt to impersonate her (Essex) accent ("Carla, I'm not a bloody cockney!"), and turning on the wind machine.

And the BSB girls for the fun day in York. Especially Rachel, my fellow Northern chum and fangirl.

Also to George, for letting me stay in Oxford for the S/S events, and making me say hello to Jimmy Choo although I was wearing £35 heels from Next.

A shout-out is definitely needed to my hairdresser, Chris, for keeping me from looking like (much of) a hot mess, and being the person I can fangirl to about lotions and potions.

Also to my mam and dad who are the most avid readers. (Worringly)
And my sister, who doesn't like my blog.

Muchos MUCHOS thanks go to my head cheerleader, Daniel.
Who is not only a fellow blogger, but a journalism student, and makes me look like a hack.

Whew, sorry for going all Gwyneth Paltrow on you guys. Nearly there, I promise!

But even though it sounds cheesy, my biggest thanks are to everyone who reads this blog - either on subscription, or has just passed by it once or twice.

For your amazing cheerleadin' comments, Tweets and emails that constantly make me smile.
I read every single one of them, and reply to as many as I can.

Finally, to girls of all shapes and sizes.
From skinny minnies to voluptuous vixens who read this blog, and hopefully, feel a little bit better about themselves - here's to another year of fun, fashion and positivity.

With Lauren from Pocket Rocket Fashion.
Picture by Monsoon.

*raises glass*

Muchos love,

PS: My camera broke today. Please don't let this be an omen of doom? ;)


  1. Congratulations, and I hope your next year of blogging is even better!

  2. happy blogoversary! here's to many years to come c: I'm nearly up to a year myself. xx

  3. Cheers to you, Carla! You go, gurlfren! xD

  4. congrats, carla! love the picture of you at the end and your cupcake with your face tucked in it is adorable! :D

    ps - the password i had to type in to prove i wasn't a spambot was "beers" so.... "CHEERS!" haha

  5. Congratz on a wonderful blog xoxo

  6. happy blog birthday! heres to the next! x

  7. Yay! Hehe your comment made me giggle, constant cake! Amazing. So happy you started your blog! Keep at it!

  8. Congratulations lady! :) Keep up the good work. I love your blog lots x

  9. Oooh happy blogoversary! What a word! Hope you have a great year next year to boot. =] x
    Oh and I sent the Gertys out today and you're the first person to receive one of them, so keep a watch out for her peeping through your letter box!

  10. You've achieved so much in a year, I hope you're really proud. Huge congrats to you Carla!

  11. Woo-hoo!! Congrats! :D
    Annnnd, you're absolutely welcome. I enjoy coming to your blog and seeing what you're wearing and how life is going. I hope this next year in the blogosphere is just as excellent.

  12. Here's to many more years of fabulous blogging! Thanks for your great and fun content, ideas, and photos!

  13. Congratulations from Finlad!!! Iv been your reader for the past 4 months, but never commented, so let this ne the first. Keep it going, you rock =)


  14. Congratulations Carla!
    You know I'm a fan... :)

  15. Huge congrats, I love your blog. Great, funny, and always a good read.


  16. Congratulations! Happy Blogoversary!

  17. : D
    to one year of amazingness!

  18. omg that cake is amazing! HAPPY BLOG BIRTHDAY BB :D

  19. Congrats on your blogoversary!

  20. Happy Blogaversary! (I am going to steal that word in the future)!

  21. Happy Blogoversary! That cupcake looks amazing. Hope it tasted as good as it looks :o)

  22. Woop woop, congratulations! I'll eat a cupcake in your honour! x

  23. Zara: Thank you hun :) xxxx

    Rai: Oh congratulations, and thank you :) xxx

    Elsa Weatherwax: Cheers Elsa <333

    Jessi: Haha thanks my darling. I miss you xxxx

    ❤Cate❤: Thank you :) xxxx

    lois mae: Bring on the next 365 days! ;) xxx

    Claire: You too! Thanks again and please come visit me when you're not drowned in feninism/film stuff ;)

    Bunny Darke: Thanks Becky, you too xxxxx

    Poppy: Cheers Popsicle, and I got Gerty today :) Been thinking of what to snap today :) xxx

    Bethamint: I am, thank you! ^___^

    Hannah: Thank you :DD xxxx

    Kendra: Thanks, Kendra. I try to keep everything fresh and fun :) xxxx

    Jazmin: Awww thank you, Jazmin. You're welcome to comment anytime, I value all your opinions. I've always wanted to visit Finland too :)

    Michael Toa: Right back at you, Toa! ;) xxxx

    Kelly: Thanks - and ooh you have a haircare blog? I've been looking for one to follow, I'm passionate about hair products :) xxxx

    Elizabeth: Thankies xoxox

    Morgaine: And many more, hopefully :DD xxx

    StephanieDJL: Thank you, love! :) xxxxx

    Gemx: Thank you :) xxxx

    Cupcakes: Thanks :DD xxxxxxxx

    sameesh: Haha please do, it's not my creation :) xxxx

    Crafty Nell: It certainly was - if you look back a few entries you can see the recipes. It's the chocolate cupcake sponge, with the salted creme caramel topping :)

    Sarah: Please do - in fact, I think you should eat a cupcake for every blog entry. But that's just me ;DD xxxxxxx

  24. Happy belated blogaversary!

    Such a sweet post and you look beaut in that last picture!