24 September 2010

Haters Gonna Hate...

Hey everyone,

Apologies that this is going to be a little off-topic, but there's something I'd just like to say for the record.

I'd also like to address a negative comment that I received (and have since deleted - I appreciate your constructive criticism, but there is no place on this blog for blatent spite and negativity hiding under Anon).

Someone basically commented today saying something along the lines of how they think I've gotten "too big for my boots" I've been fortunate to attend a few events now, and I'm "neglecting my blog".

First, let me just put my life into some perspective for you:

I've been out of a job for just over a week now, which isn't long, but I've been rushing around everywhere (and I mean EVERYWHERE) trying to get placements, interviews...anything really, as I absolutely hate being unemployed.
On top of that, I'm attempting to have a social life AND fit blogging around that.

Some people just done appreciate how much work bloggers put into their post - from researching, taking photos, photoshopping pictures together (like the above) takes time, as I like to make every blog post worthy of a read.
I'd never just "bung" anything together and hope for the best.

Not to mention I've spent my own money getting to events (travel, hotel, food etc. all adds up). I also have to pay monthly to host my photos, and my layout was quite expensive as I specifically had an artist (the fabulous Lucy Farfort) and design which I knew would work for this blog.

Remember, I DO NOT get paid for doing this blog - I have no advertisers (nLinkone who have asked me seemed suitable, and I'd consider it unfair to you guys to promote a product or business that had no relevance) and I don't get paid for reviews.

I don't get how going to events makes me "big for my boots".
If you knew me, you'd know I do NOT have an inflated ego - quite the contrary.
When I put this blog up just under a year ago, you have no idea how much it took for me to post pictures of myself on the internet.

I'm not fishing for compliments, but to say I think I'm better than anyone is simply ludicrious.

Surely I thought reporting on events would make for more interesting blog posts, as opposed to getting hundreds of entries of me standing in my backyard or room with my hand on my hip.

Oh, and hater:
Referring to my weight when you've clicked on a blog entitled "MessyCarla: A Fashion Blog in a Size 16"... try something a little more original next time, non? Bon.

I know I shouldn't let this stuff get my down, and I know it's one person when I have over 650 people who have thought me decent enough to subscribe to.

But I'm the sort of girl who thinks "If one person thinks like this, more people must too..." so I just wanted to use this post to let you all know how I appreciate every single comment from you guys, I read hundreds of your blogs, and reply to every Tweet and email I recieve.

Next week is this blog's first birthday - so apologies for straying a little off-topic, but I'd rather it was addressed now, so next week is completely negativity-free.

I DO have a fashion related post coming up tonight, so I promise I'll be back to normal soon.

Muchos, Muchos MUCHOS love,


  1. Here, here! You said it. I am proudly one of 650 and I will be following your loveliness until the day you stop posting (god forbid!).

  2. Ugh. Some people are just vile. And commenting on your weight is just absolutely horrific. You're one of the least "too big for their boots" bloggers I know! xx

  3. ignore negative people. do not understand them.
    you are beautiful and i love your blog.
    good luck on the job hunt.

  4. Nicely put.

    I absolutely cannot understand those people who leave such negative things - if you don't like it click off and forget about - no need to actually take the time and write a spiteful comment that can get someone down! There is too much nastiness in this world.. don't understand why some people don't strive to be 'a nice person'. Much love for this blog! x

  5. So ridiculous! I've NEVER gotten a bad vibe from you! Like you said, haters gonna hate.

    Heart you! Keep at it, and good luck in your job search! I know the anxiety of it! :D

    xo Allison of CurvyGirlChic

  6. I think a lot of people forget that a blog is a labour of love and they take a lot of time and effort to do well, and you're VERY good at blogging, so don't let it get you down. Anyone who's calling you too big for your boots is clearly doing so out of jealousy.

  7. Lol. Fuck the haters and keep doing what you're doing! ♥

  8. As I have said to you, you are a lovely inspirational FANTASTIC person and ILU muchly :D Ignore those people who are ignorant enough to get jealous, you are fab! :)

    Much love xxx

  9. Go Carla! I wouldn't take anything to heart said by someone too cowardly to post under their real name!

    Katie xox

  10. Well, it's funny that in the times of the internet, people aren't able to just leave a site and be done with it when they don't like or agree with what they see.

    Carla, don't let them get to you!

  11. We <3 you Carla, don´t let them get you down, even though it sucks a lot to get those comments. xxx

  12. Its disgusting that you get hate when you're going to brilliant things. Sod them Im proud of you. And ofcourse your life is busy! you just left uni for godsake!

    To the anon hater- Dont judge Carla until you've actually spent time with her beyond the blog.


  13. OMG That gif is my fav EVER!! It always makes me laugh and smile. You are an amazing blogger and I know how hard it is to try and make everything work together. YOU do a great job of it.

    And who ever said something about your weight, they are probs jealous because if they were a size 16, THEY wouldn't look as HAWT as you!


    We Love you


  14. OMG I'm sooo glad I miss the horribleness - but am really sorry you had such negative comments. Clearly whoever 'anon' is doesn't actually read your wonderful blog.

    Keep being you, everyone has to have a life (although if you wouldn't mind tying yourself to the desk now and bring us more fabulous posts) :) xxx

  15. :)

    Your blog is amazing,its always the losers who have something mean to say...let your beauty shine on, they dont matter :)

  16. Sweetie ignore that haters, they're all jealous of us curvy beauties. ;)
    Keep up the good word, you're an inspiration for a 13 year old girl from a small town in Ireland who has to deal with a school full of stick like haters.
    Hun, you have Spunk. Remember that! :)
    Rainbows love and cupcakes!
    Clodagh of Peace.of.Clodagh

  17. The first blog I check for updates is yours.
    The blog that inspired me to create my own for something I love is yours.
    The blog that got me baking last week was yours.
    The blog that I wish were mine is yours.

    You have over 650 followers so don't let 1 get you down. You're amazing and inspiring, don't let 1 person think otherwise <3

  18. its nice to have a good old rant!


    I hope you don't mind but I featured you on my 10 blogs not to miss post here:



  19. Just seems like they're jealous!!!! :P you keep doing what you're doing. you are an inspiration to me and to so many other people. if someone is bringing negativity here it is not because of you. it's their own damned low self-esteem crap. i am so glad i found your blog and don't let that turd get you down. size sixteen is a force to be reckoned with!!!! <3 <3 <3

  20. I subscribed since I'm size 16 and I think it's great someone our size actually has fashion blog and posts more than just their faces to show the whole picture.

    I think event posts are great since I don't get to go to them so it's great to see what they're like. And you deserve every single lovely follower and comment in this blog!


  21. trust me love, that person is on their own. You've got a wonderful blog, and more importantly a fabulous personality...hence why so many people enjoy following!! Keep at it, be yourself and remember that we all love you for it!


  22. I think you're fantastic, Carla- and I know you're a genuine sweetheart, too.

    I recently had a pesky fly commenter at my blog, too, and I had to address their false perceptions and accusations about my character in a similar fashion. In the end, it's all just jealousy. People can be SO filled with envy that they lash out, and since they lack courage, they do it anonymously.

    Keep doing what you're doing and have fun with it. Don't let anyone bring you down. xoxo

  23. I cannot believe you've only just been doing this for a year - incredible! If I can make it half as far as you've done in that time, I'll burst with pride!

    The Look shows pics are ace and you girls look fantastic xx


    you have a great blog, 650 of us recognise that and so many more!

  25. Oh sweetie. I admire you for this post.
    Both the negative comments make me angry on your behalf, but to particualyly address the first:
    Life happens, fact. It's completely up to you, as the owner of your blog, to blog when you want. The important fact is that is YOUR blog, not theirs and you are free to do what you will with it. If they can't accept that, they have a problem, not you.
    And no one has a right to judge weight/size like that. There is so much more to a person than that and with you this is most definitely the case. You are lovely and you dress lovely too- I think your wardrobe is the most covetable one ever, you have such good taste :)
    You also have the most amazing blog header ever- I am still in awe of it. And I've been loving the cake posts! Definitely need to try out the toffee one!
    So you just carry on being you.

    Florrie x

  26. I think that we put ourselves out there in public view - people tend to think they have a right to comment about us. I also think that sometimes these people don't get that you are not just blogging solely to them so therefore don't take into consideration their response will also be in public view. Have you thought about adding the approve comments feature? That way you can read and scream about comments without the whole reading how idiotic some people are? BTW My husband thinks that commentor is "just strange"...! Not sure if that helps?!

  27. Hi Carla, I'm quite a new follower and have been enjoying your blog. I too had a hateful anon comment left on my blog. I know lots of people say you should just ignore it, but when it is a personal attack it is really hard. Sometimes, like you and I did, you just have to post a reply!

    Keep up the good work! Xx

  28. eff the haters:]
    you go girl!
    ♥ the blog.

    whoever left those comments are dying from jealousy...i can't say that i hope they get well soon.


  29. Good luck finding a new job, honey. I think you are charming and I don't know why anybody would have anything negative to say about you. They are probably just jealous because you are so stylish and you're getting the opportunity to do some cool things!

  30. Ah god, I hate people that comment like this. I'm one of your followers, and I love your blog!

  31. I Love your blog! :D Sorry that you got a nasty comment!
    Keep up the good work, your'e doing everything right in my opinion! :D

  32. Seriously, I'd be VERY surprised if that person was anything other than a one-off. You wouldn't have 650 followers if you didn't write a high-quality, interesting and well presented blog, and just because one incredibly rude individual is taking a swipe at your skills, it really doesn't mean that's going to be a theme of what your readership think of you. I get what a task blogging can be sometimes- my blog is about my new life in Montreal, Canada, and I never just post for the hell of it, I always wait until there's something worth posting about. Blogging ain't easy, babe. But please keep it up, yours is one of the tabs permanently open on my Firefox so I can refresh every day!

  33. quite simply, fuck the haters. you're amazing! x

  34. You inspire me a lot even I follow japanese fashion trends I always find good ideas here!
    and I think you are very sweet and funny, really lovely!
    muchos muchos muchos love to you!

  35. Your blog is great, actually just subscribed (so now you have yet another positive follower!) Blogging is hard work. It takes a great deal of time and effort and not to mention courage to put yourself out there.

    I am just dabbling at blogging really (most certainly a hand on hip girl!) but love to read about events and news, without a jot of jealousy! (as do a lot of your followers!)

    Keep up the good blogging plus good luck with the job hunting!



  36. What rubbish! No one is "forced" to read your blog, it's just blatant jealousy/hate over your recognition/success. Haters start your own blog!

  37. well your blog is lovely :)

    I love how unimpressed ALoyddWebber looks in the video
    but their outfits are adorable

  38. How have I only just seen this?!

    KILL THEM. Well that's a bit harsh but you know what I mean. Keep being your amazing self and one of the best fashion bloggers (straight or plus sized) in the UK. It'll only make them feel even more pathetic than they already are.

    Lauren xx
    Pocket Rocket

  39. Some people are so rude, its weird because people wouldn't say things like that to your face but because they're sitting behind a computer screen they think its acceptable! Anyway please don't let people like that put you off blogging, I think you and your blog are wonderful and I'm sure 99% of your readers agree!