7 September 2010

Cosy Autumn Knitwear

Hey everyone,

Wow, the temperature has really dropped this week hasn't it?

Although I'm not the biggest fan of Autumn and Winter - the dark mornings and short days set off my S.A.D which has already been putting me on the blink this week. Bah!

BUT, what I am looking forward to enjoying is shopping for some gorgeous jumpers.

And a few days ago, I had my first 'Jumper Day' of the year - where it's still a bit too warm to my winter coat, but too nippy to go out without a jacket:

JUMPER: H! by Henry Holland, £38.
SHORTS: Dorothy Perkins, £Can't remember.
BAG: River Island, £40ish.
TIGHTS: Dorothy Perkins, £4.
SHOES: Ebay, £5.
POINT OF FASHION: First 'Jumper Day' of the year!

I absolutely adore the Henry Holland jumper - the fox is so cute, and the white tip of the tail even has extra fuzzy-wuzzy bits.

Also, some more lovely knitwear that I've put on my wishlist:

RABBIT JUMPER: Next, £25. (Georgina from Cupcake's Clothes looks adorable in this!)
POLKA DOT JUMPER: Topshop, £35.
FLORAL CARDIGAN: Red Herring, £20.
BOWS CARDIGAN: River Island, £36.99.
BUDGIE JUMPER: Topshop, £28.

I've just realised I've done almost a full circle with this blog - my very first post was all about upcoming Autumn collections! How time has flown...

I do have a fun idea for my first blogoversary on September 30th.
Stay tuned for more information, folks!

I've also added a bunch of pictures to the Facebook page from my life away from the blogosphere, so you can see what sort of stuff I get up to that doesn't make it onto this blog.

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Muchos love,


  1. I'm sort of sad summer is over but at the same time, a new season is a very good excuse to go shopping for new stuff!

    I recently bought the perfect red knit dress that I cannot wait to wear once it gets a bit colder (that said, it isn't really warm here either!).

    Ooh and the budgie jumper!

  2. Love, love, LOVE that jumper you're wearing! How adorable!

  3. i am JEALOUS of that fox jumper.
    especially as I have spent my self-imposed clothing allowance already this month.
    i might break my own rules.

  4. How cute it that jumper!? You look fab :).
    I have to say i am a total glutton for cute knits, my new fave it my yellow Sheep one from River Island: http://fathena.tumblr.com/post/1076278033/sheep
    Emily xxx

  5. wow, i pretty much NEED that jumper right now. its so fab!

  6. I've been looking at the fox jumper from the H! range for a few weeks, but I think I might get the giraffe jumper from the collection instead. Both are too cute though!

    My whole Autumn is probably going to be about comfy jumpers. I'm going to be stuck in cold cold rehearsal rooms and churches for a lot of it - cost cardigans are going to be my staple!

  7. you look so so lovely in that picture!!!

  8. I love the budgie jumper...you've tempted me!!
    You look gorgeous in that H! jumper :D


  9. ooh thats cute!
    i'm not really a jumper person but i've seen some amazing ones around so i need to learn how to wear them well haha

    Lisa x

  10. How stinkin' cute!! I love that jumper!

  11. That is too adorable. That fox is awesome!

  12. The fox is so cute!
    and I love the polka dot jumpers and the boes cardigans, I'm looking for some cute ones too!

  13. I love that jumper! I also love the rabbits one. I don't usually wear pink but I am really tempted by that.

  14. That jumper is amazing!!! :) Love it!


  15. Love that jumper! I'm obsessed with cute knitwear at the moment. There's a horse one in New Look that I've got my eye on!

  16. Aaah that jumper is fantastic! I am desperately trying to find one in my size (UK22). DP has one but it's not so nice as yours.

  17. ooooh, this items are lovely!=) The jumper you wear combined with the shorts and the flats are great!=) and the "autumn knitwear" you chose are so very cool! I want them all xDD



  18. I LOVE that jumper and your jumper picks are awesome, I'm making it a point this year to get myself some interesting jumpers xoxo

  19. That budgie jumper is da bomb, I'm distraught I can't buy it here. Oh well, will have to content myself with my H&M horse-head sweater dress when the weather turns!

  20. I'm a new follower & love your outfit (particularly the jumper!) & that next jumper too. You've set of my jumper cravings :) xXx

  21. Thanks for the shout out! I really love the bunny jumper, & also the jumper you are wearing, animal knitwear is so adorable! Jumpers are no. 1 on my wishlist now, I've never really liked them before, but this a/w I want to buy loads! I actually just ordered one from Dorothy Perkins.

  22. Your jumper is amazing! As is the budgie one! I hope your mixCD made it to you ok :) <3

  23. I am SO jealous of your Henry Holland jumper! You look gorgeous in it x