15 August 2010

What's In A Name? - The BEST Name Necklaces!

Hi everyone,

As I said in my Heidi Seeker entry, I have a bit of an obsession with anything that can be personalised.
I think this started when I was a kid, and my mam bought me one of those hairbands with your name painted on from the market (anybody else LOVE those?!).

But in later years, it's been all about personalised necklaces, and here are my favourites:

1: Rubi Rocket, $39.
2: Punky Pins, £20.
3: Lola Pop, £20.
4: Lola Pop, £25.
5: Heidi Seeker, £6.66.
6: Tatty Devine, £27.50.

There's one woman who made name necklaces cool again.
Ms Carrie Bradshaw:

In 'the naked dress' she wore on her first date with Big, with her famous gold 'Carrie' necklace.

Before I fell in love with Carrie and the gang from Sex and the City, I always thought gold name necklaces were a little chav-y, but she completely changed my mind about them.

The gold necklace says a lot about Carrie - while she spends thousands of dollars on an outfit ($40,000 on her shoe collection!), her favourite accessory is a little gold necklace she bought on a street fair when she was with all her friends.

What's also interesting is how she has the confidence to wear her name on her chest for everyone to see, but dislikes wearing her engagement ring to Aiden on her finger.

One of my favourite SATC moments is when she recovers the necklace from a hole in her bag, having previously thought she'd lost it somewhere in Paris.
Even though her boyfriend, artist Aleksandr Petrovsky replaced it with an expensive diamond necklace ("The NEW Carrie necklace?"), it was never going to be the same.

"Great, there's a hole in my Dior!"

If you'd prefer a more authentic Carrie necklace, I suggest checking out Punky Pins' selection.
Their SATC inspired designed range have prices for all purses, depending on the material used. (From glitter acrylic for £12 to 14k gold for £99.99)

Most of us will only have one name in our lifetime - I say love it, and flaunt it!

Muchos love,

PS: For all you SATC lovers - my friend Daniel wrote a BRILLIANT blog post a little while ago on the show. Be sure to give it a read.


  1. oooh i think ill check out getting more authentic one made! lovvve sex and the city so much. i grew up with it haha!

  2. Ohh this post is totally after my own heart! I have a Carrie necklace (except mine says Alice on) I did at the time wonder if i could get away wearing a 'Carrie' one, I was that mad about the show.

    I love how she looses the necklace and then finds it again, it is such a special moment.
    When I was a kid I remember always coming home from the seaside with personalised goodies- bracelets, purses, headbands! x

  3. I love personalised things too - my name quite often doesn't look quite right though, on things. I think it's because it's eight letters so slightly long & therefore can look, I dunno.. squashed!?

    Anyway, I have a similar name necklace to Carrie's, but mine's silver (don't really do gold) & I've gotta say, I bloody love it! I wasn't really sure what I thought about them, but since having it I wear it SO much - it's really become a piece of jewellery that I rely on for those 'not sure what to wear' days!


  4. Lady Luck Rules OK had the best name necklaces by far, I was so sad when they shut down. Have five by them! Heidi Seeker have some fab personalised things! My fave is my new biker cardy with my favourite film quote on the back "pity the backseat" from the outsiders, hee.

  5. i have a name necklace too, a gold one i got for my 18th birthday. sometimes i feel a bit funny wearing it though, especially for work, because i don't want weirdos knowing my name! haha.

  6. I had one of those headbands too! Mine was pale pink velvet, with metallic gold writing & flowers drawn on with fabric paint. Lol, they were all the craze at the time. We got told not to wear them whilst waiting for our parents to pick up up, in case a stranger came over & convinced us that they knew us because they knew our name. >.<

    I don't have a name necklace though, the closest thing I have is a small gold one that says "Cupcake" on it. I find it fairly difficult to find my name on things though.

  7. I love my Tatty Devine necklace but don't really wear it often. I get paranoid about weirdos (especially on the tube) knowing my name :3 x

  8. I checked the Punky Pins side and Iooove the polaroid necklace. How cool is it to wear a polaroid picture of your best friends :D
    And I also like the name necklaces you have choosen... but I would prefer to take a lovely word that i like, not my name.

  9. Ooh you are making me spend money!
    Love personalised necklaces. Been after one for a while.


  10. I've been wanting a personalized name necklace for a while, didn't know where to get one. May be a splurge but I think it's worth it. My want list is growing. I hope you're happy with yourself. :P

    Just kidding. Thank you for making me realize that being a size 16 doesn't have to mean boring anymore. :)

    Much love

  11. Oooh lovely stuff! I really like name necklaces, i like to get them with my name, nicknames or just other things i like, band names and stuff :)
    I think i'm one of the only girls in the world who doesn't like SATC!

  12. I have a Carrie style name necklace and wear it all the time - it's my favourite accessory too! x

  13. Name necklaces aside, you're making me want another velvet hairband! I had so many, in various colours, with my name in glitter! So cute.

  14. You could make a necklace like number 6 super easy and for the price of a bit of shrink plastic. That font is even availible for free. I made one myself.

  15. I am catching up on your blog and literally watching the episode before she loses the necklace! Ahhh :) x

  16. I've got a Carrie name necklace in sterling silver. I shopped around online and www.wow-imports.com had the best price and theirs looks just like the original style. (Some styles offer a Carrie name necklace but the font/style is clearly non the real thing!)

  17. i've just linked back to this post on my blog. thanks for the tip-off! i'd never even heard of Lolapop before.


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