17 August 2010

OUTFIT POST: Ladylike Military.

Hey everyone,

Yesterday I had a wonderful night with my "Quirky Family."
Although not my real family, it bloody well feels like it sometimes.

DRESS: Can't remember.
JACKET: River Island.
BELT: New Look.
CLUTCH: Vivienne Westwood.
NECKLACE: Miss Selfridge.
TIGHTS: Primark.
SHOES: Primark.
POINT OF FASHION: Ladylike military.

I LOVE that dress! I've had it for years and until recently only wore it for funerals (fun fact!) with it being one of my only fully black dresses.
I call it my 'Witchy dress' - as with the plunging neckline and draped hem it looks something a witch would wear, teehee.

I wore this last night when I went to get Tapas with three of my best friends, Hattie, Megan and Kevin.
We all met whilst studying our A-Levels at Newcastle College (meeting in English Literature class) and used to hang out in Starbucks everyday. We've been firm friends ever since.

We started calling ourselves "The Quirky Family" as we are a bit like a nuclear family unit - with Kevin and Megan as the sensible parents, me as Megan's zany sister, and Hattie as their daughter. (Because she's so freaking adorable, she even buys Megan birthday cards with 'Mummy' on the front!)

We had a lovely night - eating lots of gorgeous food, and drinking lots of Sangria before nipping over to the scene (which was surprisingly quiet for a Monday night - I blame the lack of Daniel) for a few cheeky cocktails. Marvellous!

In other news, this Saturday is the British Style Bloggers meetup! If you're a member of British Style Bloggers and can get to York for Saturday PLEASE join us for some fun!

I can't wait to meet everyone - then I'm going to hang out with my darling friends Sarah (click for her makeup blog!) and Libby who have recently moved into a cottage.
I haven't seen them in months so it'll be wonderful to catch up.

I'm also SO excited, as in a few weeks I'm going to Belfast to hang out with the lovely Claire from French For Cupcake for a few days!
We reckon lots of cake, cocktails, photos and shopping will be in order.
Be sure to give Claire's blog a read if you haven't already as it's my favourite fashion blog!
Also check out the interview with Claire on this blog from back in March.

It's also going to be my first time in Ireland, so I've had this song in my head since ordering my plane tickets:

"Isn't that relaxing? It's called CELTIC MOODS!"

Finally a happy 21st birthday to my lovely hairdresser Chris who keeps me from looking like a hot mess. *mwa mwa*
Is it wrong I have my hair salon on speed dial in case of emergencies?

Muchos love,


  1. Have fun over here! That lace jacket is to die for, love it! xoxo


  2. you look lovely! i love the whole quirky family thing, were would we be without them?!

    have a good time in ireland!

  3. you look so gorgeous in this picture
    i really like the jacket
    and im glad you had a good night xx

  4. really excited to see you miss messy! :D

  5. aww that jacket is so cute! looks lovely in this outfit

  6. Loved the post, so much crammed in.

    Nothing wrong with the hairdresser on speed dial, you have red hair, it's a must!:)

    Love that jacket, pretty yet tough.


  7. Ooh what a fabulous outfit! xo

  8. What a spunky outfit, I like.


  9. Gorgeous look, i love the jacket!

  10. ps Your hair looks fit in that picture

  11. This outfit is perfect<3

  12. Hi Carla!
    I just wanted to say Hi! That I love your blog, I've been reading it now for a couple of months and it's an incredibly fun and fresh read. I relate to so much of what you say and generally just love your finds, etc.
    So, I am the best-friend of Claire (Frenchforcupcake) and I hear you are coming to Belfast next month? I live in the USA half of the year and am off back there at the end of the month, but I am still in Belfast most of the month so I'm sure I will see you!

    I'm also a fellow blogger (although my blog is very boring and is usually just snapshots of stuff - I'm a photographer by tade, 24/7 freelance and all that, so it's not very fun, but I'm working on it). So yep, looking forward to meeting you and continuing to read yr blog.

    Saraht! xx

  13. pearlslaceandruffles: I know I just adore it. I'm not a big fan of the military look usually (a bit Gerard Way for me!), but this is really girly and cute :)

    lo: Indeed :)

    Belle xx: Thank you hunny :)

    Sarah-May: Me toooo! Cannae wait xxxx

    Helen: Thank you xxxxxx

    Kel: Haha yeah, I prefer big beefy posts to little posts everyday - I reckon it makes it worth reading? :)

    Emma (girlwiththearabstrap): Thank you :)

    Gazel M.: Teehee thanks :) xxxxx

    Lillian Funny Face: Thank you, sweetheart <333

    Silly Old Daniel: Cheers BB <333 See you Sunday!

    Jessi: Thank you my darling :) xxxxx

    Georgina Doull: Awww thank you - I LOVE your style so that's a big compliment coming from you :) xxxxx

    Sarah: Awww you are so sweet, I hope you'll be around when I'm there - I'd rather like to meet you for a cheeky cocktail or too? I always check out your photographs when Claire links them, you're SO talented :) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  14. I love the lace jacket, it looks gorgeous!