11 August 2010

Review: We Love Colors

Hey everyone,

I got some lovely new tights from We Love Colors a week or so ago.
I'm usually so boring with tights, sticking to black and am often nervous experimenting with bright colours!

But We Love Colors looked very good quality, and a fantastic range of colours, so I thought I'd give them a go.

I got two colours:

(Shoes: Office)

(Shoes: Dorothy Perkins)

I wore the Rubine ones today for work, so snapped a quick pic of my outfit!
Apologies again for the Blackberry snapshot, I keep forgetting my digital camera.

DRESS: Can't remember.
COAT: New Look.
PIN: Vivienne Westwood.
TIGHTS: We Love Colors.
SHOES: Dorothy Perkins.
POINT OF FASHION: Purple and pink.

The only downside is that at $9-$16 per pair, plus $15 shipping to Europe (only $5 in the USA), plus I also had £11 customs tax to pay, it turns out to be a bit of a splurge for tights.
Especially if you're like me, and used to multipacks from Asda for £3.

But they're so luxurious and good quality, I reckon it's worth paying for if you're going to get a lot of use out of them. And as somebody who wears tights nearly everyday, I've found them totally worth it.

I do prefer the Royal to the Rubine, just because I prefer darker, richer coloured tights - but for a bright tight, I do like the Rubine.
I was worried they'd look like the cheap ones Primark do that give a sheer look (REALLY don't like those!) but they're just as opaque as the darker ones.

DEFINATELY check them out: http://www.welovecolors.com/!

In other news, me and Daniel went to Edinburgh to see Celebrity Autobiography yesterday.
Really we only went because it's taking the mick out of celebrities and stars Michael Urie (who we both fancy) - but it was absolutely fantastic! I laughed from start to finish.

It's a show where actors give dramatic readings (but not acting) of real celebrity autobiographies. Acting simply isn't required as the stories are always far fetched enough.

My favourite readings were the autobiographies of Peter Andre ("I like Trivial Pursuit, but I can't play the Genuis version..."), Katie Price (she keeps mentioning her "bits") and Tommy Lee. (His book is ALL about the rumpy pumpy!)

The cast!
FUN FACT: The actress standing second right next to Michael Urie is Claudia Shear, who is the lady in that episode of Friends who steals Monica's credit card!

Also, check out where the show was held.
It is hands down the oddest venue I've ever been to:

The Udderbelly is a big, purple cow lying on it's back!

Anyhoo, I hope you're all good.
Sorry for the lack of mid-week nails - I painted our nails in the park yesterday and the blue glitter is refusing to budge!

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Now I have my new phone I'm twitpic-ing a lot more than I did before.

Muchos love,


  1. Wow.Their plus sizes are amazing. Definitely going to give them a go. x

  2. Those tights are a fantastic colour!!! Love the purple ones especially!
    Loving the shoes too!!! :D

  3. woohoo i can comment and read blogs again ...

    I love your tights soooo much . I would love to order tights from we love colours but like you say it can wok out expensive but its good to know the quality is excellent its swaying me a llittle now ..winters coming we gotta keep the pins looking sexy!

    love n hugs
    Jo xxx


  4. I love tights and I hate the whole sheer look too. Definitely going to get me some. Maybe some of he colored ones to add a pop of color to my neutral colored dresses.

  5. I love coloured and patterned tights. I've known this website for a while and keep wanting to buy but am put off by the prices. The fuschia ones look great on you :)

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  7. Hello! I love the tights and gold shoes! I've nominated you for a One Lovely Blog Award over on my blog if you fancy a peek :)

    Sarah x

  8. Those purple ones look great with your glittery shoes!


  9. I like your coat! Fits you very well! <3 :)

  10. I have looked at that site with the tights before, but the price put me off. Can you tell me, do they use the same size waistband for all their tights? That is the trouble with a lot of brands, and few things are less attractive than muffin top, due to a tiny elastic band at the top. I'd love to hear from someone who isn't a stick figure if these do that, too, or if the waistband is sized more appropriately on the larger sizes. Thanks!

  11. OMG! I am seeing Celebrity Autobiography TODAY! Looks so good!

    That is a coincedence xD Those purple tights completely match the Udderbelly :D

  12. oo I'm so glad this is a positive review of We Love Colours, I was having a tight meltdown yesterday LOL! Apparently you can't be fat & tall! So I may have to try WLC or splash out £30 for some Spanx tights. Ouch.

  13. Have you tried Tights Please? The Charnos opaques are the best I've ever tried, come in a range of colours, and are only £5. Delivery's free too. Just don't dry them over a radiator or the elastic in the waistband goes.

  14. I love the bright tights, I've always been a bit scared to wear coloured tights too but I think I might have to invest in some!
    Oooh that show sounds brilliant! I will have to drag one of my friends to it next week haha!

  15. I just got my first ever order from we love colors today and I was really impressed with them!

  16. I like the purple best but both look great on you! And I LOVE your hair color (I'm a redhead to ^^).

    Hawaii Kawaii

  17. They look good. :) I ordered some tights from them last month, they haven't arrived yet, but I know they are in the county as I got the (£15!!) customs charge for them today:( Does make them rather expensive, but only marginally more so than the plain black ones I buy now.

  18. JEALOUS that you got to see Michael Urie, I fancy him too!

  19. I am a fan of coloured tights - if you're anything like me you'll get a lot of use out of that 'royal' colour, I have a couple of different pairs that are similar colour & I seem to wear those lots :)

    Now, as someone who could never afford that much on tights, & does wear cheap Primark ones, I have a tip for you! I also HATE tights that look sheer - mine have to be opaque, & to get that effect, I wear black ones underneath. It gives the coloured tights a good base y'see & then they don't go sheer :)

    The show you went to sounds hilarious & that venue is crazy!