8 August 2010

Outfit Post: Zebra Girl

Hey everyone,

Since staring my new job there's been a lack of usual Outfit Posts, because I'm always rushing for the early metro.
But I love doing Outfit Posts, so I'm going to make an effort to get out of the house five minutes earlier to take a decent picture or two.

When I'm in the office, I have to slightly tone down my look - most of my skirts and cullotes are a bit too short for my liking for a professional environment, so I end up wearing dark jeans most of the time.

In every situation though, my outfit does still have to reflect my personality and be a little offbeat.
The tanktop is quite 'Office Gal' - but the animal prints give it a bit of a punky twist.
(You can see how much I love animal print in my previous post!)

TOP: Can't remember.
TANKTOP: George @ Asda.
CARDIGAN: Primark.
JEANS: New Look.
NECKLACE: Miss Selfridge.
BAG: River Island.
SHOES: Dorothy Perkins.

As I'm currently still a student covering a main job, I can still get away with the jeans.
IF I end up staying on longer than September, I'm going to have to switch to black work pants. Boo!

But people at work don't seem to mind at the moment.
I wore my Barbie necklace from Sunday Girl Accessories a few times last week, and when I was making my coffee a nice lady from another department told me she liked it!

It's been a lovely weekend - me and Rachel went to a 1940s event yesterday, but I'll be posting all about that tomorrow as I haven't touched up the photos yet.

Also, I've been taking photos for the Scavenger Hunt contest over at Loving The Reflection, so may share them with you guys too.
It's a VERY creative contest, and it's funny as people can interpret it in many different ways. I definately recommend getting involved!

Muchos love,


  1. Cute! I love your cardigan...I almost didn't notice the zebra print at first. :)

  2. Thanks for mentioning my contest! I can't wait for your photos! : )

    Loving The Reflection

  3. I love this outfit, and the way you mixed two animal print is brilliant. I think flats and cardigans are the best way to wear animal print.

  4. cute outfit! love the stripes with the zebra print.

  5. Oh, I really love this outfit. Anything that mixes pink & green - & of course, plenty of patterns - is an absolute winner in my book. Looks very work-worthy too!

  6. Love the shoes and the bag.


  7. Such a cute outfit, I love the cardigan.

    S x

  8. love the outfit..laidback and smart at the same time.x

  9. I do this at work too - keep it smart and professional without losing the personality. It's a great dress code ethos! x

  10. ooh can't wait to see the photos from the 1940s event, it sounds so fun!

  11. Lillian Funny Face: Thanks :DD xxxx

    Zara: I know, it's so sweet and subtle :)

    Courtney: Oh it was SO much fun trying to find stuff, I've always loved scavenger hunts :) xxx

    Sonia: Teehee, I pretty much live in cardigans and flats anyway :DD xxxx

    Bronny: Thank you :) xx

    Kate: Yeah it's funny I've never really done that combination before, but I love it!

    Kel: Thanks :) xxx

    S: Thanks :) xxxx

    perfectionishuman: Thankies :D xxx

    Jen: Definately! xxx

    Helen: God I need to get around to posting those - thanks for reminding me :) xxxx