27 August 2010

"Beige, Beige, Beige..."

Hey everyone,

While I'm usually all about bright bold colours, this year I am beginning to embrace something I never have before...beige!

While girly and childlike pastels such as mint, baby pink and lilac were popular during Spring/Summer, Autumn/Winter is going to be all about more "grown up" colours, such as dark creams, off-whites, light browns and beige.

But beige, definately doesn't have to be boring!

COAT: River Island, £59.99.
JUMPER: Next, £40.
BROGUES: Dorothy Perkins, £25.

If you're like me and still in need of a wild splash of colour - imagine how amazing that coat would look with a pair of opaque tights in deep mauve, or rich purple?
(Try WeLoveColors.com for some examples - they have practically every colour under the sun)

But it is hard not to think of beige as a 'boring' colour.
It always reminds me of a scene in the third series of Sex and the City. ('Easy Come, Easy Go')

After Carrie and Mr. Big's initial relationship has ended, he marries Natasha who he met whilst working in Paris.
Unlike Carrie, she offers Big stability, which bores him senseless.

BIG: "Everything is my apartment is now beige. Beige...is bulls**t."
CARRIE: "I thought you wanted beige?"
BIG: "Yeah well, it doesn't quite...fit."

And it's quite obvious they're no longer just talking about furnishings.

So how about you guys?

Do you think beige is chic and will you be wearing your neutrals this A/W?
Are you with Mr. Big? - Beige is bulls**t!

Do let me know, as I love hearing your thoughts.

Muchos love,

PS: In other news, my best friend from college got engaged this week! Many many congratulations to Claire and Andy.

We met up yesterday so I could see her rock, and it's STUNNING!
(And because she's a diva, had a new stock of rings sent to her jewellers so she could pick the best quality stone...you can tell she used to work in H Samuels!)

All the best for the future, you two! xxx


  1. I think beige can be chic but it just doesn't work for my colouring at all. I'm a winter, I need solid colours, not browny-yellow ones. I can't wait for fashion to move back to proper colours!

  2. I'm into beige with mix and match brights! beige can look nice and neutral which gives you a good canvas for going wild with colour...x

  3. for me a little beige in moderation is tolerable!
    at the moment im wearing beige socks but a really floral playsuit
    i love sex and the city!
    but i dispise Big! xxxx

  4. I love beige! I've just painted my nails beige in fact! That jumper is stunning too, I love it.



  5. It's hard to say.. I've never actually liked beige and never had it in my closet (last time I wore beige I was like 5) but since I'm trying to be more opened towards fashion of any kind I might try to wear it this fall/winter :) Thanks for the inspiration!

  6. I love beige and cream stuff, I'm so dull!


  7. i love those brogues.
    unfortunately brogues make my feet look like boats, but they're still adorable.

  8. I'm not a fan of beige to be honest, I think I'll be swapping my pastel for richer, jewel tones this A/W with maybe a little grey to mix it up :3 x

  9. Arrgh I need that jumper in my life. So that's a yes, I like beigey, neutral tones. :)

  10. Uhm, actually I'm with Mr.Big! XD
    but that coat is awesome!

  11. Usually I always go for bright and patterned things, but lately I've been drawn to beige and khaki shades. I think I must be growing up!
    I think beige can look really classy and stylish, especially if the outfit has a splash of colour or sparkle!

  12. I've always loved beige. I have this beige cardigan that I love. It gives me a chance to tone down my look a bit and add some color with accessories or a cute top.

    All in all I love neutrals, black, beige, white, even navy.

    It's very grown up, but who said it has to be boring after all.

  13. The coat is nice but it's such a boring mumsy colour.

  14. I am slightly bias as i have that coat lol but I LOVE autumn colours beige clothes - brown boots - an entire wardrobe that goes with dennim! It's all good and if i want to add colour i use one of the bright bags i've purchased over summer - Bring on the beige!!

  15. I'm relying on my gorgeous beige sweater-dress from H&M with an AMAZING horse on it to get me through the Montreal winter this year. When I was shopping before moving here, I did actually find myself buying loads of beige, which I'd never normally do, so evidently the high street are stepping up their game on neutrals.

  16. I LOVE beige. So versitile!
    I also love how the River Island coat is a direct copy of Burberry SS10 but a bit late hah :)

  17. I agree with Big: beige is bullsh!t!

    Spring pastels do feel childlike and out of place in the fall. But you can rock the reds, oranges, yellows, greens, and purples in very grown-up ways. No reason to resort to beige! If that is what being an adult is all about, then I hereby declare myself a 27-year-old child. :)

  18. I really want some beige things this autumn. I have beige ballet flats but I want something bigger, like the jacket for example. I would so love to throw a pop of colour in though in the form of pink tights, or a big pink flower. It'd easily turn "BS Beige" into something quite exciting.

  19. LOVE the cardigan! Lately I've been choosing simpler, cleaner outfits, so beige is quite appealing to me! Although nothing could ever come between me and my florals. :) x

  20. ahhh i have to have that jumper <3 and those shoes!!! <3 xxxxxxxxx

    Joanna xx

  21. Hehe, I love that episode! However I don't agree with Big - beige can be beautiful, especially w/ gold embellishments