24 August 2010

BSB Birthday Meetup (Events: Part Two)

Hi everyone,

As I mentioned in the last post, this is the second part to a big post about some events I've been to lately.
So please tuck your ice cream pots under your seat and sit back, act two is about to begin.

Saturday was British Style Bloggers' first meetup to celebrate their first birthday.
The lovely editor Amy had arranged a birthday picnic one of York's beautiful parks surrounded by trees, ruins and squirrels. ("SQUIRREL!")

I took this picture of all the girlies in attendance:

Rachel, Florrie, Sarah, Amy and Becky.

And their blogs are:

Rachel with Mon Polkadot Cheri
Florrie with Intrinsically Florrie
Sarah with Always Dangerous, Fully Fabulous
Amy with Confessions of a Fashion Editor
Becky with Bunny Habits

I had already arranged to meet my friends Sarah and Libby, so I couldn't stay all day with the girls. But we did have a marvelous time, with lots of cake and giggling.

Even though it is August - Amy arranged a Summer Secret Santa!
After all, what is a birthday party without presents?

Sadly the person who had me didn't end up turning up, but I had Sarah for mine.

I didn't know her blog, so was naughty and asked Rachel for some advice when we were at the Victory Day party.
She mentioned she liked musicals (YAY!) so I made her a musicals mix cd.
To go with this, I got a gold eye crayon from Topshop makeup, a pink Barry M nail paint and a River Island necklace.
She seemed to like everything too - so hoorah!
It was odd, but rather nice to shop for someone I didn't know.

Anyway, since my last entry was pretty word heavy, you wanna see more pictures, right?

Becky's Momiji had my hairdo!

With Amy and Becky.

What I wore:

DRESS: New Look, £18. (Was £28 but for some reason a tenner was marked off!)
CARDIGAN: New Look, £25.
BELT: Can't remember - maybe Topshop?
NECKLACE: Vintage, £My mam's.
TIGHTS: Dorothy Perkins, £5ish.
BOOTS: Fenwicks, £25.
POINT OF FASHION: Lacy and girly.

I'm LOVING that dress - I originally got it as I wanted a new dress for when I visit Claire in Belfast, and in case we go out for drinks. (I'm a Geordie, she's Irish - not wanting to stereotype but I reckon it's going to happen... ;))
But I dressed it down ever to slightly with studded flat boots and a simple necklace.
It's still very dressy, but will look moreso with nicer tights and heels.

We were lucky with the weather - the sun shone all day. And just between us because we're all friends here, I slighty burnt my decolletage. Yowch!
"They shouldn't have been out then, should they?" Asked Rachel.
She had a point.

The girls were also very amused that I dropped a bit of sandwich down my chest, and they didn't see my rummaging around my bra for it - I guess it's become second nature.
I really am a classless specie.

Look at my face. I'm obviously in my element.


You can see more pictures on the British Style Bloggers Facebook Page.

Anyway, I always love meeting bloggers as everyone is so varied and have many different reasons to why they blog.

I also think it's interesting how people are different to how they are perceived online.
For example, I asked Rachel if she thought I was different to how she expected - and she said she was surprised by my rather crude sense of humour and sailor-talk mouth, as I don't even swear on my blog. Hmmm, interesting.

Finallement, Amy also put together this video of us all having fun.
I'm so loud and annoying in it, please so excuse me!

Roll on the next one!

Muchos love,


  1. looks so fun! loving the topshop dress!

    lois x

  2. Oh Carla I LOVED my presents! (Not just like silly girl) And you got me spot on (or Rachel did anyways) But yes, I wore the lovely pearl necklace yesterday and am currently sporting the nail varnish on my hands too! (Put it on as soon as I got home XD)

    I have to admit though, after listening to the Musical songs, I'm glad that they replaced 'Making Good' with 'The Wizard and I' (I mean, otherwise we wouldn't have John Barrowman's hilarious 'The Doctor and I' would we?).

    To be honest, I can't even remember what I was saying to Florrie when I went 'SQUIRREL!' How useless am I? Don't answer that!

    And we went and got ice-cream and shopping later. It's a shame that you couldn't be there. Maybe next time, eh? ;)

    Amy and I have a friend with smiliar 'decolletage' problems. The one who we told you about. Yes the one we started to play 'try-and-get-the-calamari-down-Kim's-top' So really, a little sandwhich ain't so bad ;) Esp as at least only you got it down there. And that was without aiming!

    Anyways, it appears that I've written enough here (oops) but it was really really lovely to meet you. And hope to see you next year? Lots of love, Sara xxx

  3. Looks like great fun. I am hoping there might be one nearer to me soon. Love your dress.

  4. It looks like a great day! Too bad your present didn't turn up:(
    I love musicals! I am *desperate* to see Legally Blonde, Wicked, and The Wizard of Oz <3

    Your dress is lovely!

  5. Hey chick..
    Your hair is lush.. Im currently a red head but want to go a colour like yours vibrant and bright, what do you use and also how do you create so much volume?.. x

  6. Hi there,

    Have a little look through my Hair Products tag - loads of information and product advice :) http://messycarla.blogspot.com/search/label/hair%20products

  7. Your hair is gorgeous!!
    I love the colour, it really suits you!