31 July 2010

Outfit Post: Old and New!

Hi everyone,

Time for a VERY belated Outfit Post!
For this outfit, I used some new-ish peices, and some peices I've had for years to create a whole new look. Hurrah!

T-SHIRT: TheVines.com, £20 (circa 2003)
SKIRT: Forever 21, $15.
JACKET: Matalan, £12.
PINS: Heidi Seeker, £3 and Interpunk, $1.50.
BELT: New Look, £2.
NECKLACE: Miss Selfridge, £2.
WATCH: D&G, £Birthday present.
LEGGINGS: Ancient, I can't actually remember!
SHOES: Dorothy Perkins, £15.
POINT OF FASHION: A mix of old and new.

So I was looking through an old pyjama drawer the other day.
(You know, that draw full of tatty pyjamas you have, but never wear?)
And underneath them all were my baggy band t-shirts I used to live in from the age of 12 to 17.


It's actually quite ironic I cut up my Vines t-shirt, and this picture was taken during my Vines phase.

I wore that stupid jacket every. Single. Day because I thought I looked like Craig Nicholls.
I didn't. I looked like a scraggly-haired teenybopper in a cheap hoodie.

Wow, it's like there was two of us!

Anyway, I used this handy tutorial to help me out:

Except I cut at the neckline to make it a bit more flattering on myself - and voila!
Old t-shirt feels good as new.

How about you guys?
Have you ever customised something you've had for years to make it more modern?

Ooh I had a lovely day at the seaside with my friends Kevin and Hattie.
I miss Kevin when he's at uni in Winchester.

*HEARTS* them both!

Tomorrow I'll be announcing the winners of the 450 Followers Giveaway - and I'll be closing it tonight at midnight GMT.

Muchos love,

EDIT: Oh, and anybody else feeling extra love for The Vines - check out the interview I did about cyberbullying a few months back with Craig's sister, Jessica. She's too cute! :)


  1. huge love for the vines and that cutie pie craig! <3 great outfit! xx

  2. oo love this outfit :)
    I was actually planning to cut up an old tshirt tomorro, but i didn't know howw - thanks for linking the tutorial x

  3. I think I need to get rummaging, though I'm not sure i'd fit into an old Take That top lol. Always hanging on to stuff, just incase, you never know might need/come back into fashion.
    Thanks for sharing the vid to.
    I'd never have guessed that was you in your Vines day piccy.
    Always thinking I should customizing, get round to it one day, or making my own clothes - find shopping frustrating. Most of the time is taken up with crafty stuff & jewellery making for Jamboree, keeps me out of trouble :D Have to try and make more of an effort.
    Can't beat the seaside too. ;)

  4. I use to change mi old shirts when I'm fed up with them. With a stencil, paint and creativity :) or shoes, boots, bags, hats, etc. Whatever I've in my wardrobe I use to change it :) Paint, stencils, bagdes, chains, bows...whatever I find !!! Is a good and different way to wear the same shirt/jacket/dress but every time with a look different :)

  5. I love your 'vintage' top, and your denim jacket- they look great together! The skirt goes really well with the top too.
    Haha- 'I looked like a scraggly-haired teenybopper in a cheap hoodie'
    Anyway; good luck to all followers [including me :P] in your 450 followers contest [now you're almost on 550!] ;)

  6. I used to LIVE in band tees! I wore them tight with MASSIVE jeans that hung off me in a ridiculous fashion. I love reliving past fashions!

  7. great tutorial, definitely going to try that out with some old t-shirts. Love your outfit too! x

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  8. haha i love embarrassing teenage photos. i remember when i went to see morrissey like 6 years ago i bought a huge oversized t-shirt and adjusted it to fit me.

  9. Great post, love the look!


  10. Lo: Teehee, he is a little cutie! :) And amazingly talented - their music means the world to me! xxxxxxxx

    ..R May A..: Oh good, and you're very welcome :) xxx

    Missypixie Doodle: Haha ace, and I love the seaside too. The smell of it brings me back to being a kid.

    VanessaValkyria: When I was about 16 I used to attack everything I owned with badges and patches! :DD

    Strawberry and Roro: Thank you :) xxxxxxxx

    Jen: Haha me too. I don't really find them embarassing, just funny. It's good to learn from your mistakes!

    kyrie: Thanks :) xxxxxx

    Helen: Oooh fab, I LOVE Morrissey!

    Adrienne Rice: Thank you :) xxxxxxxxx

  11. I love the outfit, and the old photo :P
    I have loads of band shirts I mean to customise but have never got around to it :/

  12. I love the old photo! I love how delusional we can be as teenagers about what actually looks good on us. I had my days of long overwhelming hair and lots of black that make me cringe a tiny bit now.

    By the way, thanks for following!