2 August 2010

450 Followers Giveaway - WINNERS ANNOUNCED!!

Hi everyone,

Apologies for anyone looking for this post yesterday. I ended up going out for the day, and by the time I got in it was a bit too late for me to be sorting out all the entries.
I had an AMAZING response for this one, with 116 comments and a lot of you tweeting and blogging for extra entries.

But sadly there can only be two winners. And they are...


The winner of the Ditzy Floral parcel is...

Is Elsa Weatherwax from Quel and Salsa!


The winner of the Sweetheart parcel is...

Is Bianca from Goodnight Little Spoon.

It's so funny, I actually drew Bianca's name first - but when I had another readthrough the comments, Elsa commented on the Ditzy Floral, and Bianca's latest entry was all about red things.
Perfecto - a switch it is!

Can you both please email me, since neither of you left emails? :)

I randomly selected the winners through Random.org, but I completely forgot to take pictures - sorry, sorry! :(

Thank you again to everyone who entered - the next one will probably be in October for this blog's 1st birthday!

Muchos love,


  1. Congrats Bianca and Elsa :)

  2. carla -- that animal machine print stuff is SO you, my dear :D

  3. you tweeted about me on your blog. you're so sweet! :) heyy..how do you find interesting blogs to look at? i'm looking for travel blogs on here and i just keep finding religious blogs. :/ haha