26 July 2010

Mid-Season Sales Haul!

Hi everyone,

I was meaning to do a proper video about all the lovelies I've accumulated during the mid-season sales.
BUT my camera was out of battery, and the audio does not link up when I use my webcam.

So I've had to do this silent film-style!

(All links to websites/online shops are on the YouTube video, so give it a clicky-clicky!)

Also - PLEASE excuse some of "my" spelling errors.
Stupid Movie Maker kept deleting random letters!

Remember, the 450 Followers Giveaway (although there's over 500 of you now which is so wonderful!) ends this Sunday - so this week is your last chance to enter!

Oh, one more thing: my current phone provider has been bleeding me dry over the last few months - so I changed this week, and for £5 more per month I got a fancy schmancy Blackberry Bold 9700:

I've never had a really nice phone before, so I'm rather in love!
Plus it's SO much easier to keep on top of my emails and Twitter - be sure to add me if you haven't already!

Muchos love,

PS: Notice anything different? I've given this blog a bit of a makeover, thanks to the help of Illustrator and artiste extraordinaire Lucy Farfort!
Check out her work via LucysHappyPlace.com, but I'll be posting an interview with her next time!


  1. Can I ask what size you got the River Island jackets in? I have seen one I fancy online but am not sure what size would fit me best so it would be great to know what you found best! Also yay for Blackberry I just ordered one last night :)

  2. I got mine in an 18 since there were only 18s and 12s left. It's really big on me, but it's meant to look a bit baggy I think. I could have done with a 16 as they're generous sizing anyway :)

  3. LOL At your face at the end! So adorable! You got some really cute accessories!

  4. Carla you are just too ridiculously cute!

  5. Oh my,i'm so in love with the jacket.Too bad there is no River Island in Portugal,damn. =D
    Love all the other purchases, and sorry your purse is empty. *hugs* I know how that is,mine is too,but i'm counting on a few extra money in a week or two,even if i know where i'm spending it.All planned.lol.

  6. hey carla, love the wee video!
    you have some great finds there

    good work lady!


  7. VAL: Haha, I always call it my *SADFACE* so if you ever see me say that on Twitter, that's the expression I'm doing! ;)

    frenchforcupcaking: Coming from YOU!! :DDD xxxx

    Joana: I'm sure they do international delivery - they're one of my favourite shops on the UK high street! Hehe mine's definately empty now, but I'm practically working full time straight out of uni at the moment, so it should be nice and full again soon! :) xxxxxxxxx

  8. Those are a whole lot of wonderful pieces. I just realized that I really need to stock up on accessories!

    And the illustration at the top is amazing!

  9. your new header is great! :-D

  10. Wow I love your purchases! I'm seriously jealous that you guys have a shop Unfortunately I don't shop online too much,really very nice video you have post here...

  11. I remember you showing me the lace jacket as "you like a bit of lace don't you?" I love the dotty p's rings.

    It seems like everyone I know has a blackberry, my shite contract doesnt run out till december so I have to wait til then for one!

    Loving the new look of the blog hun x

  12. Anisha: I know I LOVE it so much, the link to Lucy's website is on the page now, so be sure to check it out :)

    Lo: I LOVE it :DD

    cop costumes: Aww, for most part I don't shop online, really just places like the River Island sale, Sunday Girl Accessories and Temporary Secretary :)

    Rach: Haha indeed I do remember! Aww I was only on a 30day contract. Isn't it looking fab, I love it so much :) xxxxxxxxx

  13. Eeeee - I love your new banner; it's amazing! Also that military jacket is such a good find - I may have to have more regular peeks into River Island now!


  14. Ooh some great things there - the cameo ring & the lace military cardigan are my favourite - gorgeous :)

    Loving the new look of your blog too!


  15. The video is kind of funny vithout any sound :D I love the second ring -- the one with the yellow rose :) I have to buy one of these rings when in London!

  16. I got that ASOS headband! :D
    I love the new blog header <3

  17. I love the new banner, really cute! I would love the blue/purple lipstick in the top right corner :P
    The video was just so sweet! :D And i LOVE the lace military cardi, that is so cute :)

  18. Love your header.
    Can't watch the vid as I'm at work from the silent version, I love your jacket.

    And a Blackberry, very jealous indeed!! :( stupid 18 month contract.


  19. Your new header is AMAZING! I love it :D xo

  20. Carla. You are just so darn cute i could just eat you!!! I love your blog and I just love your style.
    Some really nice stuff you show in the video. The lace military cardigan is my favourite.

    /Carin from Sweden

  21. Aw I really love your video! Put a smile on my face for sure, especially when you sadly shook your purse at the end. I know that feeling! Although I'm ever thankful to you as I saw a girl wearing that River Island floral jacket the other day & fell head over heels with it, yet had no idea where it came from or even how recent it was. So you've solved that mystery for me! Thank you!

  22. Fantastic finds - good eye for bargain. Saw the intro for Jammy Dodger ring and my reaction :o hehe. Thx for sharing, if the shops were open right now, i'd be right there, inspired by your vid.
    Love Lucy's banner, she always have lovely ideas.

  23. I want to cut off all of your hair and glue it to my head! Its ridiculously cute. xo